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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 575

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Chapter 575 Dragon Jade


The expression of the guy was a little subtle, because when he cut it, what he got was still stone. There
wasn‘t even a bit of green.

“It is just a piece of trash. I knew it.”

Julia said scorfully. At first, she was nervous, but when she thought about it now, she thought of herself

“She knew nothing about stone gambling.”

“Yeah. He chose such a large piece of trash.”

“She should waste quite a bit of money.”

However, the discussion did not affect Melissa at all. She touched her lower jaw and carefully
examined the stone.


Melissa muttered to herself and pointed at the remaining half of the stone. “Then let‘s start cutting from

The guy who originally wanted to leave was slightly stunned. “Still?”

“Of course, do it.” Melissa had got up and stood to the side, her face full of anticipation.

“It doesn‘t look like a treasure. Maybe forgive it.” Perhaps it was the first time he saw Melissa come to
play, the guy kindly reminded.

However, Melissa smiled at him and said, “It‘s alright, just cut it. There‘s still so much material left.
Wouldn‘t it be a waste if we don‘t cut it? What if there‘s really a surprise inside?”

The guy shook his head helplessly and began to cut.

However, Julia sneered. “Even if you grind it into powder, you won‘t be able to find anything good. I will
definitely win this round. Don‘t waste your time.”

As she spoke, she turned her gaze to Murray. However, Murray‘s eyes were fixed on Melissa‘s actions.

Julia clenched her fists. She didn‘t believe that after Melissa wasted so much

money, Murray would still like her.

She believed that Murray would belong to her sooner or later.

However, the inside of the stone was still stone.

The people watching lost their interest. Laughter came from the crowd. Perhaps it was a mockery of
Melissa, or perhaps it was something else.

“Look, little girl, I told you there was nothing here. Don‘t waste your time. This is just an ordinary stone.
It had been put in the corner for an unknown period of time. But now you took it out. You were

The guy chuckled. Hearing this, Melissa was not angry. She looked at the guy with her arms crossed
and pointed to the rest of the material. “Please, sir, cut the rest of the material.”

People felt that Melissa was a rich fool.

Robert walked up to Murray and said, “Mr. Gibson, you have already lost. It seems that those things
are mine.”

“Don‘t conclude yet, Mr. Tacke! Let‘s see what we‘ll get.” Murray smiled indifferently.

Robert frowned in displeasure. “Mr. Gibson, are you going back on your


However, just as Robert finished speaking, a cry came from the crowd who were watching the cutting.

“Goodness, how is this possible!”

This voice attracted everyone‘s attention. Melissa curved her lips. The old man did not lie to her.

“Green! Green!” The cutting guy shouted excitedly. There was a faint green light in the stone.

“It‘s... It‘s actually an Emerald ... Dragon Jade!”

The cutting guy‘s voice trembled a little. He rubbed his eyes in amazement.

“What!” Hearing the words ‘Dragon Jade‘, Julia immediately went over to check.

The so–called Dragon Jade referred to jades of perfect combinations of species and color. The overall
color of the jade was very evenly melted in the texture. There was no impurity to naked eyes. It was
almost the most perfect jade. It was very rare.

“See, I told you I had good luck.” Melissa smiled and said.

Julia‘s face turned pale. She glanced at Melissa, pretending to be calm.

“Don‘t be happy too early. Who knows how big it is? Moreover, it is just an Emerald Dragon Jade. It is
still a bit inferior compared to the Imperial Green.”

“Perhaps.” Melissa shrugged indifferently, indicating for the guy to continue cutting

Seeing this, Julia felt a little disdainful. She thought that Melissa was just lucky. Besides, such a jade
was rare. She did not believe that such a large stone would be full of.

However, the fact gave Julia a hard slap, When the guy cut down on the edge of the stone, green
appeared again,

This piece of jade was as big as a brick, and it had a pure color, so it was

obvious that it was very valuable.

The people around looked excited. They even went to the corner to look for the stones. If they could
find such a large piece of jade as Melissa did, they would be rich.

“Not bad.” Looking at the crystal clear jade, Melissa had thought of what gift

to give Marc.

Julia‘s expression was a bit ugly. She turned her head to look at Robert and then snorted coldly.

“Right now, we are in a draw. Although your jade is large, it‘s just in Emerald. It is not as precious as
Imperial Green.”


Melissa didn‘t seem to agree. She picked up the leftover materials and looked at Julia.

“Says who?”

Seeing Melissa‘s action, Julia frowned fiercely. “Do you think there will be jade in this trash?”

“I already said that I was lucky.”

Melissa handed the stone to the cutting guy again. When the guy saw this, his eyes lit up. He now felt
that whatever Melissa touched would turn out to be a


For some reason, looking at Melissa‘s confident expression, Julia felt a little uneasy, but she forced
down the feeling.

Under everyone‘s expecting gaze, the guy cut again.

Soon, green appeared,

“Gosh, there really is!” Someone exclaimed. Chapter 575 Dragon Jade

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But the color doesn‘t look like Emerald!”

“imperial Grecul it‘s imperial Green! It‘s Imperial Green Dragon Jade!”

As soon as this was said, everyone present cheered. Julia turned her head, her face full of shock

How come! No!

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