Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 581

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Chapter 581 Monstrous Audacity

Ryker saw sucha scene as soon as he came in, and a trace of surprise flashed through his expression,
but what he was even more regretful about was that he should have stood at the door and taken
pictures, instead of directly breaking in.

However, his sudden entrance had already frightened the two people in the office. And Melissa
suddenly looked at the door, her face frighteningly cold.

“Don‘t you know that you should knock on the door when you enter my office?”

“I... I knocked on the door...” Ryker immediately lowered his head and stammered, “I‘m here to bring
you coffee.”

As he spoke, Demetrius had already stood up and walked out of the office directly, leaving behind a
sentence before he left.

“How boring.”

When Ryker heard this, his eyes quietly turned. He had thought that all those things were fake, but he
did not expect that he would run into the scene now.

Without changing his expression, he placed the coffee on Melissa‘s desk and


Melissa propped up her cheeks and looked at the fragrant coffee in the cup, her lips curling into a faint

However, during the lunch break after that, a person sneaked into the office. And it was Ryker.

“Ms. Eugen?” he knocked on the door and called out softly. And after glancing at the empty office, he
boldly walked in.

“Ms. Eugen?”

Chapter 581 Monstrous Audacity

He raised his tone slightly and searched around for Melissa.

Looking at the coffee that had been finished on the desk, Ryker smiled slightly.

When he turned around, he saw Melissa lying on the bed in the break room. Ryker heaved a sigh of
relief and straightened up.

He added sleeping pills to Melissa‘s coffee, and as long as she drank it, she would fall unconscious
before long.

That way, he could take advantage of this opportunity to come to her office and take her photos

It was a pity that he did not take a picture of the man in her office at that time.

Walking into the break room, Ryker looked down at Melissa. And he touched his lower jaw, showing a
bit more obscene.

“You put on an act with a cold face every day. And I didn‘t expect you to be so loose in private.”

As he spoke, he saw the phone beside the bed and quickly checked it, thinking that he might be able to
find something useful.

However, after trying for a long time, he did not turn on her cell phone. Ryker‘s patience had been
mostly worn out, so he simply threw the phone aside and turned to look at Melissa who was on the


“Now that I have such a good opportunity, wouldn‘t it be a waste if I didn‘t use


As he said that, Ryker grinned and took down the pinhole camera on his clothes.

He found a good spot to put the camera on, then he rubbed his hands and even began to undress

Chapter 581 Monstrous Audacity

Just then, Melissa‘s phone rang, and a message came,

Ryker was startled, but he just glanced over and did not intend to pay attention

to it.

Just as his hand was about to reach Melissa‘s collar, Melissa‘s eyes suddenly opened.

Ryker‘s expression changed greatly, but he had no time to plan what to do next. So he gritted his teeth
and reached out to grab Melissa‘s wrist, being about to force himself upon her.

In any case, Melissa had taken a sleeping pill, so even if the potency was over, she would not be able
to struggle to free herself.

Melissa flicked her wrist and kicked Ryker in the stomach, causing him to curl up on the ground in pain.

“You really have the monstrous audacity to do so.”

Melissa‘s eyes were clear, and she did not look like she had drunk sleeping pills at all, looking down at
Ryker. Seeing him struggle to get up, she gave him another kick. Then, she stepped on his chest,
making him unable to move.

“You…” Ryker only felt a burning pain in his chest, unable to speak, but his expression was very

Melissa smiled with curved eyes, and she bent down to look at him. “Are you curious as to why I did not
drink sleeping pills?”

“You know everything!” Ryker exclaimed.

“With such poor acting skills, if I don‘t cooperate with you, you won‘t even be able to enter my office.”

As she said this, Melissa‘s face had a somewhat disdainful expression.

“And why do you think you, an employee, can make me a cup pf coffee? Do you

Chapter 581 Monstrous Audacity

know my taste and habits?”

Ryker‘s face was full of surprise, and his body could not help but tremble.

“Now, smile.” At that moment, Demetrius came out of nowhere. He was holding his phone, happily
recording the video, and giving Ryker a close–up.

“Why don‘t you let me be a hero to rescue you?”

Demetrius looked at Melissa with an aggrieved expression. But when he thought of what Ryker was
about to do, a hint of coldness flashed across his


Although he shouldn‘t have done this out of upbringing, Demetrius still chose to ruthlessly step on
Ryker‘s hand in the end.

Ryker screamed in pain, his face full of fear.

Melissa walked to the side and found the pinhole camera that Ryker had just placed on the table.

“You took photos secretly in my company. Who told you to do this?”

Melissa said lazily, but her voice was full of threat.

“Also, who is that person?”

“I....” Ryker‘s expression was a bit hesitant. He didn‘t know whether to speak

or not.

“Not telling?”

When Melissa saw this, the smile on her face carried a bit of contempt. Then, she picked up her phone
and said.

“Alright, I have a lot of evidence, and you will just go to jail. What a pity that I can only catch you.”

After saying that, Melissa waved her hand. When Demetrius saw this, he

wanted to directly take Ryker away. Only then did Ryker shout in horror.

“I‘ll tell you! I‘ll tell you everything!”

However, Melissa showed no mercy. “It‘s too late.”

At night, Murray came to pick up Melissa and returned to the Gibson‘s home. However, as soon as they
entered the door, Melissa saw Claire and Adela sitting on the sofa in the living room of Gibson‘s home.

Seeing Melissa and Murray walk in, Claire looked up at Murray, completely ignoring Melissa, and
continued to chat with Adela.

“The day after tomorrow is my grandpa‘s birthday. Adela, my grandpa will definitely like the gift you
gave him.”

Adela‘s eyes moved slightly, and her gaze fell directly on Murray‘s face. Then, she immediately stood
up to greet him.

“Murray, welcome back. Thank you for your hard work today.”

As she spoke, she wanted to take over Murray‘s suit jacket, looking like the hostess of the Gibson

Melissa watched from the side, her lips revealing a trace of coldness.

However, Murray ignored Adela and directly reached out to hold Melissa. And they two wanted to go in.

Adela‘s expression was a little bad because she originally wanted to talk with Murray. Seeing that,
Claire also walked over.

“Murray, Adela has been waiting for you to come back.”

She deliberately stood on the other side of Murray, wanting to separate Melissa and even wanting to
step on Melissa.

Melissa and even wanting to step on Melissa,

However, Melissa had no intention of being forbearing. And she raised her arm and stretched out her
foot to trip Claire,

Claire tilted her body and screamed as she fell to the ground.

“Melissa! What are you doing?”

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