Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 583

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Chapter 583 Go On

“Go on, why are you looking at me like that?” Marc asked as he placed his hands behind his back.


Murray‘s voice turned cold. Marc knew Murray was angry. Marc turned around and walked out.

Marc muttered, “These young guys don‘t even close the door while doing something important.”

Melissa had never been so embarrassed before. She covered her face and buried it in Murray‘s chest,
not knowing what to say for a moment.

She paused for a moment and then stood up. “I‘m going to take a shower.”

However, just as Melissa stepped into the bathroom and was about to close the door, a hand pressed
against the door frame, giving Melissa a fright.

“What are you doing?” Melissa asked as she looked at Murray‘s face.

Murray quietly smiled and squeezed into the bathroom. He looked at Melissa innocently, “To take a


Melissa saw through what Murray was going to do at a glance. She blinked her eyes, and the blush on
her face had not completely faded. She looked so cute in this way.

“Murray, fine. I can let you shower first.”

She looked at Murray coquettishly and was about to turn around to leave when Murray held her waist
and pulled her back.

“Didn‘t Grandpa just say that he wanted us to work hard to give birth to a child? Which one do you
want? A son or a daughter?” Chapter 583 Go On

Murray spoke in Melissa‘s ear like a hooligan. Melissa‘s ears were red, and she nudged Murray with
her elbow.

“I haven‘t married you yet.”

“You will be mine sooner or later.” As he spoke, he directly held Melissa up horizontally. Melissa cried
out in alarm and held Murray by the neck.

“Murray, you rasco

Tay, you rascal!!!

Melissa had almost been bothered by Murray the whole night. In the morning, he felt the person beside
him move a little bit. Melissa let out a soft sound but did not open her eyes.

“Get up?”

Murray gently kissed Melissa on the forehead and asked.

Melissa didn‘t bother herself to open her eyes. She just shook her head. Seeing this, Murray tucked
Melissa in and let her continue sleeping.

“I will go to the company for a meeting later and will be back soon. If you are hungry, ask Clara to cook
for you.”

Murray whispered into Melissa‘s ear. However, Melissa was busy sleeping. She just casually and
perfunctorily responded to Murray. Murray shook his head lightly and turned to leave.

However, Melissa felt that she hadn‘t slept for long when someone violently knocked on the door.

Then, something might suddenly rush in. The sound of the door opening woke Melissa up.

She opened her eyes only to find Sarah walking in aggressively.

“Oh, you‘re still sleeping. Do you know what time it is?”

Melissa looked sleepy. Sarah‘s face immediately showed somewhat disgust.

On this

Sarah came up to Melissa after Murray left deliberately.

“I haven‘t permitted you in.” Melissa‘s voice was cold as she looked at Sarah.

“How dare you talk to me like that!” Sarah‘s voice suddenly became sharp. She crossed her arms and
looked at Melissa. With confidence from nowhere, Sarah scolded Melissa

“Get up right now. There‘s a bunch of things waiting for you to do at home.”

Melissa rubbed her temples and said in a flat tone, “That‘s it? If you are done,

please leave.”

Melissa had forced herself to hold back her temper.

However, Sarah was not willing to give up.

She stepped forward and shouted, “Melissa, who do you think you are talking


“Enough!” Melissa suddenly looked up at Sarah. The coldness in her eyes scared Sarah, and the latter
took a few steps back.

Melissa took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. “If you are done, you can go out

Melissa didn‘t have the mood to argue with Sarah.

“Melissa, don‘t take yourself too seriously. Look, you are out of our league. You can never marry into
the Gibson family!”

Sarah seemed to have thought of something and looked at Melissa fiercely.

“The person who married me was Murray. Do you think there is any use for you to say such things?”

“You don‘t like me. Similarly, I don‘t like you either. We don‘t interfere with each other. Isn‘t it good for
us to live in peace?” Melissa said calmly.

Sarah frowned at the words. “Melissa, don‘t think of yourself as a big deal. I know everything about
you. I know your secrets.”

“My secrets?” As if she had heard something interesting, Melissa curled her lips, “Then tell me what my
secrets you know?”

“Melissa, don‘t be so shameless. You messed around with other men. You have slept with many men,”
Sarah said mercilessly.

Melissa‘s eyes turned cold. She stood in front of Sarah. She was a little taller than Sarah. When she
looked down at Sarah from above, her powerful aura made Sarah a little scared.

“Who did you hear that from?”

Thinking that she had gotten the right point, Sarah suddenly became complacent.

“Melissa, if you know what‘s good for you, you shall do what I tell you to do obediently. Otherwise, you
will be sorry!”

Sarah smiled coldly. She thought that as long as she took advantage of this matter, she would be able
to kick Melissa out of the house.

“Are you threatening me?” Recalling what happened before, Melissa vaguely guessed the meaning of
Sarah‘s words.

Melissa put on a panicked look.

Melissa asked, “What exactly do you know?”

Sarah was pleased with Melissa‘s fluster. “Nothing can be kept as a secret forever. You know what you
have done.”

Sarah turned around and was about to leave.

Melissa stood in place and shouted, “Stop!”

However, Melissa‘s expression became very sarcastic the moment Sarah

turned around

“Impossible! You can‘t know it!”

Melissa shouted at the top of her voice deliberately.

After Sarah left, Melissa sat down. She yawned lazily. She thought that in a few days, there would be a
good show to watch at the birthday party of Marc

Her lips curled up slightly. At that moment, her phone on the bedside table rang.

Melissa turned to see the caller ID on it. She was somewhat surprised.

After washing up, Melissa felt hungry and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Sure enough, she saw Claire and her mother sitting on the sofa, chatting When they saw Melissa
coming, their faces showed arrogance right away.

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