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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 599

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Chapter 599 There Is No Chance for Regret The drunk kiss made Arno frown slightly. He raised his
hand and gently pressed Vivian&39;s shoulder, but the latter took one step forward in advance and leaned
on Arno with her arms around him. &34;Vivian...&34; Arno snorted, wanting Vivian to calm down. They
suddenly got so intimate.

The temperature rose, causing Vivian to blush. She looked at Arno in front of her, her eyes filled with a
clear and bright light. throat tightened. His voice was low and hoarse. He looked at Vivian with a
dangerous gaze and slowly said, &34;You&39;re drunk, Vivian.&34; However, Vivian had a smile on her face. She
reached out and grabbed Arno&39;s collar, bringing him closer to her. &34;I am not.&34; Her fingertips gently
pressed on Arno&39;s neck. On his expensive black shirt, her slender fingers moved down continuously.
She was flirting with him. He directly grabbed Vivian&39;s hand and said, &34;Do you know what you are
doing?&34; Vivian moved closer to Arno&39;s ear, her voice sweet and gentle, &34;Arno, as I said, I&39;m not drunk.&34;
As she spoke, she gently touched Arno&39;s ear with her lips. Arno&39;s eyes dimmed. He reached out and
picked Vivian up, &34;There is no chance for regrets.&34; As he spoke, he directly led her up the stairs,
Moonlight shone through the window into the room, creating a great atmosphere for them. Chapter 599
There Is No Chance for Regret det senus When Vivian woke up, what she saw when she opened her
eyes was a naked chest. She blinked and saw Arno&39;s side face. Suddenly recalling what had
happened yesterday, Vivian looked down at her arm outside the quilt, and her cheeks suddenly
reddened. However, the corners of her mouth curved up quietly. It was not in vain that she had worked
so hard to act yesterday. She quietly propped up half of her body in Arno&39;s arm. Her long hair fell on
her shoulders. Vivian tilted her head and looked straight at Arno&39;s sleeping face. Her long eyelashes
trembled slightly as she breathed, like a butterfly wing drenched in rain. Vivian propped up her face and
looked at Arno. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him. In her heart, she secretly praised
herself for her excellent taste in choosing a boyfriend. Then, she stretched out her finger and slipped it
on Arno&39;s tall nose. Finally, it fell on his lips. Vivian blinked her eyes and leaned over, carefully kissing
Aro in secret. However, suddenly, Arno&39;s eyelashes trembled, and his clear eyes opened. Vivian, who
was caught, exclaimed. &34;You actually pretended...&34; Before she could finish her words, she was

pressed down by Arno again. Her gentle kisses fell like raindrops. Vivian was so shocked that she
forgot to breathe. She couldn&39;t help but snort. Only then did Arno reluctantly let go of her. &34;What an
idiot.&34; &34;You are an idiot,&34; Vivian could not help but talk back. Chapter 599 There Is No Chance for
Regret As Arno spoke, he stretched out his long arm and pulled Vivian into his embrace. He pressed
his lower jaw against the top of Vivian&39;s head and said softly, &34;Okay, I am an idiot. &34;I was so stupid that
I thought I was still dreaming.&34; Vivian didn&39;t quite understand and asked, &34;What?&34; &34;I&39;m very happy to
meet you and fall in love with you.&34; Arno curled his lips, and his gentle voice slowly came. When Vivian
heard this, she buried her head in his chest and rubbed it like a spoiled child. &34;Me too.&34; Suddenly,
looking at Arno&39;s neck, Vivian turned her eyes, raised her head, and gently bit his neck, leaving a red
mark. &34;A stamp. You are mine now.&34; Vivian grinned. Arno only felt a numb itch on his neck. His eyes
looked at Vivian&39;s shy smile, and his gaze moved. However, Vivian was still unaware of the danger and
continued poking at Arno&39;s chest. &34;But I haven&39;t seen you working out. Why is your figure so good?&34;
As she spoke, Vivian&39;s fingers slid down bit by bit. Arno raised his eyebrows and whispered in her ear,
&34;Do you know what you are doing?&34; However, Vivian raised her head innocently. She looked at Arno
and whispered, &34;I did it on purpose.&34; With that, she broke free from Arno&39;s arms as fast as she could in
her life. She wrapped herself in the quilt and rushed into the bathroom. &34;I&39;m hungry!&34; Chapter 599
There Is No Chance for Regret 3/5 Vivian&39;s voice came from the bathroom together with the sound of
the lock. Arno sat up helplessly. He touched his neck, his eyes full of tenderness. Arno and Vivian had
made out for the whole morning, and because of that, Vivian felt as if she had forgotten something.
However, suddenly, Arno&39;s phone rang. As soon as he picked up the call, his eyes turned to Vivian the
next second. Vivian blinked blankly and saw Arno hand over the phone. &34;It&39;s a call from your agent.&34;
This was like a heavy hammer smashing into Vivian&39;s head. She slapped her forehead and suddenly
remembered that she seemed to have work to do today. Vivian&39;s face immediately became mournful.
She looked at Arno pleadingly. However, even without the loudspeaker, Renita&39;s voice had already
pierced through the phone and into Vivian&39;s ears. &34;Vivian, stop pretending you didn&39;t hear me. Hurry up
and come out!&34; Vivian couldn&39;t help but purse her lips and answer the phone with a trembling voice.
Her voice was very sweet. &34;Hello? Renita.&34; &34;Stop that. Didn&39;t I tell you not to stay too late yesterday?

What did you do? You didn&39;t return for a night and didn&39;t even answer the phone, did you?&34; Vivian
smiled and said, &34;I didn&39;t mean that.&34; In fact, she left her phone in the living room last night. In addition,
she and Arno last night... So she didn&39;t remember anything else. &34;Hurry to the company now. You will
be doing a promotional interview later.&34; Renita sighed helplessly. It was obvious that she had long
been used to this. Vivian agreed. Chapter 599 There Is No Chance for Regret &34;Ah, oh no, I&39;m going to
be scolded again when I go back.&34; After hanging up the phone, Vivian lay on the table, a little
discouraged. But it was very clear that Vivian had already made such a mistake many times, and it
was just that she had been taught repeatedly and never changed. &34;I&39;ll send you back later,&34; Arno said
softly as he cleaned the dishes. &34;Today is the release of my TV series. I&39;ve finally finished filming this
drama.&34; Vivian sat on the chair and shook her legs. Arno turned around and walked to Vivian. He
reached out and touched her cheek. &34;Sorry, I have a few operations this afternoon. I can&39;t pick you up.&34;
&34;Several operations in a row?&34; Vivian asked. Arno nodded. He thought that he might be exhausted this
afternoon. When Vivian saw this, she looked at Arno with concern. Suddenly, she turned and looked
up at him. &34;Then I&39;ll pick you up tonight?&34;


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