Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 634

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Melissa Faints

If the police had not come to informulier this time, ulicy would nollave known that Arnoladalso boarded
the planc with Vivian.

Arno had not returned home these days, and they had been looking for him for a long time, but they did
not expect him to be with Vivian!

They came to the seaside, looking around, but they could not find Arno.

Suddenly, Sileas turned around and saw Melissa charging toward her.

She widened her eyes. They had seen photos of Melissa online. It was because Melissa was Vivian’s
boss that she paid more attention to her.

Seeing that Melissa had also rushed over, Silcas hurriedly chased after hier.

“Stop! Stop!”

Sileas chased after Melissa and kept calling out. After a long time, Melissa realized that someone was
calling her.

“Who are you?”

Melissa turned around and saw an unfamiliar woman.

Melissa felt that the woman looked familiar.

“I am Arno’s mother!”

Her tone wasn’t polite, making Melissa evenmore dissatisfied.

Melissa had heard about Sileas before. Now that Melissa sawlier today, she had a bad impression of

“What can I do for you?”

Out of courtesy, Melissa calmed down. But she kept looking at the other side of the sea, still worried
about Vivian in her heart

Sileas was dissatisfied. Melissa ignored her.

“You are Vivian’s boss? You let my son get on this plane?”

Melissa frowned, “When did lask your son top on the plane?”

“You dare to quibble!”

Sileas lost her temper all of a sudden. Iler usual yraceful and generous demeanor disappeared.

“If it wasn’t for you, why would my son’s name be on the list of people who were on the crashed

Melissa raised her eyebrows, looking very surprised. Was Arno also on that plane?

“Don’t pretend to be confused. My son hasn’t been home for two days. He must be with that woman.

Did you hide them?

Sileas knew that Melissa was Murray’s wife. Wouldn’t it be easy for Murray to hide two people?

“I really don’t know about this, but Arno is in his twenties. Isn’t it normal for him not to go home?”

Melissa closed her eyes. Vivian was her employee, and it was Vivian who asked her to help. To be
Vivian’s side, Arno stayed.

Everyone was at fault in this matter, but Sileas threw the blame on Melissa. No one would be able to
stand it.

“This is our family’s business, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Sileas had a lcmper. Her son’s life was uncertain. She was restless.

“If you liadn’t hidden my son, would he have appeared on that list?”

Sileas was accressive, making Melissa very helpless.

“Watch your words. Your son is already an adult. Where he goes is his own decision. What ability do I
have to hide a living person from you?”

Melissa retorted. She felt guilty toward Vivian.

Vivian was her employee, so Melissa should be responsible for Vivian. But Arno and Melissa had
nothing to do with each other.

“You caused my son’s life and death to be uncertain, and you won’t admit it. How malicious you are!

Sileas was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She immediately began to quarrel withi Melissa.

“Madam, please inake it clear that I was not the one who asked your son to board the plane. Don’t
accuse mne wrongly.”

Melissa was not to be outdone. She was already upset about Vivian’s malter. Now that Sileas had
rushed out, Melissa was even more irritated.

“I am right. Vivian is an unreliable woman. I don’t know why my son likes hier.”

Sileas spoke ill or Vivian in front of Melissa. This undoubtedly infuriated Melissa.

“It’s useless to say this here. Isn’t Vivian also like your son, whose life and death are uncertain? You
are here blaming others. Are you afraid that others will find your son?”

Melissa counterattacked, and Sileas was immediately furious.

“I don’t need you to educate me. Don’t tell me nonsense. Vivian is unreliable, and you are even more
unreliable. It seems that I really have to ask iny son to think about it.”


Melissa was very angry at these words. The achievements of the company in the past few days were
obvious to all. In the eyes of Sileas, they were reduced to nothing

“Am I wrong? You…”

Sileas wanted to continue, but Melissa suddenly lowered her licad. Just as Sileas thought that Melissa
was going to apologize to her, Melissa sainted directly

Sileas was dumbfounded. Seeing that Melissa was about to fall to her side, she was about to go up
and support Melissa, but she didn’t expect that another person would take the initiative.

The man held Melissa’s waist and turned around. Melissa fell into his arms.

It was Murray!

Murray noticed that Melissa and Sileas were arguing from afar. Murray rushed over. When he saw
Melissa’s body swaying, he had a bad feeling.

Fortunately, he wasn’t late. If Melissa sell to the ground, who knew what would happen?

Murray glaredat Sileas fiercely, then carried Melissa, and left.

Silcas was also stunned on the spot. She did not expect that just a few words from her would cause
Melissa to faint from anger.

Murray sent Melissa to the hospital. He didn’t even take a breath. After putting Melissa on the bed,
Melissa was pushed in.

After a long time, the door to the examination room was opened.

Murray’s face was gloomy, and he quickly rushed up.

“How is she?”

“Why are you so careless? This lady is exhausted and her body is very weak.”

Hearing this, Murray trembled.


Murray froze on the spot. Melissa was pregnant!

“Ms. Eugen has always had hypoglycemia. Has this gentleman not discovered it yet?”

Seeing Murray’s expression, tlie nurse felt a little funny.

But in the next second, the nurse’s expression tumed serious again.

“But this lady’s body is very weak. If you had been a step later, she might have been in a worse

Murray’s expression immediately turned serious,

Is Melissa‘s body weak? How could this be?

“We notice that the patient’s blood pulse is jumping very fast, and the emotional Muctuations will also
cause bad effects to the body.”

The nurse continued to talk about things to take note of, which reminded Murray.

Just now, Melissa and Sileas had quarreled. It was unknown what Sileas had said that made Melissa
faint on the ground.

For these two days, Melissa had been running around for Vivian’s matter. Perhaps it was because of
this that her body was weak.

Looking at Melissa, who was pale on the bed, Murray took a deep breath and gently kissed her white

“Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

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