Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 662

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The Company’s Stocks Rise

Everyone was still unwilling to give up, and they were still smiling.

“That’s enough. When I see your hypocritical faces, I feel disgusted. Don’t wander in front of me

Melissa directly chased everyone away, immediately making the surrounding people speechless.

Hearing her words, everyone felt awkward.

“Just accept their apologies. It’s not good to continue like this.”

At that moment, Leticia, who was silent all the time, spoke up. Melissa’s attitude was not very good. As
Jaron’s student, she should set an example.

Leticia added, “Since you are Mr. Boyle’s student, you must set an example. If you act like this, what’s
the difference between you and them?”

Melissa’s face darkened at those words.

“Difference? Just now, it was they who bullied me! They are so respectful to me because of my identity!
If my mentor didn’t announce that I was his student, could I still be treated like this by them now?”

Melissa directly refused, which made Leticia a little embarrassed.

“It’s better to pay attention to it. Things are different from the past.”

Leticia did not expect Melissa to refute her in front of so many people. Although Leticia was somewhat
dissatisfied, she thought it was not a big deal. So she suppressed her anger.

“I am a student, but I am not kind. Why should I be kind to them? If they had not been so snobbish just
now, I would not be like this.”

Melissa refused Leticia once again, and Leticia did not continue to speak.

“This is your business. I am just reminding you out of kindness. You shouldn’t vent your anger on me.”

Leticia’s face darkened as she turned to leave Melissa.

Melissa did not give in at all. With a straight face, she ignored all the people who wanted to come up to
talk to her.

This undoubtedly aroused the dissatisfaction of the surrounding people. Even though she was Jaron’s
student, she should not be so arrogant.

“Ms. Boyd is the best. No matter what position he has, he treats us equally. He is kind. This is what Mr.
Boyle’s student should be like.”

People around began to praise Leticia again, but Melissa ignored them.

“Yes, he has strength too. He is much stronger than us.”

Hearing others praise Leticia, Melissa had an indifferent expression.

“Indeed, you shouldn’t be like this. You should pay more attention to your words.”

Just then, Jaron, who was beside Melissa, also spoke up.

In the literary and painting field, strength and personality were equally important. It was not appropriate
for Melissa to be so impetuous.

Jaron added, “Since they know their mistakes, forgive them. This is good for anyone.”

To her surprise, Jaron also tried to persuade her. Melissa could only nod and agree.

After all, Jaron was her mentor. Melissa had to listen to Jaron.

“Alright, I understand.”

Melissa couldn’t go against it, so she had to agree.

After the gathering, Melissa returned to the company.

“Melissa, Melissa, look at this!”

Just as Melissa stepped into the company, the secretary came forward with a document and handed it
to Melissa. She shouted, “Just now, the company’s stock has been rising, and it is about to exceed the
highest record.”


Melissa was shocked. She took the document and looked at it carefully. Sure enough, the stock had
been rising all the time.

This was undoubtedly a good thing for Star Entertainment. After all, something had happened to the
company a few days ago, and the company hadn’t recovered for a long time. Now that the stock was
rising greatly, the company could make a profit.

“What is going on? Why did it suddenly increase so much?”

Melissa was a little puzzled. She had just returned to the company when something like this happened.

The secretary said with a smile, “Thanks to you, Melissa.”

Then she picked up her phone and let Melissa see the trending topic on Twitter. She said, “Look, the
news that Mr. Boyle accepted you as his student has spread. That is Jaron! Awesome!”

Melissa looked at the trending topic. There were endless comments about Jaron’s words on the

“I didn’t expect that Melissa would become Jaron’s student. She got love and a career. I am so

There were also all kinds of envious comments. It suddenly dawned on Melissa that it was because of
this matter. As she thought of what Jaron had just said to her, her eyes became firmer.

Melissa thought, just because of the identity of Jaron’s student, the company had gained so many
benefits. It seems that I should pay more attention to my actions and words in the future.

Seeing the company’s stocks rising day by day, Melissa was in a very happy mood.

She hummed a tune, went to the office to deal with some documents, and then came to a restaurant to
eat dinner.

Melissa found a corner and sat down. After a while, she found a pair of eyes staring at her.

She looked around and found Quentin sitting behind her.

Melissa frowned and turned around. She had never had a good impression of Quentin.

However, Quentin did not avoid facing Melissa. He even walked forward, pulled out the chair opposite
Melissa, and sat down.

“What are you doing?”

Melissa’s eyes were cold, and her tone was very impatient.

“Don’t be so fierce, Jaron’s student.”

Melissa glared at him. She thought, / did not expect Quentin to look forme because of my identity. His
attitude changed so quickly.

Seeing the admiration in Quentin’s eyes, Melissa ignored him.

However, she still remembered Jaron’s words, so she decided to be careful.

“I just want to have a good talk with you. Ms. Eugen, don’t be so impatient.”

With his chin in his hand and his legs crossed, Quentin looked unruly.

Melissa said indifferently, “What is it?”

But she did not even look at Quentin.

“You are no longer the same as before. I didn’t expect you to be so skillful and become Jaron’s
student!” Quentin said as he stroked his chin.

He looked Melissa up and down.

This made Melissa feel a little uncomfortable. She lowered her head and said, “Mr. Tacke, please tell
me what you want. There’s no need to cotton up to me here.”

In the face of Melissa’s straightforwardness, Quentin burst into laughter.

“How interesting! No wonder Jaron took a fancy to you.”

The next second, he put on a serious look and pulled out a bunch of flowers from behind. He said, “Ms.
Eugen, please forgive me for my abrupt bouquet. I seem to have fallen in love with you.”

Seeing Quentin’s emotionless eyes, Melissa immediately knew that he was lying.

She waved her hand and said, “I don’t need it. How dare I accept Mr. Tacke’s love?”

“You deserve it!” Quentin forced the bouquet into Melissa’s hands and said solemnly, “I’ll send you
home later.”

Looking at the man in front of her who pretended to be affectionate, Melissa felt it was disgusting.

“I will go back myself, so I won’t bother you.”

She glared at Quentin and then turned to leave. Unexpectedly, Quentin grabbed her and said, “I want
to pursue you. Give me a chance.”

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