Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 620

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Can’t Smile Again

To Vivian’s surprise, what Shayna found was not a fan collection photo album, but a chat group of her
and her friends. In the chat interface, there was a funny picture.

It was a photo of Vivian at an award party, with some text which read “Can&39;t Smile Again”.

Vivian was lost for words. That was not what she had expected

Seeing Vivian’s strange expression, Shayna realized something and immediately put her phone behind

After Shayna thought for a moment, her eyes lit up. “Right, I&39;ve read a trending topic about you. You&39;re

“Stop.” Vivian raised her hand for Shayna to shut up. She figured the trending topic that Shayna had
read wouldn&39;t be about anything good.

Vivian sighed and said, “Go online and Google me. I am an entertainer from Star Entertainment.”

Shayna shook her head. “Since you are a star, you wouldn&39;t help her lie. I believe you.”

Melissa and Vivian looked at each other and sighed in relief.

“Are you available tomorrow?” Melissa got down to the point.

“I have a part-time job tomorrow morning, but I&39;ll be available after 1:00 p.m.,” Shayna said slowly after
thinking carefully.

“I will call you tomorrow afternoon and take you to Star Entertainment.”

“Trust me. I will help you get justice,” Melissa said in an earnest tone.

Shayna puffed her cheeks and did not say anything.

When Melissa and Vivian left the bar, their minds were preoccupied.

Melissa was thinking about the problem with the management of the company, while Vivian was sad
about her public image

Vivian pursed her lips in frustration and suddenly turned to look at Melissa. “Melissa, is my public
image so terrible?”

Melissa broke out of the trance and shook her head at Vivian. “That girl looks like a quiet girl. It makes
sense that she doesn’t know about these things.”

“But I still feel frustrated,” Vivian said sullenly.

“What you should do now is to perform well in the movie. Do you understand?” Melissa said.

“I understand.” Vivian nodded vigorously and made up her mind to do her best.

Melissa thought about Shayna’s words along the way. She dialed a number as soon as she returned to
the villa.

“Hello, what’s up?” The voice on the other end of the line sounded drowsy and irritably as if the person
had just been woken up.

“Did anyone in the Music Department mention a girl named Shayna Heyton to you today?” Melissa

“Can&39;t it wait until tomorrow? I am sleeping now.”

The person on the phone was impatient.

“Calvin, it just occurred to me that you still owed me a few songs. Your salary payment will have to wait
until next month.”

Her threat snapped Calvin Faber out of his drowsy state instantly. “Ms. Eugen, don’t do this. We can
talk. What was the name you just said? Shayna Heyton, right? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her. Why
asking? Is there a problem?”

“Are you sure you haven&39;t heard of her? She went there with her original creation.” Melissa wanted to
be sure.

“Although I often sleep during the day, I wouldn&39;t forget a person who came to the company with her
original creative songs. No one came to the Music Department today.” Calvin said firmly.

“Calvin, I put you in charge of the Music Department, but you sleep at work every day, right?” Melissa

Calvin was stupefied for a moment and then complained, “Ms. Eugen, I told you I was just a music
composer, but you insisted on making me the head of the Music Department. If you ask me questions
about music, I might be able to give you answers right away. But if you want to find someone, you
should go to the HR Department.”

Melissa listened to Calvin’s nagging and felt an intense pain in her temples. She sighed and said, “At
1:00 p.m. tomorrow, I will bring someone to meet you.”

“Who?” Calvin forced himself to be curious.

“You&39;ll know when we get there. She is the best singer-songwriter I have ever seen,” Melissa said
softly. Calvin snorted in doubt, “Better than me?”

Melissa raised her eyebrows slightly. “At least she is a hardworking person. She doesn&39;t sleep at work.”

“Ms. Eugen, can we not make it personal?” Calvin said sullenly.

“Enough. Anyway, you have to be at the office at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, got it?” Melissa said.

“Yes, my evil boss. Can I go back to sleep now?” Calvin’s voice started to sound drowsy again.

“You still owe me a few songs. When are you going to submit them, my great composer?” Melissa said
in a nice voice.

When Calvin heard this, he quickly hung up.

Melissa silently rolled her eyes. She heard the door open and turned around, only to find Murray
walking in.

Putting the phone aside, Melissa reached out to take Murray&39;s suit and put it on the hanger.

“Calvin?” Murray asked. He had been back for a while, but when he heard that Melissa was on the
phone, he did not come in to disturb her.

Melissa nodded but involuntarily let out a sigh.

Murray touched her forehead and fiddled with her hair with his fingers. “What&39;s wrong?”

After taking a deep breath, Melissa told Murray about the Shayna thing.

“I didn&39;t expect to find so many problems in the company in just a few months.”

At first, it was the employee who had secretly taken photos of the company’s confidential information,
and now, it was the problem of management. Melissa felt a headache as soon as she thought of them.

When she was behind the scenes, she didn&39;t know there were so many problems.

Did I upset someone by taking over the company? she wondered.

“Why doesn’t your company have these problems?” Melissa blinked and looked at Murray.

Murray said calmly, “Every company has such problems. It is only a matter of time before the problems
are discovered.”

Melissa pouted.

“By the way, how did Adela connect to Quentin?”

Melissa had looked into the photo and found that Adela was led to the hotel that day.

Brady was just an accomplice, and he took Adela to the designated room. There was also something
wrong with Murray’s drink

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