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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 605

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Chapter 605 A Strange Feeling Seeing the look on his face, Melissa had a strange feeling. asked.
Murray was silent and blinked.

“Is there a problem with the message?” she

After a while, he just shook his head and said, “Nothing. I was mistaken.” side by side. After they
returned home, Melissa received a call from Vivian. &34;Meli, I have thought it through. I will stay.&34; Vivian&39;s
voice was full of determination, and Melissa was not surprised to hear her decision. &34;You were crying
and insisting on leaving show business. What made you change your mind in such a short time?&34;
Melissa smiled and asked her. Melissa did not want to lose such an excellent actress. &34;I think those
people want me to quit because of those things. I can&39;t give them what they want. I&39;ll work harder and
let those people see how strong I&39;m.&34; Vivian paused for a few seconds. &34;And I got a psychologist
amateur living with me.&34; Vivian was very glad that Arno was always by her side every time she was in
trouble, She sounded like she was showing off Melissa shrugged and said, &34;Alright, I understand, Ms.
Big time. However, what happened last time might have a bad impact on the new drama.&34; &34;Then what
should we do?&34; Vivian asked with some concem. &34;It doesn&39;t matter. The company will deal with it, but
in the end, no matter how much effort the company puts into it, the rumors won&39;t go away. There will
still be negative remarks about you.&34; Melissa could not help but pinch the bridge of her nose. &34;Is there
any way to make up for it?&34; Vivian asked, feeling remorseful again. &34;There is a movie waiting now. I
don&39;t know if you are willing to accept the job.&34; Vivian agreed without hesitation. &34;Of course! I can&39;t wait
to go back to work. What kind of movie is it?&34; Holding her phone, Melissa walked to the computer and
said, &34;I&39;m sending you the document now. You can take a look. The director is very famous.&34; Vivian
said, &34;I got the document.&34; She opened the email and exclaimed, - &34;Marvin Lynn! Oh my! Meli, are you
sure you sent me the right script? I can&39;t miss this.&34; Marvin was a very famous director in the film
industry. Three years ago, he won countless international awards with just one movie, and he made
many actors famous. Vivian never expected that she would have a chance to work with such a top
director, &34;Before you get too excited, take a good look at the script. There won&39;t be a paycheck for

you,&34; &34;No paycheck?&34; Vivian asked and was stunned for a moment, Melissa continued, &34;And do you
know where the set is? In the mountains of the southwest it will take at least two or three months, and
you may be completely cut off from the outside world by then.&34; Melissa was also very excited when
she got the script and saw that the director was Marvin. But she hesitated after seeing the request
below. This movie was almost a bold attempt by Marvin. He was thinking about overturning everything
he was familiar with. And the movie was made for the country, so a paycheck would be very unlikely.
Moreover, they would film in the harshest place in the mountains of the southwest. Many experienced
actors might not be able to accept such conditions, let alone rising stars like Vivian. More importantly,
Marvin had very strict requirements for actors. Everyone in the industry knew about this. Although
many of his movies were very famous, not many actors who had just entered the entertainment
industry chose to work with Marvin. &34;I&39;ll give you some time to think about it. If you don&39;t want to, don&39;t
force yourself.&34; Melissa said this as Vivian was silent. Vivian let out a chuckle. &34;Meli, you&39;re
underestimating me.&34; Melissa did not speak. She just looked forward to what Vivian would say next.
Then Vivian added firmly, &34;Meli, I&39;m taking this job. &34;I am a professional actress. What I need is a good
script, not handsome pay or a comfortable working environment.&34; When Vivian started her career as
an actress, she had already thought of these situations. She had come here not for quick cash and to
be looked up to by her fans, but to realize her dream. And now such a good opportunity came
knocking on her door. How could Vivian not seize it? &34;Meli, please contact Marvin immediately and tell
him that I will take this role. I hope he isn&39;t looking for another girl for this role.&34; Got Bonus As Melissa
heard this, a smile crossed her face. She knew that Vivian would say that. &34;Don&39;t worry, I&39;ll contact
Marvin tomorrow. You will get the role. But are you sure that your man won&39;t worry if you&39;re out of touch
for three months?&34; Melissa was teasing. &34;I&39;m working hard for my career. He will understand. This can
be considered a test for him,&34; Vivian said. &34;If you come back and find that he has another woman,
don&39;t blame me for that,&34; Melissa said jokingly, making Vivian so angry that she could not help but
shout. &34;Meli, enough!&34; &34;Arno, don&39;t give me that look. Boohoo! Meli is right about you, right? What --
Will you do when I stay in the mountains for three months?&34; Vivian suddenly turned to Arno and
questioned him. &34;No, I won&39;t do that. I just want to stay with you forever.&34; Melissa heard Arno&39;s voice

and thought, sounds like they are sitting together now. Melissa knew that she shouldn&39;t stop joking
about them. She told Vivian to come to the company tomorrow to get the script and then hung up. She
looked up but did not see Murray. She had seen him enter the study. Perhaps he was busy with
something. With this thought in mind, Melissa made Murray a cup of coffee and walked to the study.
When she reached the door of the study, her phone rang. It was a message. Melissa took a look and
saw an unfamiliar number. сия Волин She had some doubts in her heart. She opened her phone and
saw a photo. She was so shocked to see the people in the photo that she dropped the coffee on the
ground. The cup was shattered. Murray, who was on the phone in the study, heard the noise outside.
He quickly opened the door and saw Melissa standing there, with a broken cup near her feet. Murray
walked up to her and was about to ask if Melissa was injured. Melissa looked up at him.

Melissa nat

believed it. She nodded and the two left the restaurant

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