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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 586

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Chapter 586 Who Is That Person?

“Really? Have you found that person?” After Vivian received the news from Renita, she immediately
stood up from her chair and asked seriously.

“Who is that person? Can I go see him?”

If not for that hateful person, Arno would not have been injured for the sake of saving her. Vivian was
now full of anger, and she needed a chance to vent it


When Renita saw this, she waved her hand and motioned for Vivian to sit down.

Then, she slowly said, “Calm down. I don‘t know who the person in the company was. Although I
caught him, as far as I know, there is no news of the person who conspired with him. There must be a
mastermind behind this matter. It won‘t be late for you to punish him after the real culprit is found.”

“How can it not be late?” Vivian sat on the chair with her arms crossed. Her face was full of anger.
“How outrageous this is! No matter how many people are behind this, I will not let them go.”

Just then, the door of the lounge was knocked. Renita got up to open the door and found Arno standing
at the door.

Vivian, who was in the lounge, stretched her neck and looked at the door curiously. When she saw that
it was Arno, she immediately put on a bright smile and pounced on him.

However, in the next second, Vivian reached out and touched Arno.

“Why are you here? Have you recovered from your injuries? Why aren‘t you taking a rest...”

After nagging for a while, Arno smiled resignedly and reached out to pinch Vivian‘s cheek.

“You just asked me this morning. I told you that I’m fine. You don‘t have to worry.”

“What, you don‘t allow me to care about you? Do you think I‘m nagging?”

Vivian pouted and looked at Arno unhappily. Then, she deliberately turned around and acted as if she
was angry at him.

Seeing this, Arno reached out to hold Vivian‘s waist and kissed her lips.

“How dare I? I am waiting for you to nag me for the rest of my life.”

As a result, Vivian rolled her eyes, and a trace of cunning flashed within them. Vivian reached out,
tapped on Arno‘s chest, and drew a distance from him. She spoke like she was looking for trouble.

“So, you dislike me for being naggy.”

Arno was stunned. Just as he was about to say something, Renita, who was standing next to them,
coughed violently.

“You two have been together for almost three months. Can you please pay attention to the occasion
and time when you are doing a PDA?”

Renita was numb to their lovey–dovey manners.

Vivian would be shy before, but now, she was looking at Renita indifferently and proudly.

She was looking down on Renita because Renita was single.

Renita gritted her teeth and took a deep breath to calm down,

When Arno saw this, he stroked Vivian‘s face and turned to Renita, “I‘ve checked Vivian‘s schedule for
today. She seems to be available in the afternoon, right?”

“What? Are you taking her on a date?” Renita paused for a moment before continuing

Chapter 586 Who Is That Person?

“Kind of.” Arno grinned, then pulled Vivian‘s hand and walked out, “I‘ll borrow her from you now.”

Vivian followed Arno and asked curiously, “Where are we going?”

However, Vivian never expected Arno to say the following words. “To see my parents.”

“What?” Vivian froze in place, unable to even take a step forward.

She looked at Arno in disbelief as if she was wondering if she had misheard it.

“Who?” Vivian asked again with uncertainty, but her heart was already pounding.

“My parents.” Arno looked at Vivian with a smile.

Vivian couldn‘t control her expression now. She stood there blankly. Suddenly, she seemed to realize
something and said to Arno.

“Why didn‘t you tell me this in advance? I, I, what should I do?”

Vivian had seen Arno‘s mother before, but she had been worried that she would leave a bad
impression on her.

Moreover, Vivian did not expect that she would go meet Arno‘s parents after being with Arno for only
three months.

“Arno...” Vivian‘s voice was a little shaky. She looked down at Arno‘s hand that was holding hers and
said in distress, “Can we make it another time? I... I am not ready yet.”


Seeing this, Arno reached out and pressed Vivian‘s shoulder, turning her to face him. “Why are you so

“I, I don‘t think your parents will like me. You had an accident and were hospitalized because of me. I
seem to have been causing trouble for you all

this time...”

Vivian admitted that she was filled with timidness. She did not dare to face Arno, let alone his parents.

“Baby.” Arno held Vivian‘s cheek and said in an unusually gentle voice, “Look up at me.”

Vivian bit her lower lip and looked into Arno‘s eyes. Arno reached out and pulled her into his arms,
gently stroking her soft hair.

“Why do you have to hold yourself accountable for everything? You are innocent and did not do
anything wrong.”

“But...” Vivian was interrupted by Arno before she could finish her words.

“No but. Vivian, you are the person I love. I want you to be carefree and do what you want to do. I want
you to be happy instead of feeling insecure every day.”

Arno‘s voice was low and gentle. It was like warm spring water that was slowly soaking Vivian‘s heart.

“I will feel uncomfortable if you act like this. Have I done anything to make you hesitate and afraid?”

When Vivian heard this, she reached out to press Arno‘s lips and softly said, “You are ready, but I
haven‘t thought about it. I still need some time.”

“Sorry, I was too anxious,” Arno said gloomily.

With that, he gently kissed between Vivian‘s eyebrows.

“But you have to meet my parents today.”

Although what he said just now was tentative, there was a prerequisite for it.

“Why?” Vivian looked up in confusion.

“I want to take you to a banquet tonight. My parents will be there too,” Arno said seriously

“What banquet?” Vivian took a deep breath, guessing that it might be the Dewar family‘s family

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