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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 608

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Chapter 608 Meet the Director However, whether her guess was true or not, Melissa was
expressionless. As usual, she drove to Star Entertainment after breakfast. was already waiting outside
the office.


Seeing Melissa come over, she hurriedly walked over. &34;Meli, you finally came,” Vivian said
happily. office door, and said, &34;It never happens to you.&34; Vivian was confused. She could not help but
ask, &34;What?&34; &34;You are usually late and haven&39;t arrived early before.&34; &34;Melissa!&34; Hearing Melissa&39;s
words, Vivian finally reacted. She stomped her foot and followed Melissa into the office. &34;I couldn&39;t
sleep last night.&34; Melissa turned around in surprise. &34;No wonder there is a pimple on your face.&34;
Instantly, Vivian became serious. She quickly took out her phone and opened the front-facing camera,
carefully observing her face. Seeing that, Melissa could not help but grin and laugh. She was right.
There was really a pimple on Vivian&39;s face. Seeing it, Vivian was depressed. After all, she was an
actress, and cameras were on her every day. It was quite important for Vivian to keep her skin fair.
&34;What did you do yesterday? Why couldn&39;t you sleep?&34; Melissa sat down on the sofa. &34;It&39;s all because
of Mr. Lynn&39;s movie. I&39;ve been worried about whether there Chapter 608 Meet the Director 1/5 Get ou
will be any accidents. I checked out my horoscope. It seems that I have been down on my luck
recently,&34; Vivian said mysteriously. &34;Horoscope? I didn&39;t know that you believed in that.&34; Melissa looked
a little surprised. She suddenly felt that she was old and couldn&39;t catch up with young people now.
Vivian waved her hand and eagerly asked what she had been thinking about for the whole night.
&34;Forget about it. Have you contacted Mr. Lynn? What about the character and the script? Has he
decided on the actress yet?&34; Hearing that, Melissa shook her head and let out a sigh. &34;I have told you
that there won&39;t be any problems. The character is going to be yours. Don&39;t worry.&34; Vivian did not say
anything. She only stared at Melissa with burning eyes. Melissa was amused. &34;Do you want me to
contact Mr. Lynn now?&34; Vivian immediately grinned and wanted to reach out to hug Melissa. &34;Melissa,
I feel that my future is so bright!&34; Vivian couldn&39;t help but laugh. Seeing that, Melissa was reminded of

how depressed Vivian had been a few days ago &34;I will inform your agent about the details. You can go
back to work now,&34; Melissa said in a calm voice. Vivian nodded repeatedly and hummed a song. She
was obviously in a good mood. &34;Wait.&34; When Vivian was about to leave, Melissa stopped her. &34;Did
Jaylin come to the company?&34; Melissa asked. Vivian nodded, thought seriously, and answered, &34;I met
him this morning. Melissa, do you want to meet him?&34; Chapter 608 Meet the Director 2/5 Cont
Blengso Melissa nodded. &34;Please help me call him over.&34; Vivian said okay. Not long after she left the
office, Jaylin knocked on the door and walked in. &34;Do you want to see me?&34; Jaylin said. Melissa
looked up and handed the document in her hand to Jaylin. &34;Yeah. We need one actor to sing the
ending song of you and Vivian&39;s show. I think you can do it.&34; Jaylin was stunned for a moment. He took
the document and looked down. &34;I thought you would look for a professional singer. Why do you want
me to do it now?&34; &34;There is a money issue,&34; Melissa didn&39;t hide anything and said bluntly. The singer
that Melissa had chosen before was a little famous recently and had released a few popular songs. He
looked nice in front of the cameras. But in private, the singer had a hot temper. It wasn&39;t a surprise that
people in the entertainment industry were wearing all kinds of masks. No one knew which one of them
was real. &34;But he wrote the song,&34; Jaylin said, looking at the name of the main songwriter. &34;This song
has already been bought. But he suddenly raised the price when we asked him to sing it. It&39;s no big
deal. Go get ready today. You may need to record it in a few days.&34; &34;Okay,&34; Jaylin did not expect to
take an extra task. He should be leaving. However, Jaylin stood in the office and looked at Melissa
hesitantly. Melissa seemed to sense Jaylin&39;s gaze. She looked up at him. Then, Jaylin said slowly,
&34;About Vivian, should I....&34; Of course, Melissa knew what Jaylin wanted to say. She directly shook her
head and said, &34;Don&39;t get involved in it.&34; Jaylin nodded. &34;If there is anything I can do, just tell me.&34;
Jaylin&39;s tone was particularly serious, and there was an unclear emotion hidden in his eyes. Melissa
did not notice that. She smiled at Jaylin and said, &34;What happened? Why did you suddenly say that
today?&34; Jaylin blinked his eyes suddenly. &34;I&39;m just caring about the company.&34; Melissa teased Jaylin.
&34;If you really care so much, go practice the song hard. When you record it, I don&39;t want to see any news
about you singing off-key.&34; Jaylin raised a wry smile. He looked at Melissa meaningfully and then
turned to leave. Melissa had been thinking about Vivian. So, she immediately called Marvin.

Unexpectedly, Marvin did not agree to give Vivian the role right away. Instead, he asked to meet
Vivian. Of course, Melissa agreed. After arranging an appointment with Marvin, Melissa told Vivian
about it. At that time, Vivian had just finished an advertisement for an endorsement. She was in the
dressing room, reapplying her makeup. When she received Melissa&39;s call, Vivian was a little surprised.
&34;What did you say? Mr. Lynn wants to see me in person!&34; Vivian stood up from the chair in excitement,
scaring the staff beside her. Vivian stuck out her tongue and showed them an embarrassed smile. She
sat back down and whispered to Melissa on the phone. But the excitement in Vivian&39;s voice was hard to
hide. &34;Are you serious?&34; &34;Of course. Why would I lie to you!&34; Melissa smiled amusedly. &34;When and
where does he want to see me?&34; Vivian asked in a panic. &34;He wants to see you tonight. I will send the
address and time to your agent. You can go there directly after you finish your job.&34; &34;Should I go
alone?&34; Vivian blinked her eyes. Hearing that, Melissa slowly said, &34;Of course not. I will go with you.&34;
Vivian seemed to be relieved. She sniffed and pressed her hand against her chest. &34;What should I do?
Melissa, at the thought of meeting Mr. Lynn in person, I feel nervous.&34; Melissa chuckled. Then,
someone knocked on the door of her office.

Melissa looked Vivian up and down, opened the

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