Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 623

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The First Time the Two Meet

When Melissa turned her head and looked at Shayna, who acted like a fangirl, she was a little
surprised. She reached out and gently patted Shayna’s arm, trying to wake this little girl up.

However, Shayna only blinked her eyes, her face still showing a look of disbelief as she looked at

Calvin looked at Melissa with confusion and saw a helpless smile in her eyes.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, his upper body slightly leaning forward, closing to Shayna.

Then he said with his head tilted, “Hello?”

At this moment, Shayna finally came back to her senses. She didn’t expect that Calvin would suddenly
be so close to her.

Shayna blushed in an instant.

She hurriedly stepped back, but her back hit the equipment next to her. She staggered and almost fell.

After seeing this, Melissa was about to reach out to support her, but Calvin was even faster and
grabbed Shayna’s wrist, bringing her back.

“Are you alright?” Calvin asked.

He loosened Shayna’s wrist and walked directly to the equipment.

Realizing what she had just done, Shayna looked a little embarrassed. Then she bowed to Calvin and
said, “I’m truly sorry.”

Calvin touched his equipment and complained, “What a pity. How can it be fine?”

“What?” Shayna blinked her eyes in confusion, not understanding what Calvin meant.

She turned to look at Melissa, who was at the side, and cast a pleading gaze.

However, Calvin turned around lazily and reached out to rub her messy hair, saying gloomily, “If it
breaks, I can find an excuse to replace it.”

Shayna blinked and felt that the Calvin in front of her was a little different from the idol in her

However, Calvin did not care about Shayna’s gaze and just continued, “I’ve been interested in a set of
equipment and wanted to buy it.”

With that, he turned his gaze to Melissa.

Alter Melissa seemed to have noticed something, her eyebrows twitched. “If you want to buy it, then
buy it.”

What she said was exactly what Calvin wanted. He suddenly stood up and revealed a very bright smile
to Melissa. “But it&39;s expensive. Ms. Eugen, don&39;t you plan to give me a year-end bonus in advance?”

Melissa chuckled and did not care about Calvin&39;s sincere eyes.

“The year-end bonus? Your monthly salary is about to be deducted and you want the year-end bonus?”

Calvin had a bitter expression as he clutched his chest and said, “Ms. Eugen, I haven’t had a good
meal in a long time. Do you know why?”

Melissa didn&39;t bother to answer and only waved at Calvin. “Stop. I came here today to talk to you about
something serious. Her name is Shayna Heyton.”

Hearing this, Shayna suddenly stood up straight and timidly said to Calvin, “Hello, I&39;m Shayna.”

she blushed, but it was difficult to hide the excitement in her expression.

Calvin naturally looked at Shayna and slowly said, “Take a pen yourself if you want an autograph.”

As he said this, he reached out his hand very seriously, waiting for Shayna to hand over the pen and

When Melissa saw this, she couldn&39;t help but frown and slap his hand away.

“She is the newcomer I want to sign,” Melissa said seriously.

Although Calvin heard Melissa say this, he was still as languid as ever. “Why are you here if you want
to sign a newcomer?”

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and turned his head. “You are not going to let me guide her,
are you?”

“I won&39;t cut off the development of my company’s business department,” Melissa said.

Melissa knew well about Calvin, who was languid. If she asked him to guide a newcomer, that was just
an excuse for him to slack off.

Because the tragic scene of Calvin guiding new people was still vivid in Melissa’s mind.

At that moment, Shayna touched Melissa’s arm and blinked uneasily. “Is he really Calvin? The Calvin
who plays music?”

Shayna suddenly felt that it was a little unreal. Not only did she meet the president of Star
Entertainment today, but she also met Calvin.

After all, being appreciated by the president or meeting an idol was what Shayna had always dreamed

Suddenly, Shayna wanted to buy a lottery ticket. Maybe she could realize her last dream.

Maybe she could make a fortune overnight.

But hearing this, Calvin raised his eyebrows slightly and pointed at his face. “What, do I have an
average face?”

Shayna hurriedly waved her hand. She shook her head in a panic and said, “No, no, that’s not what I
meant. I just think that you are different from the Calvin I saw online.”

Calvin chuckled, but he still turned to look at Melissa. “Since you don’t want me to guide her, why did
you bring her here?”

“Help me record,” Melissa said.

Hearing this, Calvin leaned on a chair at the side. “Boss, don’t tell me you want me to help her produce
her album?”

Melissa snapped her fingers. “That’s right. I want you to listen to her songs. If possible, I hope that you
can participate in Shayna’s first album.”

Hearing this, before Calvin could react, Shayna had already straightened her back. “What? Album?”

Melissa nodded as if it was a matter of course. “Yeah, if you sign in to my company, as an entertainer
under the company, you are definitely going to produce an album.”

“Is it possible?” Shayna’s eyes lit up.

“So, do you want to sign up for my company?”

Melissa showed a gentle smile to Shayna. “As long as you want, I will definitely make you famous.”

“It&39;s rare to see you like someone so much. Did this girl really come in through connections?

Calvin, who was at the side, saw this and directly said. His gaze wandered back and forth on Shayna
and Melissa’s faces a few times before he suddenly stood up and strode in front of Shayna.

Shayna was startled. Then Calvin said seriously and slowly, “Then can you speak up for me in front of
the boss and ask her to give me the year-end bonus first?”

Shayna was at a loss about what to do. She finally realized the difference between the real Calvin and
the one on the Internet.

One was a genius producer who had won countless awards, and the other was a funny hoot... How
could this be the same?

“I didn’t use any connections...” Shayna said, feeling wronged.

“No way...” Calvin touched his lower jaw and continued, “My boss doesn’t randomly sign people, and
she has never brought anyone to me directly. Where did you meet?”

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Chapter 623

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