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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 555

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Chapter 555 The Illegitimate Son of the Tacke Family

Melissa seemed to realize something and suddenly approached Quentin. Sure enough, the smell
became even stronger.

“I will be shy if you suddenly approach me.”

Quentin said calmly. His pale skin made his small blood vessels visible.

Melissa suddenly seized Quentin by the throat. Quentin‘s skin was a bit colder to the touch than
ordinary people‘s, which made Melissa think of a snake.


Melissa shouted. Then a few people who had been waiting outside the door immediately walked in.
Seeing Melissa‘s actions, they couldn‘t help but be vigilant.

“Take Quentin away and check his mouth. There should be a pill inside.”

Melissa straightened up and walked to Murray.

“Have you found out Quentin‘s identity?”

Murray nodded and said, “He is an illegitimate son of the Tacke family. He seemed to have done
something three years ago and escaped from the Tacke‘s house.”

Melissa guessed right and thought for a while. But she did not understand what Quentin‘s intention

Melissa thought, if Quentin only wants to cooperate with me and destroy the Tacke family, why will he
cause so much trouble?

Murray was a little surprised by Quentin‘s identity. Compared with what had happened yesterday,
Quentin acted strangely today.

Murray didn‘t want to interfere in some complicated matters, but now he was tricked and got involved.

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A trace of coldness flashed in Murray‘s eyes. He did not expect that he would be schemed against.

Murray became interested in Quentin.

Quentin was taken away. Murray was worried about Melissa and asked Jolie to give Melissa a health

Not long after, Jolie said she had extracted a kind of medicine from Quentin‘s mouth. This medicine
had also been found in Murray‘s blood.

Murray‘s strange actions had a lot to do with this medicine.

Melissa thought she had also been affected by this strange medicine. Jolie said that she would analyze
it as soon as possible.

But unexpectedly, the report of Melissa‘s blood test showed that there was no strange medicine in her

Melissa was confused and turned to look at Murray. She wondered if this strange medicine was only
useful for men.

“It is not that simple. Quentin is deep and shrewd,” Murray held Melissa in his arms and said in a low

Melissa stared at Murray and suddenly got closer to him. She asked curiously, “To be honest, have you
known something?”

“You want to know?” Murray raised his eyes.

Melissa bit her lips. She nestled against Murray‘s chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Tell
me quickly.”

“You are smart and beautiful. Maybe you can guess?” Murray said calmly, but his words were pleasing.
He seldom praised Melissa.

Melissa turned her head and suddenly laughed.

Murray was not angry. He just looked at Melissa laughing and nestling against

his chest

After Melissa stopped laughing, she looked up at Murray. “Are you jealous?”

Although Murray didn‘t say anything, le seemed to admit his jealousy

“Couldn‘t others praise me? You are so mean.” Melissa pursed her lips and looked aggrieved.

“I am indeed stingy.” Murray said directly, “I will be angry when I hearothers praise you and even stare
at you.”

Murray knew that he was possessive, especially about Melissa.

“Then you should praise me more. In this way, I won‘t be touched by others‘ compliments.” Melissa
puffed up her cheeks and looked cute.

“It depends on your performance,” Murray looked down slightly and said flirtatiously

Melissa could not help but pinch Murray‘s waist.

Murray became serious. He showed Melissa lis palm, and there were still wounds on it that had yet to

Seeing Murray‘s palm, Melissa seemed to realize something. “You mean...”

“This strange medicine doesn‘t affect humans through its special smell, I‘m afraid it is through wounds.”
Although this was only Murray‘s guess, it was reasonable

After all, Murray was not the only one present at that time. But this medicine was detected only in his

Melissa gritted her teeth and was deep in thought.

At that moment, Murray and Melissa received a call from lolie. They thought it was a drug analysis
report, but it was something else

“Who is it?” Murray was a little surprised when he heard that someone wanted to see him.

“The person refused to tell me his name. He only said that you would know everything after meeting
with him.” Jolie was annoyed and wondered why that person was being very mysterious.

Murray nodded and showed he got it.

“What?” Melissa was startled. Because she and Murray were close together, she could hear what Jolie
said over the phone.

Murray pressed his lips together and stood up. It seemed that he planned to meet this mysterious

Melissa hurriedly followed Murray. “I will go with you. If you are poisoned again, I‘ll suffer.”

Murray felt guilty and kissed Melissa‘s eyes. When he was about to speak, Melissa interrupted him.

“Hurry up.”

The mysterious person asked Murray to meet him in a private box of a coffee shop. Murray found two
men in black standing at the door of the box and had some guesses.

The men in black remained indifferent after seeing Murray. They only glanced at Melissa and finally let
Melissa and Murray go in together.

There was only one person in the room. He wore a baggy black coat and a mask. When he noticed that
someone had entered, he put down the coffee cup he was about to pick up.

Murray sat down and waited for the man in front of him to speak.

Melissa looked at this mysterious man up and down. Because that man was masked, Melissa couldn‘t
recognize who he was. Chapter 555 The illegitimate Son of the Tacke lamily

After a moment of silence, the man in black slowly said, “Murray, I came to find you only for one thing.”

The man in black said in a hoarse voice and did not sound young.

“This is not the attitude of asking for help.” Murray snorted and slowly said, “‘Thomas Lamp.”

Both Melissa and the man in black were surprised.

Melissa couldn‘t believe the person in front of her was the wanted criminal named Thomas.

Since Murray had recognized Thomas, Thomas directly took off his hat and the mask, revealing his

Melissa had seen Thomas‘ photo in the document before. So she was certain that the man in front of
her was Thomas.

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