Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 663

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Double Liquidated Damages

“No one’s sincerity is more fake than yours.”

Melissa was very disgusted, directly shaking off Quentin’s hand and turning to leave.

“Then I will buy you breakfast tomorrow. Remember to eat it.”

Quentin’s words came from behind, making Melissa feel even more disgusted.

Murray had just stepped into the company when the secretary rushed up with a document, looking very

“What’s the matter?”

Murray frowned. The secretary had been following him for many years. He had always been a mature
and steady person. Now that he looked like this, something big must have happened.

“Mr. Gibson, a few customers just called and said that they wanted to cancel the contracts with us. We
have been with these projects for a long time. If the contracts are canceled, we will suffer great losses.”

The secretary handed the document in his hand to Murray. He did not expect that those customers
would rather pay a high penalty fee to cancel the contracts.

“What’s going on?”

Murray thought, why did these people suddenly act like this? They must have been provoked!

The secretary said, “We just went to check. We found that these customers all received a call in the
morning, and it was from Robert.”

Murray raised his eyebrows slightly. He thought, Robert? How dare he snatch customers from the
company so openly?

“What did you say?”

“I’m not sure yet. Mr. Gibson, are we going to look for him?”

The secretary checked Murray’s schedule for today. It was originally arranged very well, but now
because of this matter, several things must be delayed.

Every project of the Gibson Corporation was carefully calculated. It was a great loss to lose several

Murray said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

Murray would not be at the mercy of others. He was not a person who would retreat.

The secretary informed several clients. Two of them didn’t answer the phone, and one hung up directly.
It seemed that they were very determined this time.

Fortunately, two clients answered the phone, and they made an appointment in the cafe in front of the
Gibson Corporation.

“Mr. Glover.”

Out of courtesy, Murray smiled and shook hands with Jerry Glover as soon as they met.

“Mr. Gibson, how have you been?”

Jerry was a boss with a big belly, but he was very gentle and capable. This was one of the reasons why
Murray chose him.

“I just received a notice from my secretary. Why did you choose to terminate the contract with our

Murray went straight to the point. Now that this had happened, he still had many things to do.

Jerry hesitated for a moment and said with embarrassment, “Your company is very good. However, as
a businessman, I naturally focus on benefits. Mr.

Gibson, I think you will understand me, right?”

“I understand.”

Murray nodded faintly and added, “If that’s the case, can you tell me what benefits they gave you?”

“Mr. Gibson, I know you have offered me a generous offer. He looked for me for days before he
decided to pay double interests and liquidated damages for me. That’s why I agreed.”

Murray thought, double liquidated damages!

Murray frowned. He didn’t expect Robert would cost so much money this time. No wonder so many
customers were in a hurry to cancel the contracts.

Murray replied faintly, “Alright, I understand.”

He knew Jerry’s ability, so he offered a high price. Since Robert was willing to compete with him for
business at a loss, he wouldn’t stop Robert.

“I’m very sorry. I was already prepared. I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Jerry apologized to Murray, and Murray only nodded lightly.

The two of them exchanged a few simple words and then left.

Murray came to another client, and the reason he gave was the same as Jerry’s.

Murray frowned. He did not expect that Robert would spend so much money just to compete with him
for client resources.

“Inform the company to hold an emergency meeting later.”

Murray put his hands in his pockets, looked at the secretary beside him, and then went straight to the

At the meeting, the secretary explained this matter in detail, and everyone was lost in thought.

The Gibson Corporation was one of the top companies in the world. It was the first time that they had
seen something like this. It was obvious that this matter was very tricky.

Murray said, “Our company is not at the mercy of others. Now, we must make a new plan to defeat
Robert’s men.“

He looked serious.

One of the employees said, “Mr. Gibson, I’m afraid this matter is a little tricky. In the past two days, the
stock of Robert’s company has risen very fast. It’s about to surpass us.“

This was indeed a difficult matter.

“That’s why we have to be careful and do better confidential work of our customer resources. If there is
a mole in the company, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Murray’s sharp eyes frightened the employees. They had no choice but to agree. Since Robert had
done such a thing, it meant that he had a strong background. The employees didn’t know if they could
defeat Robert’s men.

The secretary understood what Murray meant and said, “You guys go back tonight and think of a plan.
Tell me at the meeting tomorrow.”

Then the meeting was dismissed.

Murray had just returned to the office when he found that the company’s website was being attacked

Fortunately, the company’s firewall had always been designed by the top talents, and it was not easy to
break it.

The other party was obviously coming for the Gibson Corporation.

“It’s from Robert.”

The secretary had just received a notice from the other side, which made Murray even angrier.

Murray thought, even Robert dared to bully me. I will never forgive him!

“Guard well. If they dare to attack again, we will not back down.”

The programmers in charge of the firewall all nodded and then began a series of operations.

Sure enough, the other side only launched a wave of attacks, and then all disappeared on the website
as if they had never been there.

This was a provocation to the Gibson Corporation.

Murray’s face darkened. He returned to the office and asked someone to find out about the attack site
of Robert Company.

In less than an afternoon, the Gibson Corporation also launched an all-out attack online. All of a
sudden, the Gibson Corporation occupied the territory that originally belonged to Robert.

Robert realized the danger and immediately sent people to deal with it to minimize the loss.

The Gibson Corporation was a big company. Losing a few clients was nothing but a drop in the bucket
for them. However, they couldn’t stand being bullied. Naturally, they would not allow Robert to mess

“We can’t let him have the chance to catch his breath.”

Murray gave the order, and the programmers launched an even more violent attack.

Murray thought, I won’t attack unless I am attacked. Since Robert wants to play a trick on me, don’t
blame me for being rude!

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