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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 556

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Chapter 556 A Target More Interesting Than Murray

“I hate dealing with smart people like you the most.”

Thomas cleared his throat and looked a bit strange.

If Melissa listened carefully, she could find Thomas‘ voice was trembling. But Melissa was still in shock
and did not notice that.

“You ran the risk of being caught and came to meet me. Did you do that for your fellows?”

Murray knew Thomas‘ answer but still asked deliberately. After all, the people caught by Murray could
at most be considered to be Thomas‘ workers, and they were completely insignificant.

Thomas pressed his hands against the edge of the table and said in a deep voice, “I don‘t care about
those people. I just hope that you can let go of one


“Who?” Murray chuckled.

“You must have who I am talking about. As long as you let him go, I will tell you a lot of things you want
to know,” Thomas said.

“Since you know me, you should know that there is nothing I don‘t know.” Murray was still unmoved
when he heard Thomas‘ words.

Murray was not exaggerating. He had a very powerful information network that was enough to find out
every hidden information.

Thomas was stunned by Murray. And his knuckles were white as he gripped the table.

Melissa noticed Thomas‘ actions, but she remained calm.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Thomas‘ throat felt dry and constricted.

“Why do you think I will help you? I can even catch you and leave you to the

police. I don‘t want to waste time talking with you here,” Murray spoke casually

Thomas was irritated and straightened up slightly as if he wanted to frighten Murray.

“Murray, don‘t go too far. You have been surrounded heavily by my fellows. Whether you can leave
here safely depends on me.”

“Are you threatening me?” Murray raised his eyes.

Thomas shifted his gaze from Murray to Melissa, as if he wanted to find Melissa‘s weak points.

But to Thomas‘ disappointment, Melissa remained indifferent, as if she didn‘t care about the
conversation between Thomas and Murray at all.

“I always mind my business without interfering with yours. Isn‘t it good to let things go on like that?”
Thomas took a deep breath to calm himself.

Murray smiled but did not speak. He looked forward to what Thomas would

say next.

“What do you want from me?” Thomas had no choice but to compromise. After all, he couldn’t act
flagrantly now and...

Thomas held back his anger but pretended to be calm.

“If you want me to let go of Quentin, you should give me something in exchange,” Murray said after a

“What do you want?” Thomas kept a straight face.

In a villa, Quentin looked down at his wrist where the rope chafed. He seemed to find something
interesting and scratched his wrist with his fingertips.

Thomas stood in front of Quentin and behaved like quite another person. Even

if he did not look up at Quentin, he kept trembling. It could be seen how much he feared Quentin.

“Did you give that thing to Murray?”

A moment later, Quentin raised his head and said in a deep voice.

Thomas shuddered with fear. “Mr. Tacke, I just want to save you...”

But before Thomas could finish his words, he was kicked by Quentin.

Thomas crashed into a table. Even if he was in pain, he did not dare to make any sound.

“Stupid! Do I need you to save me?” Quentin scolded Thomas but wore a weird smile, causing people
to feel creepy.

Thomas seemed to have realized something, and put on a gloomy expression.

“Murray laid a trap and deliberately released the news that I was caught. Then you walked right into the
trap.” Quentin gripped his wrist tightly and grinned.

“How impatient and foolish you are.”

“Mr. Tacke...” Thomas wanted to explain and trembled heavily.

Quentin ignored Thomas. If not for the fact that Thomas was still useful to Quentin, he would be killed

Quentin took a deep breath and looked fierce.

Quentin managed to poison Murray with great effort. He wanted to cause a hidden danger for Murray,
but he didn‘t expect Thomas to directly show Murray the poison pill.

Quentin was so angry that his head throbbed painfully. But the smile on his face broadened.

It was because Quentin had found a target that was more interesting than

Chapter. 556 A Target More Interesting Than Murray


Melissa trembled somehow and rubbed her arms to warm herself up. The weather had been cold these
days, so she thought she shivered because of the coldness and should wear thick clothes.

Melissa worriedly looked at Murray, who was in a ward.

Murray had obtained the poison pill from Thomas, but Jolie wasn‘t sure that she could develop the
antidote. She could only temporarily inject some medicine into Murray to suppress the poison.

Murray walked out of the ward after being injected. Seeing Melissa‘s worried look, he pulled Melissa
into his arms.

“Are you OK? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Melissa hurriedly asked.

“Don‘t worry. I am fine.” Murray comforted Melissa by stroking her long hair..

Melissa was still a bit worried and wanted to ask Jolie about Murray‘s health.

But Murray said, “Tomorrow, we will go back home by plane.”

“Alright. I don‘t want to come here anymore.”

Melissa shook her head. She came here for vacation but she encountered a lot of trouble in the past
few days. Each trouble was frightening, so Melissa felt that she couldn‘t bear to stay here anymore.

Murray was silent and only looked down at Melissa.

At the same time, Vivian was also in the hospital and was grieved.

Vivian stood at the door of a ward and looked at Arno, who was lying on the bed. From yesterday to
now, she did not even dare to go in and take a look.

Vivian thought it was all her fault.

Chapter 556 A Target More Interesting Than Murray

Vivian wanted to cry. She turned to leave, but she met Arno‘s mother unexpectedly.

Arno‘s mother was named Nancy and looked quite young, but it was not difficult to find the similarity
between her and ArnoShe held many prescriptions in her hand and fixed her eyes on Vivian.

“Are you Vivian?”

Nancy asked with doubt. But when she noticed Vivian‘s embarrassment, she affirmed her guess.

“Why don‘t you enter the ward?”

Nancy knew who Vivian was. After all, her son would mention this name almost every day.

“I...” Vivian bit her lips and was at a loss.

“Are you very busy? I heard that you are a star.” Nancy opened the door of the ward. “You are indeed
very beautiful. This is the first time I have seen my son love someone so much.”

Vivian instantly burst into tears. She stood still and choked with sobs.

“I am sorry.”

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