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Chapter 670

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She Is the Winner

Unexpectedly, Melissa’s comments were very accurate, and she could see the problem at a glance.

These words undoubtedly made everyone look at her in a new light. And those on the spot once again
confirmed Melissa’s ability.

After the round of the competition, Melissa held her head and yawned.

She didn’t expect that the judges were even more tired than the contestants. And she decided not to do
such a tiring thing again.

Melissa stretched and then returned to the hotel where the carving competition was held.

She looked at the clock on the wall. There were still two days before the final round of the carving
competition. She had to rest well these two days. Last time, she was only third because she was tired.
This time, she had to go all out.

Two days later, the last round of the competition officially began.

Melissa and the other participants came to the venue. There were still thousands of spectators sitting
below the stage. But the competition this time was different from last time. It was to make works
according to the theme of the person in charge within a limited time.

In this way, it greatly limited the thoughts of the participants. And on another level, if their works were
similar, they would be eliminated by the public.

In this way, it would undoubtedly give every contestant a new challenge.

But Melissa was not flustered at all. The contestants entered the table prepared by the competition
team. And they were surrounded by transparent soundproof walls. Thus the audience could see the
whole process of production, but it wouldn’t affect the contestants.

Melissa was also surrounded by soundproof walls. She took a deep breath. This time, the wood block
was different from the previous one. It was of better wood, and there was a set of carving knives on the
table. There was everything she needed.

Soon, the theme of this competition was released on the big screen, which was Eternity.

Melissa frowned. Eternity was an abstract notion. The difficulty would undoubtedly increase once again
to carve such an abstract idea.

The contestants fell into deep thought. After a long time, they drew Eternity in their minds on the draft

Melissa quickly came up with an idea, picked up a pencil, and sketched on the paper.

As time passed by, several contestants had already begun to carve with the wooden blocks. But only
Melissa was still focused on drawing the drafts.

This undoubtedly made everyone’s heart skip a beat. And the people watching the live broadcast in
front of the TV also became nervous about Melissa.

After all, the work that Melissa presented last time made people notice it at a glance. Although the first
prize was not for her, it was enough to see Melissa’s capability.

But Melissa was still drawing on the paper at an unhurried pace without the slightest bit of
nervousness. She concentrated on her things.

Soon, she finished drawing the draft on the paper, picked up the carving knife, and carved piece by
piece on the wood.

By seeing that Melissa had just begun when the person next to her was about to be halfway done
carving, many people who thought highly of Melissa felt that there was no hope.

Melissa was still calm and composed. The carving knife in her hand seemed to come alive. Melissa
moved her hand up and down, and an outline appeared in front of everyone soon.

After seeing the process, everyone recognized Melissa’s skills even more. In just a short period,
Melissa had accomplished things that few people could accomplish, and the work she presented was
very exquisite.

Time passed quickly, and the contestants around Melissa were about to finish their carving works. But
Melissa’s work was still a half-human beast half-finished product.

There was a bell ring.

Half an hour later, a bell rang. It meant that the competition was over.

But Melissa’s work was still a semi-finished product.

This was undoubtedly a joke to everyone. It seemed that Melissa’s strength wasn’t that impressive.

The next process was for the host to introduce the finished works. The host took the microphone and
came to the contestants.

The first contestant carved a heart, and there were many small objects carved on the heart.

“I believe that love is eternal, so I carved a heart of love…”

The contestant continued to introduce his work. After a few words, the host nodded and commented on
the work. Then, he went to the next contestant.

The second contestant carved a music symbol. The host continued to walk down and found that
several contestants had similar works. It seemed that the spots this time weren’t easy to decide.

After all, many items represented eternity. But if one had to carve out eternity, there might not be so
many items that could be chosen.

The judges still hadn’t smiled, which indicated that no one could satisfy them.

In the end, the host came before Melissa and looked at her half-finished work. The host was lost in
thought. “Ms. Eugen, how do you explain this?”

Melissa remained calm and pointed at the half-finished work of the human beast figure in front of her.
“This is my work.”

The host was silent. For a moment, he didn’t know how to comment.

He turned around and saw the draft on Melissa’s desk. His eyes narrowed. “You… Your draft is also
half drawn?”

“Yes,” Melissa nodded and said. “I think that imagination is infinite, and it exists in one’s mind. So it is
also eternal.”

Melissa’s explanation made everyone suddenly realize the meaning. “It can be seen that it is a human-
beast mask, but it has not been completely carved. The audience may wonder if it is crying or happy. It
depends on everyone’s idea. It will forever exist in everyone’s mind. This is eternity.”

Her words undoubtedly attracted the applause of everyone present.

Even the host couldn’t help but applaud Melissa. “Good. Ms. Eugen, you’re right.”

The host looked at Melissa’s work and couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, “Ms. Eugen’s skills are
truly unparalleled. Every carving action is in a place where it should be.”

The judges below the stage also looked at each other and smiled with satisfaction.

Then, it was time for the judgment. This time, it was time for the audience and the judges to vote
together, and the voting devices in their hands would be used for the evaluation.

Ten minutes later, the voting ended, and the names of several contestants appeared on the big screen.
The rankings behind had yet to be revealed.

‘ You must have cast your vote on the best you think. Now, we are going to select the first winner of the
carving competition. The first winner is Melissa Eugen.’

Once these words were spoken, everyone present clapped.

Melissa smiled in a dignified manner. Although there were still bits of wood left in her hands, it didn’t
affect her steady temperament.

Her every frown and smile attracted the attention of many male audiences. And in the end, the judges
gave her the trophy as the first winner.

Melissa held the trophy, looked at the camera, and smiled sweetly.

She won first place with superb skills and novel ideas. And the news quickly spread back to her

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