Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 640

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Economic Crisis

Most of it was becausc Calvin abused his private rights and pave Shayna good resources, ignoring
other employees.

Melissa knew Calvin well. Shayna was talented. Calvin did not casually give resources to Shayna
because they were in love.

Melissa frowned. Then she gave a smile and continued her work.

Just then, a piece of news appeared in Melissa’s line of sight.

“The Gibson Corporation’s shares are plummeting.”

Seeing the news, Melissa got nervous. Unexpectedly, there was a problem with Murray’s company!
Melissa hurriedly took out her mobile phone to call Murray. She was relaxed after getting a positive
answer from Murray,

In Murray’s office…

Murray was dealing with this matter with his employees. He had been taking care of Melissa in the
hospital for the past few days, allowing some of the employees in the company to seize the opportunity
to steal the company’s plan and sell it to other companies at a high price. Murray went to take care of
Melissa and left the company behind. He meant to lure these people out.

The Gibson Corporation was one of the top companies in the country. The plan Murray made was
extremely good. However, what the other party did not know was that there was a big loophole in the
plan. These days, because of Adela’s matter, Murray was upsel and did not deal with this loophole. He
did not expect someone to take advantage of the loophole.

The Gibson Corporation had a great influence on the country and had never made any mistakes.
Because of this, no one dared to challenge Murray’s authority. Now, it seemed that Murray could take
this opportunity to clean up the company.

Murray asked the secretary to find the surveillance footage for the recent period and had a few people
whom lie trusled check the surveillance footage. They were determined to find these einployees, who
betrayed the company, and the big boss beluind these employees.

As for the staffincharge of this plan, Murray transferred them to a few idle positions and asked people
to pay attention to their every move. If anything was wrong, it would be reported to Murray immediately

The situation of Star Entertainment was getting more and more serious, and many of Shayna’s anu-
fans commented, including lerne’s fans from before.

After Shayna’s new song became a massive hilt, these anti-fans did not have much effect, One tended
to hit a man who was down. Once Shaynia got into trouble, these anti-fans came out, and the public
agreed with thelr opinion.

In the past few days, some anti-fans had pasted notes on the door of Sliayna’s houSC. All kinds of
harsh words were everywhere, which seriously disturbed Shayna’s life.

Shayna was a weak person. After she was teased by people like iliis, the defense line in her heart had
been broken.

Calvin’s condition was not very good, but he was the director of the company after all. So, not many
people dared to go to him to show off.

Calvin knew about Shayna’s situation. If he protected Shayna at this time, the netizens and employees
of the company might be dissatisfied.

They were in a dilemma and did not know how to deal with it.

Melissa called them over and asked, “Now that things have come to this, if you want to break up, I’ll
have a way to clarify things now. It’s up to you.”

“Melissa, is there 110 other way? I don’t want to break up with Calvin.” Shayna lowered her head and
blushed. Her voice was low, but it was firin.

Melissa was just about to speak when she heard Calvin’s rejection. Melissa smiled slightly and told
them not to regret it. Then she asked the two to leave.

Melissa stayed up all night to write a speech and was ready to hold a press conference to clarify the
relationship between Shayna and Calvin.

The next day. Melissa entered the company with dark circles.

The reporters soon arrived. Now that the scandals of Star Entertainment were all over the news, the
reporlers wanted to dig up some information.

In the lounge, Shayna sat on a chair with uneasiness.

The internet violence she had suffered in the past few days was unprecedented. She was so anxious
that she liad not slept well for several nights. Her face was a little pale. What Calvin said hurt her.

Melissa’s face was a little pale, but if one looked carefully, he would find that she powdered her face.

After finishing preparing, Melissa brought Shayna to the press conference. Melissa had asked Calvin to
arrange the reporters at the press conference.

By the time they arrived, Calvin had been seated aside, quietly waiting for Melissa.

Sure enough, when Melissa brought Shayna In, the reporters, who were full of energy, took pictures of

Shayna was frightened by the flash, and her pale face was caught.

Shayna was a little worried and looked at Melissa beside her.

Melissa firmly smiled at Shayna, giving Shayna a consident look.

Then, Melissa brought Shayna to the stage.

The reporters turned their microphones towards Melissa. Sliayna was timid and did not dare to say

“Please calm down.” Melissa raised her hand and delivered tlie speech she wrote overnight. “Shayna
and Calvin lave occupied your public channels in the past few days. I am deeply sorry for this.”

Melissa paused for a moment and then continued, “However, those photos were only taken when

Shayna was deceived by a stranger. Calvin stepped forward to save her and was caught by someone
with ill intentions. There was no improper relationship between them. Please don’t be blinded by the

Melissa denied the relationship between Shayna and Calvin.

The reporters were the best in the industry, so they immediately found the loophole.

“Ms. Eugen, I wonder how you knew what happened at that time. Were you there at that time?”

A reporter asked.

“Of course not. Otherwise, their pictures would not have been snapped.”

Melissa replied calmly. She knew that these reporters were not easy to be trilled with. She had
prepared some excuses.

“It’s not a small matter for artists to fall in love. Are you sure that there is no relationship between
Shayna and Calvin?”

Another reporter came out with a microphone and asked, trying to catch a bit of Melissa’s dissatisfied

“I’m sure.”

Melissa replied with certainty.

“I heard that two days ago, you even gave Shayna an endorsement of a high-class brand. As a
newcomer, how could Shayna receive such good resources?”

The reporter’s question hit the nail on the lead. Shayna swallowed.

“With Shayna’s ability, she will naturally be able to receive good resources.”

Melissa faintly replled, directly causing the reporters to be stuck in a corner.

“Ms. Eugen, do you mean that the other employees in your company are not outstanding?”

After that, all the employees who attended the press conference looked over.

Melissa looked at the reporters in front of her. These reporters were driven by benefits, completely not
considering the consequences of what they did.

“Of course not. The employees in my company are all outstanding.”

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