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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 557

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Chapter 557 It‘s All My Fault

“What did you say?”

Nancy turned around and saw Vivian standing at the door of the ward. Vivian’s shoulders were

Vivian lowered her head. Her tears fell down on her clothes.

“I‘m sorry.”

Her mind was filled with guilt, but she could only say these words. However, she didn‘t know what else
she could do other than apologize.

Compared to Vivian‘s reaction, Nancy looked at her indifferently. Then Nancy sat down beside the bed.

“Do you know how Arno got into the car accident?”

After a long time, Nancy slowly said. Her voice was extremely gentle, just like . the gaze with which she
was currently looking at Arno.

Vivian tightly gripped the hem of her clothes and pursed her lips. “He wanted to find me. It was all
because of me. It was all because of me.”

If she hadn‘t been willful, and if she hadn‘t said those words, perhaps none of these things would have

She covered her face with her hands. Tears flowed along her fingers.

“It seems useless to say that now.”

Nancy sighed and waved to Vivian. “Come here.”

Vivian was stunned for a moment, but then she still walked to Nancy.

Vivian looked at Arno, who was still unconscious. His head was wrapped in bandages, and there were
many bruises on his face.


She had asked and found out that Arno‘s head had been hit. He was concussed, and it might even
leave sequela.

“He has never been an obedient child. When he was a child, he was unwilling to learn piano. When he
grew up, he was unwilling to inherit our family‘s company.”

Nancy gestured for Vivian to sit down. Nancy seemed to be reminiscing and told Vivian a lot of things.

“In order to become a doctor, he even quarreled with his father many times. He was brutally beaten by
his father. But he never gave up.

“He is very stubborn. He will never give up on his goal.”

Hearing this, Vivian remembered what Arno had said to her.

At that time, what kind of mood did he have to say that he would help her and Jaylin?

Vivian didn‘t know how she was worthy of Arno‘s sacrifice.

He was always gentle, but it was only for her.

“He always mentioned you with a smile. I can tell that he really likes you.”

Nancy turned to look at Vivian, but her look made Vivian feel uncomfortable.

“What about you? Do you like Arno?”

Nancy‘s light tone hit Vivian‘s heart. It hurt so much that she could barely breathe

She opened her mouth, but in the end, she couldn‘t say anything

“Forget it. It‘s not important lleis my son, and I know what he will do.” There was helplessness and
heartache in her tone Nancy seemed to be suppressing her tears.

Vivian‘s lips trembled, and her tears fell. She randomly wiped her face, wanting to see Arno clearly, but
her sight was still blurred by her tears.

“Don‘t cry.” Nancy looked at Vivian and reached out to touch her hair. “It was an accident. It is not your

In fact, Nancy did not have any negative feelings toward Vivian. Perhaps it was because Vivian was the
person her son liked.

Or maybe it was her cautious actions at the door of the ward these two days.

Nancy always felt that she was a good girl.


“It doesn‘t matter if you scold me or hit me. Please don‘t forgive me. If it weren‘t for me, Aron wouldn‘t
have been hurt so badly.”

Vivian cried bitterly and bent down bit by bit.

“Vivian, this isn‘t your fault. Even if I vent all my anger on you, it won‘t change anything.”

Nancy patted the back of Vivian‘s hand. Finally, as if she had made up her mind, she said in a deep

“Although Aron likes you very much, I hope that you will never appear in front of him again.”

With a buzzing sound, Vivian felt as if there was an explosion in her ears, causing her mind to go blank.

She looked at Nancy in shock and was suddenly speechless.

“Is that okay?” Nancy asked again when she saw that Vivian didn‘t answer.

Vivian could no longer hear what Nancy had said. She bit her lips and clenched her fists so tight that
her palms were red. Chapter 557145 My Fault

She should no longer disturb him and give him a peaceful life.

Vivian thought that it was that encounter that changed their lives.

She felt that she should agree. After all, she felt that she still liked Jaylin now.

But when she looked at Arno, she felt a piercing pain in her heart.

Vivian didn‘t know what her reply was, and she walked out of the ward awkwardly.

The moment she closed the door, all the strength in her body was drained. She fell to the ground and
cried silently.

In the ward, Arno, who should have been unconscious, opened his eyes when Vivian left.

He looked at the pale wall with no expression on his face.

“Did you hear that?” Nancy looked at Arno and asked.

Arno wanted to turn his head away, but even if he moved slightly, he still felt a sharp pain in his brain.
His body stiffened, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“She didn‘t choose to stay, which showed her attitude.”

Nancy sighed. If Vivian was willing to stay and say something, it might be different.

However, she chose to escape.

Vivian returned to the company in a daze. Countless reporters had gathered at the door. When they
saw Vivian, they surrounded her.

“Vivian, I heard that your boyfriend had a traffic accident. Can you tell us his current situation?” Chapter
55 A RUB

“Vivian, did you go to see Mr. Dewar?”

“I heard that you had broken up for a long time. How are you going to explain it?”

Vivian turned a deaf ear to these noisy voices. The flashing lights made her narrow her eyes. She
wanted to cover her eyes with her hands, but she accidentally touched a reporter‘s microphone which
was closest to her.

In an instant, all the reporters seemed to have caught on to big news and grabbed the moment in

“Go away. All of you go away.”

Vivian, whose mind was on the verge of collapse, could no longer hold back She covered her ears in
pain, wanting to escape from this place.

However, no matter where she went, countless microphones were pointed at her, as if numerous
knives were cutting her apart.

“Stop! All of you. Stop!”

At this time, when Jaylin, who was working, saw this scene, he left the company and immediately went
up to block in front of Vivian.

Jaylin looked at his agent and signaled him to take Vivian away immediately.

Chapter 558 Add Fuel to the Fire

When seeing this, Jaylin‘s agent tried to pull Vivian away, but Vivian stood there motionlessly.

She stared blankly at her toes. The flashing lights around her completely swallowed her up.

“Vivian!” Jaylin‘s agent pulled Vivian‘s arm.

Jaylin, who was blocking the journalists, turned around and saw what happened here. His brows
furrowed deeply.

He had no choice but to reach out and hold Vivian by the waist, bringing her into the car behind him.

Jaylin knew it would cause more publicity, but he couldn‘t leave Vivian alone in the media.

His agent immediately started the car and left the media behind.

Finally, no more media around, everyone in the car quietly gave a sigh of relief. Jaylin turned to look at
Vivian, who sat there slanting. She kept stunned

all the way.

The story of Arno‘s car accident had become a hot topic on the Internet. Jaylin felt a little strange
seeing Vivian like this.

He didn‘t know whether he was thinking too much. He didn‘t think Vivian looked upset about the
tragedy of her loved man.

Jaylin opened his mouth, but in the end, he did not know what to say. He just sighed.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the car froze, and everyone had their own thoughts.

Vivian looked down at her phone. There was a long crack on the screen. On the

Chapter 557 Add Fuel 10 The Fire

day of Arno‘s accident, she accidentally dropped her phone on the ground while listening to a voice

The screen had been frozen in the dialog box between her and Arno. There were all messages sent by

It was only while browsing the chat logs that Vivian remembered that Arno said he would take her to
eat after filming that day.


Looking out of the window, Vivian suddenly spoke.

Jaylin, whose name was called, turned his head and looked at Vivian, waiting for her words.

Vivian twisted the hem of her clothes. “Were you happy on the day of Meli‘s engagement?

“I now understand why the company rarely arranges interviews for you and tries not to engage

Jaylin chuckled. His words made Vivian puzzled.

Seeing the doubt on Vivian‘s face, Jaylin did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Since you know my mind, do you think I will be happy?”

But when saying this, Jaylin‘s brows unconsciously furrowed.

If he didn‘t care so much, perhaps the incident that day wouldn‘t have happened.

Vivian‘s eyebrows were slightly raised. Vivian now understood what Jaylin meant by that sentence. She
supported her cheeks, and her voice was muffled.

“Indeed, I‘m not good at words. I only like to act on impulse. Every day, I will do whatever I want and
never consider the consequences.”

“You are still young and inexperienced. After a few more years in showbiz, you‘ll be different,” Jaylin
said gently.

“Will I...” Vivian sniffed and seemed unwilling to continue this topic.

Jaylin had a business event that Vivian couldn‘t go to. Finally, he ordered his agent to send Vivian back
to her own home.

After returning home, Vivian fell directly on the bed and looked at the empty room. Tears blurred her

That afternoon, Vivian and Arno were trending online again. The video of Vivian being surrounded by
reporters was uploaded, and the online discussion reached the top directly for a time.

“Vivian didn‘t look good.”

“Nobody can be good about that.”

“But I have to say the scene of Jaylin protecting her is so cute. Is Jaylin into her? Weren‘t they
photographed kissing at a bar?”

“The company has officially clarified that they were just filming in a bar, please don‘t make rumors over

“I really hate Vivian. She‘s been using other people for clout. It’s disgusting.”

The discussions online were as intense as ever, but not long after, a post was bumped to the top.

This was an alt account revealing that Vivian and Jaylin were not filming at all at the bar that day. That
was their private schedule.

The official release of the shooting tidbits was actually made later.

There were several other photos of the two kissing on the post.

The post went viral as soon as it was posted. The official video has been captured and compared in

Countless bad presses were sent. All the news related to Vivian had been hyped to the maximum.

Meanwhile, Melissa, who was about to board a plane, received a call from the company and saw the
news about Vivian.

She was already a little surprised by Arno‘s accident, but she didn‘t expect that something that had
been settled before would now be a problem.

“What the hell is going on?” Melissa contacted the staff in the company and asked about everything
that had happened in the past few days.

“Tell PR to bring attention down right now,” Melissa calmly said. “Have Vivian‘s agent contact me.”

The staff member did as Melissa instructed. A moment later, Vivian‘s agent called Melissa.

“Ms. Eugen.” Vivian‘s agent was also responsible for another young star, and she was busy arranging
work for the star. She also saw the news about Vivian today. Although she was worried, she couldn‘t
spare the time.

“Does Vivian have any work arrangements for the next two days?” Melissa asked in a deep voice.

“Vivian has to go to the film set tomorrow. She is available this afternoon.” Renita thought for a moment
and answered truthfully.

“Have you contacted Vivian? Tell her not to look at the posts on the Internet and calm down.”

Melissa also saw Vivian‘s unstable state in the video and was a little worried.

“I sent her a message, but she didn‘t reply. I‘ll call her later.” Renita checked the phone and sighed.

“I‘ll get on a plane right away, and I‘ll take care of it myself after I go back.” Melissa rubbed her
eyebrows. It had announced boarding and she could only

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