Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 619

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Just as Melissa was still confused, Shayna shook off Melissa’s hand and looked wronged.

“I know that your company is very good. Although I am just an ordinary person, you can’t treat me like
this... Those songs are all my efforts. What do you want me to do?”

Melissa was completely confused and even wondered if she had missed something because of her
daze. She took a deep breath and tried her best to sound calm.

“Is there any misunderstanding between us?”

“Misunderstanding? Is there any other Star Entertainment company in Aldness? If you want to bully
others, then I will, I will...”

Shayna’s voice weakened, and she hemmed and hawed for a long time, but could not say another
word. In the end, she could only stare at Melissa, and tears were about to pour out of her eyes.

“If you want to bully me, I will call the police. We are in a legal society...”

But the next second, Shayna had lost her courage, “Please let me go. I can&39;t sell all my songs to you
for 30 dollars.”

Shayna slightly lowered her head. She wanted to try her luck so she went to Star Entertainment that
day and handed over her original songs, but the result was discouraging. The manager gave her a

It said that the company would buy all the copyrights of her songs for 30 dollars. What was even worse
was that if the songs were published, Shayna’s name could not appear in the lyrics.

How could Shayna agree to such conditions?

Although she wanted to grab the small chance to be famous, Shayna would never let her song fall into
the hands of others. She looked at Melissa in front of her and felt even more aggrieved.

Through Shayna’s words, Melissa seemed to have guessed something. Melissa frowned and carefully
asked, “Have you been to Star Entertainment?”

Shayna did not answer, but she also acquiesced to Melissa’s question.

“Someone wants to buy all your songs in the name of our company?” Melissa blinked.

Shayna listened and nodded carefully. “If you really want to buy the copyrights of those songs, can you
write my name after the release? Even if it is not a lyric, it can be... I only hope that others will know
that I wrote these songs.”

Hearing this, Melissa completely understood the problem. She frowned even harder.

“Are you saying that the person wanted to buy out your original songs?”

Melissa knew that the most important thing about a published song was who had written it.

Shayna continued to speak with a pitiful expression, “I thought that Star Entertainment was a big
company, so I recommended

myself with the attitude of trying. Now it seems that an ordinary person like me can&39;t do it at all.”

Melissa looked very bad. She learned to look at Vivian at the side. Both of them could see the doubt in
each other&39;s eyes.

“When did you come to my company?” Melissa asked.

Not to mention Shayna’s singing ability, just based on the song she had just performed, Melissa felt
that it was impossible for the people in their company’s music department to not notice her excellence.

There must be some misunderstanding,

“This morning,” Shayna said gloomily.

Thinking of what had happened in Star Entertainment today, Shayna felt even worse. The depression
all over Shayna’s body even startled Melissa.

Melissa’s eyebrows did not relax. It seemed that the Music Department did not mention anyone today.

“Who did you see? Who wanted to buy your copyrights? Do you still remember what he looks like?”
Melissa asked.

Melissa didn&39;t quite believe that her own company would buy copyrights at such a cheap price,

Thinking of this, Melissa began to suspect that this innocent Ilule girl had been deceived by someone,

“He said that he is the manager of the Music Department. Well... He is probably in his thirties,” Shayna
carefully recalled.

“Do you know what his surname is?” Melissa carefully recalled that every department in her company
had a lot of managers.

“I don&39;t know. He didn&39;t tell me,” Shayna sighed.

Melissa could not help but narrow her eyes. She looked at Shayna with a puzzled expression and
asked tentatively, “Are you sure you went to Star Entertainment instead of being cheated into some
other studio?”

“I&39;m sure!” Shayna nodded fiercely, then pointed to the address on the business card, “The place I went
to is here.”

Melissa’s expression was bad. How could such a thing happen in her company?

“When I first gave the original draft to the manager, he told me to wait. I waited for a long time, but
there was no news. I couldn&39;t help but go to the CEO&39;s office.” Shayna carefully looked at Melissa&39;s
face, and in her heart, she believed Melissa’s identity.

Moreover, Melissa was too good-looking to be a liar.

“Did you go to my office?” Hearing this, Melissa asked in surprise, “How come I have never seen you

If it was what happened today, Melissa would never forget it, but the person in front of her had indeed
never come to her office.

“Before I went in, the manager already took me away, and then he said he wanted to buy my songs.”
Shayna shook her head.

“Melissa, what is going on?” Vivian glanced at Melissa and asked, full of doubt.

She listened for a long time but could not figure out what had happened.

How could a swindler be in Melissa&39;s company?

Melissa pinched the space between her eyebrows and said to Shayna, “How about this, I&39;ll take you
directly to the company tomorrow. Can you find the manager for me?”

At this time, Melissa already had her ideas. She didn’t expect such a thing would happen in her

If she hadn&39;t encountered a night attack today, she wouldn&39;t know how many things had happened like

“I won&39;t believe you. You can lie to me once, but you can&39;t lie to me a second time,” Shayna muttered,
looking cute.

Melissa looked at her helplessly. Did she look like a liar?

Melissa couldn&39;t help but sigh. “Then what should I do to make you believe me?”

Shayna blinked hesitantly, but she did not know what to say.

Melissa looked at her and wondered where this innocent girl came from.

Seeing this, Vivian took a step forward and pointed at her cheek. “Do you know me?”

Shayna looked up at Vivian and pursed her lips. “I have the impression of seeing you somewhere.”

“I&39;m Vivian. Have you seen my movies?” Vivian blinked and then smiled.

Shayna knocked her head, pointed at Vivian, and said, “I know you! I&39;ve seen your photo.”

As she spoke, she opened her phone and seemed to be searching for something.

When Vivian saw this, she thought that Shayna had saved a picture of her on the phone.

“I didn’t expect you to be a fan of mine.”

The next second, when Shayna showed her the screen, Vivian&39;s smile disappeared in a second.

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