Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 559

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Chapter 559 You Start All The

“Give me a kiss and I‘ll let you go,” Murray whispered into her ear and


At that moment, a stewardess walked over. Hearing her footsteps, Melissa stiffened a bit and buried
herself in Murray‘s arms, not daring to move at all.

The stewardess was slightly stunned when she saw this. Then she softly asked if Melissa wasn‘t
feeling well.

Murray was calm and seemed to want to say something. However, Melissa quietly pinched his waist for
fear that he should say something stupid.

“She‘s fine.” Murray shook his head. The stewardess was still a little worried about Melissa, but she
finally walked away.

Melissa was extremely embarrassed and wanted to move her body a bit. However, Murray pressed her
against his chest even harder.

Melissa wondered if it was because the stewardess was still standing there. She tightened her grip on
Murray‘s waist and asked, “Hasn‘t she gone?”

“Not yet.” Murray slightly smiled when he heard Melissa ask him in a low and anxious voice.

Melissa felt an ache in her waist and was upset that the stewardess was still


“Why hasn‘t she gone...” Melissa ground her teeth and said. Immediately, she heard Murray‘s low

Melissa was stunned for a moment and then realized that Murray was messing with her. She suddenly
straightened up, and her cheeks flushed,

“Murray Gibson!” Melissa looked at Murray affectionately.

Seeing her like that, Murray lowered his head and kissed her lips. He smilingly said, “You started all
this. Why are you embarrassed now?”

Chapter 559 You Start All This

Melissa sat up and snorted with pouting lips. “Leave me alone.”

Murray gently stroked Melissa‘s delicate cheeks, but she immediately turned her head away.

“Now you are bored. But it was you who wanted to buy plane tickets,”

Hearing this, Melissa rolled her eyes. “So what? Are you blaming me?”

Murray picked up a wisp of Melissa‘s long hair and started fiddling with it. His eyes revealed much
tenderness. “How would I dare to...”

For Murray, he was willing to give up everything for Melissa.

Looking into his affectionate eyes, Melissa was filled with sweetness. She gently kissed his cheek and
smiled heartily.

Murray had already arranged for someone to pick them up. As soon as they got off the plane, he
accompanied her back to Star Entertainment since Melissa was concerned about it.

“I‘ll pick you up tonight,” Murray said gently, stroking her hair.

Melissa nodded at him. Just when she was about to get out of the car, Murray slipped his arm around

“What‘s wrong?” Melissa was astonished and looked at Murray blankly,

Murray raised his chin towards the outside with frowned eyes.

Melissa glanced in the direction Murray pointed and was startled.

She saw a media circus at the company‘s gate. They were all looking inside, seemingly to be waiting
for something

11 was common to see media reporters in front of an entertainment company but Melissa had never
seen so many of them.

Melissa had asked people at the company to remove the topic on trending and delete relevant content.
She didn‘t expect all these people to be still waiting here.

“Never mind. Only some media reporters.” Melissa patted Murray‘s hand, motioning him to let go of her,

It was no big deal for her to handle all those people. She sent a message on her phone and then got
out of the car.

“I‘ll go now. Don‘t forget to miss me.”

After blowing him a kiss, Melissa blinked her eyes cutely and turned to leave.

Melissa did not try to avoid the media. When she came over, those people immediately surrounded her.

Ever since Melissa and Murray were engaged in a high profile, she had never appeared in public again.
No one ever expected to see her here.

Considering what had happened to Vivian recently, they speculated that Melissa might explain the

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