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Chapter 645

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Apologize Publicly

Marc‘s eyes were full of anger. He slapped the table. “Cancel Jane‘s position and don‘t allow her to
come here in the future!”

The surrounding servants all lowered their heads, not daring to make a sound. They were afraid they
would suffer the next second

The next second, Marc let out a sigh of relief. He didn‘t know if Melissa could forgive him this time.

Marc was silent for a while and then called Melissa.

Melissa had just coaxed Shayna to sleep and was preparing to deal with Sarah’s matter. When she
saw that the call was from Marc, she answered without thinking.

“Melissa, I just interrogated the two traitors. They said that the butler was bribed by that woman, so
they went out to tell the secret.”

Marc explained, but Melissa didn‘t have time to listen.

Now, these reasons were no longer important. Sarah had hurt Shayna, so she had to pay the price.


Melissa replied faintly.

Marc continued, “I have already dismissed the butler and the two servants.”

After saying this, Marc fell silent.

Melissa probably knew what Marc meant.

Presumably, it was because Sarah was the daughter–in–law of the Gibson family and he could not
punish her too much.

Because of this, Marc told Melissa these things and wanted to end this matter.

“Jane has been with Sarah for more than ten years. They deserve to leave like this.”

Marc started to sigh again, but Melissa frowned.

“Grandpa, I know what you mean.”

Hearing this, Marc raised his eyebrows.

“I know you are a good child. After all, she is Murray‘s mother.”

Marc wanted to continue but was interrupted by Melissa.

“This matter can‘t be solved like this. Even an emperor should be punished for his crimes like ordinary
people. I think grandpa knows this truth.”

Melissa directly refused Marc, and her attitude was very firm.

“I know, but she has been married into the Gibson family for dozens of years. She had worked hard for
the Gibson family.”

“Grandpa, please stop.” Melissa frowned and interrupted Marc. “She let my employee lie in the
hospital. I didn‘t sue her. That was my last mercy to her.”

Seeing that Melissa was so firm, Marc couldn‘t say anything.

At the same time, the news about Sarah on the Internet caused an uproar.

Because Sarah was on behalf of the Gibson family, if something happened to her, everyone was
waiting to see a joke.

There were already many people on the Internet condemning Sarah. As the daughter–in–law of a rich
family, she did not pay attention to her words and actions but relied on her status to bully others.

For a moment, the entire Internet was full of complaints about Sarah, and Sarah‘s usual gentle image
was completely destroyed.

However, it was also because Sarah had the backing of the Gibson family that they did not dare to
comment too much on Sarah.

If something happened in the past, the media would try to find more information. Now, they could only
say that Sarah was bullying others.

The Gibson family was a big family and no one dared to provoke them, so the comments Carlton much

Marc was silent for a long time. Seeing that Melissa was so firm, he didn‘t say anything else.

What Sarah did this time was really unexpected. Even Marc didn‘t expect her to do such a thing

It was normal for Melissa not to agree to solve this matter like this, so he would do his best to satisfy

“Just wait, I‘ll be right there.”

Marc hung up the phone and called Sarah.

Now there was only one way to calm Melissa down.

He asked the servants there to bring Sarah over. Now that Sarah was grounded, the servants there
were his people.

He got into the car and went straight to the hospital.

At the same time, Sarah was stuffed into a car behind him.

Marc brought Sarah to the hospital. Since the ward needed to be quiet, he didn‘t bring many people
this time.

Melissa stood at the door all the time. She had already guessed that Marc would come.

Murray, on the other hand, accompanied her. Since things happened, they had to deal with

Sarah was reluctant. But since Marc was present, she could only silently hold it in her heart.


When Marc saw Melissa, he warmly welcomed her. “How‘s your employee? Is she well?”

After saying this, he glanced at Sarah, who was standing by his side.

Sarah turned her face away and didn‘t want to look at Melissa.

“Because of someone, she is not very good.”

Melissa said indifferently. This undoubtedly embarrassed Sarah.

Sarah was so angry that she wanted to flare up, but when she found that there were cameras around
the hospital, Marcand Murray had been staring at her, so she had to hold it back.

“What are you doing there? Come here.”

Marc immediately changed his expression and scolded Sarah to come over. After all, it was disgraceful
for people in their family to do such a kind thing:

“Go apologize.”

The scold from Marc caused Sarah to widen her eyes.

“Do you ask me to apologize to her?”

Obviously, Sarah was reluctant. She stared blankly and stood still.

Melissa did not expect Marc to let Sarah apologize to her staff.

“Hurry up.”

When Sarah received Murray and Marc‘s eyes, she had no choice but to enter the ward.

Shayna had been awakened by the noise outside the door, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she
saw that Sarah had come, and she was so frightened that she hurriedly hid in the quilt.

“Don‘t come over!”


Just as Shayna used the quilt to cover her head, she heard Sarah apologize to her.

She opened her mouth and froze, apparently not expecting Sarah to apologize.

However, Sarah was still reluctant. After saying this, she left the ward without waiting for Shayna to say

Shayna looked at Melissa blankly, while Melissa gave her a smile.

“Also, what did I tell you on the way?”

After Sarah came out, Marc said to her with a straight face.

“I know...”

Sarah drawled, her face full of resentment.

After a while, Melissa‘s phone rang. She checked it and saw that it was Sarah who had posted on

“I apologize to Ms. Heyton here. @Shayna.”

Melissa didn‘t expect Sarah to make a public announcement, which surprised her.

Melissa fell silent. Since Sarah had already done this, it was not good for her to continue to pester her.

Thus, this matter finally settled down.

As the matter ended, Marc sent Sarah abroad as he had said before.

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