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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 596

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Chapter 596 Make Her Stomach in knots

Harley woke up at that moment. He opened his eyes and looked at the person beside him. He found
that it was Sylvia,

Seeing that both of them were naked, he quickly wrapped his body in a quill and glared at Sylvia. “What
did you do last night.”

Sylvia looked at him with sleepy eyes and then gradually came back to her


“You were drunk last night. I wanted to send you liome, but you shouted that you wanted to vomit. I
couldn‘t let you get out of the driver‘s car, and I look you to a nearby hotel. I wanted you to vomit before
sending you back in the end, you pulled me to bed...”

Sylvia did not continue the rest of the sentence, but Harley had already known,

But when he carefully recalled what happened last night, he did not have the slightest impression of it.

He only remembered that he fell on the table after drinking and was unconscious. His memory of last
night was completely blank.

Looking at Sylvia crying so sadly, he didn‘t know whether what she said was true or not.

“Can‘t you resist? You know Nina...”

At this point, Harley had no choice. If he continued, his heart would be filled with guilt for Nina. She was
pregnant now. If she knew about this, she would definitely collapse.

Sylvia gradually stopped crying and raised her head to look at him with a face full of grievances as if
she tried so hard. “I know that Nina is pregnant now, and knowing that this matter must be a big blow to
hier. Don‘t worry, I won‘t tell anyone about this matter. Just pretend that nothing happened,

Chapter 596 Make Her Stomach in Kota

“After all, you do not like me Even though there is something, it is meaningless

Hearing Sylvia‘s words, Harley felt even more complicated. He did not know what to say. He just
silently changed his clothes and immediately left the hotel

However, he did not know that the call just now was from Nina.

Sylvia watched Harley leave the hotel room before she raised her hand to wipe away the tears that did
not exist on her face. A hint of a proud smile appeared in her eyes.

As long as Nina made a fuss, Harley would be hers sooner or later. She didn‘t believe that any women
would be able to endure their husbands sharing a bed with another woman,

Ten minutes ago.

Sylvia picked up the phone, and Nina‘s voice came from the receiver. “Hey, Harley, where are you?
Why didn‘t you come back last night?”

Nina had been waiting for Harley to come home the whole night. If Harley had something to do, he
would have told her in advance. He had not called her last night, Nina was so worried.

Sylvia immediately perked up when she heard that it was Nina. However, she deliberately pretended to
be very tired. Her tone was lazy, but she raised her voice She did not sound tired at all. She even had
the intention of showing off

“Miss Paul Harley was very tired last night and fell asleep Um. If you have something to say, just tell

When Nina heard Sylvia‘s voice, she was stunned for a moment and unconsciously pursed her lips.
After a moment, she said, “Miss Cowan, why are you Are you with Harley?”

“Oh..” Sylvia responded lazıly and subconsciously glanced at Harley, who was

still asleep. At this time, the man just turtied over and shorted unconsciously Nina heard it dearly, and
the light in her eyes dimmed in an instant

She heard it

Sylvia smiled and quietly sat up from the bed. She whispered to Nina, “Miss Paul, you heard it too.
Harley was with me last night, and I was the one who took care of him. If you have nothing to do, hang
up first. When he wakes up, I will tell him.”

Not long after Nina hung up the phone, Harley woke up, and that happened.

Harley did not know that there were already reporters that Sylvia had arranged outside the hotel. The
purpose was to take photos of her and Harley leaving the hotel one after the other. It would definitely
become gossip. Nina would not be able to deny it!

She didn‘t believe that she couldn‘t even compare to that woman!

Two minutes after Harley left the hotel, Sylvia also appeared outside the hotel entrance. She even
pretended to look around before lowering her cap and leaving in a hurry.

Not long after she left, Sylvia received a message.

“Miss Cowan, everything is done.”

Sylvia saw the message and smiled. She walked to the left street, got into a car,

and left

Harley was also absent minded after leaving the hotel, but the first thing he thought of was Nina. He
had 1101 gone home all night she must be very anxious

Harley shook his head and made up his mind not to think about Sylvia When he hurried back home, the
first person he saw was Nina, whose eyes were empty and distracted,

He swallowed and tried to smilelle said in the most peaceful ton“, “Nina, I‘m back.”

Nina blinked slowly. When she heard Harley‘s voice, she raised her head to look at him. However, she
remembered what Sylvia had just said. They hari been together for the whole night, and Harley had
fallen asleep

What would they do?

Nina‘s heart sank. In the end, she only faintly lowered her head and nodded, “Oh, you‘re back.”

Harley was keenly aware of the change in Nina‘s expression, and his heart skipped a beat. However,
he quickly walked to Nina‘s side, sitting next to her

“What‘s wrong, Nina? What happened? You look ... unhappy.”

Nina did not realize that her eyes were a little red. She slowly turned her head to look at Harley. In the
end, she only pushed away the man‘s hand tiredly. She did not want to, at least for now, touch Harley.

She didn‘t know if Sylvia was telling the truth or not, but this matter would always make her stomach in

“I... I‘m fine. Since you‘re back, you should take a good rest. I didn‘t sleep well yesterday, so I‘ll go back
to sleep first.”

Because of Nina‘s pregnancy, they had been sleeping in separate rooms for a long time. After saying
this, Nina went upstairs and went back to her bedroom, leaving Harley sitting alone on the sofa lle was
a little confused. Thinking of Sylvia‘s actions this morning, he had a headache

When it was almost noon, Melissa came to the Timothy‘s place to see Nina

“Nina, I have been busy recently, so I didn‘t have time to come and see you How are you feeling now?
Are you still feeling unwell”

Melissa put on a smiling face when she saw Nina She was still very concerned

about Nina. It was just that Nina did not look good. Although she had a smile on her face, her smile
was faint. She spoke in a daze, appearing very absent–minded.

Melissa immediately noticed that something was wrong. She worriedly held Nina‘s arm and asked
softly, “What happened? Did something happen? Did Harley make you unhappy?”

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