Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 621

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She’s so Bold

Melissa frowned, she did not expert Adela to be so bold,

Murray&39;s face was stern He did not expect to have been whelmed like that.

But Murray was a smart man and had figured it all out. He turned to look at Melissa and slowly said.

“Adela is just a pawn of Ouentin’s,”

The scene Adela had made at Marc’s birthday party caused great damage to her family&39;s reputation,
and Adela also became infamous

Murray had only met Quentin a few times, but based on the information he had found, he knew that
Quentin wasn&39;t a sloppy guy as Quentin appeared to be

Quentin was very good at weighing the pros and cons, so he wouldn&39;t continue to work with a pawn
that had /ost its original value

Perhaps in his eyes, Adela was just an appetizer, and the rest of the feast had yet to be served.

Based on the current situation, Murray knew that he was not Quentin&39;s priority.

Quentin was about to return to the Tacke family, and that was his priority.

Murray was curious about what it would be like when Quentin and Robert met.

“Quentin calfed me and to/d me about Adela. I’m still not sure what he is up to. He&39;s unpredictable,”
Melissa said, frowning To be honest, Melissa didn’t want to have anything to do with Quentin.

Murray held Melissa&39;s waist and took her into his arms. He gently planted a kiss on her forehead and
said in a husky voice, “Quentin has met Julia.”

At the mention of Julia, Melissa was upset. Every time she met Julia, Julia would always do something

Melissa gently riddled with the button on Murray&39;s shirt. She tilted her head and said, “I heard that Julia
might marry Robert.”

If they got married, dealing with the Wright family and the Tacke family would be tricky.

Murray smiled and said, “Robert is a businessman. He has always aimed for benefits, but the Wright
family has no value to him.”

A hint of surprise llashed across Melissa’s face. She blinked and looked at Murray doubtfully, “No
value? The Wright family is a big family. Why would you say that?”

Even though Robert had taken over the Tacke family, the Wright family wasn’t inferior to the Tacke
family in terms of power or social status. Why would Robert think the Wright family had no value to

“What do you think a businessman values the most?” Murray answered Melissa&39;s question with a

Melissa pondered for a moment and then bowed her head. “Money?”

When Murray heard this, he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Do you think the Tacke family is short on

“What is it then?”

Melissa couldn&39;t think of anything else and was too lazy to think about it. She wrapped her arms around
Murray’s neck, turned around, and sat astride his lap. “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Murray&39;s fingertips gently rubbed against Melissa&39;s waist as he said, “What the Tacke family values the
most is connections, but the Wright family has always been in seclusion. They have accumulated a
considerable amount of money over the years, but they don’t have many connections.”

As a family of stone gambling, the Wright family had a lot of inoney. However, it had only been a few
decades since the Wright family became rich. They did not socialize much, so they could not expand
their connections.

The Wright family had a respectable reputation only because David Wright was respectable.

There were not many big families who were willing to make friends with the Wright family. So, Robert
wouldn&39;t be interested in that family.

“Money gets everything done. Being so rich must have some benefits,” Melissa said softly.

“Money is indeed useful, but are there any big families in Aldness short of money?” Murray said slowly.

On the surface, these large families appeared to be decent, but the shady things they did were beyond

How did Murray become Quentin&39;s target? It was because of that organization, wasn’t it?

Melissa could not help but sigh.

She didn’t like to be involved in this stuff. No wonder her grandfather was so determined to take her to
live in the countryside. It was a wonderful place with beautiful scenery.

Seeing Melissa in a daze, Murray thought that she was worried about the power struggles, so he
leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry.”

Melissa looked up and chuckled. “I’m not worried about this shit. I’m thinking about whether we should
live in the quiet countryside when we get old.”

Murray couldn’t help but hold her tighter. “Good idea. I&39;ll go wherever you want to go.”

“Let&39;s find a beautiful and quiet place after we retire. It will be great to live in the countryside with our
children and grandchildren.”

Melissa seemed to have seen the life she described.

A gleam flashed across Murray&39;s eyes, and he said in a smiling voice, “Children and grandchildren?
That sounds nice. Do you prefer a son or a daughter?”

Melissa failed to read Murray’s subtext, and she carefully thought about it before answering, “I prefer a
daughter, cute and pretty.”

With his palm slowly touching Melissa&39;s spine, Murray buried his head in the curve of her neck. “Just
like you...”

His warm breath was on Melissa’s skin, making her feel itchy and shrink back.She looked down and
saw Murray&39;s lips. Melissa finally realized what she had just said.


Melissa whispered, her cheeks blushing.

“I&39;m here,” Murray responded, holding Melissa’s waist and buttock to lift her off the floor.

Startled, Melissa exclaimed and wrapped her arms and legs around Murray.

She gazed at Murray and pursed her lips, saying in a childish voice, “I am a little tired today.”

“I&39;m taking you to sleep.” Murray walked towards the bed calmly.

“Just sleep?” Melissa raised her eyebrows.

Murray did not say anything. Just as Melissa&39;s back touched the bed, Murray pressed on top of her and
kissed her lips, keeping her from talking again.

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