Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 551

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Chapter 551 Not Accept an Apology

Vivian squatted under the tree for a long time. She looked at the constantly flashing phone screen.
Finally, she rubbed her face and was about to stand up when her agent came over.

“Did you calm down?”

Renita crossed her arms and looked at Vivian.

She had been following her when Jaylin took Vivian away, but she stood far away and could only see
the two people. As for what they said, she did not hear


She did not want to hear it. There were some things that she was well aware of. Vivian did not tell her,
so she did not want to ask too much.

She would not care too much about Vivian. After all, Vivian was just an entertainer under her

“Sorry,” Vivian said softly.

“Don‘t apologize to me. The director is still waiting for you.”

“Vivian, I don‘t have to take care of everything for you, but I have to tell you one thing. You are a public
figure, an actress who faces countless lenses every


Vivian stopped, then smiled again. “I know. After all, I have to work in this industry for a long time.”

Vivian hesitated at this moment. She pursed her lips and finally turned off her phone.

After returning to the set, Renita and Vivian apologized to the staff one by one, using the excuse that
Vivian was not feeling well.

Although the director was a little dissatisfied, Vivian was favored by Star

Chapter 551 Noi Accent an Apolody

Entertainment. It would not be good for both sides if they got pretty tense.

After letting the makeup artist redo the makeup, Vivian and Jaylin continued to shoot their commercial.
This time, the filming was very smooth, almost going through in a single shot.

In the end, after taking a few more shots, the commercial filming ended.

Vivian let out a sigh of relief and stuffed the bread into her mouth. She was about to follow Renita to the
next filming site.

However, before she got in the car, the driver got out of the driver‘s seat.

“What‘s wrong?” Vivian took a sip of water. She almost choked because she ate too quickly

“There seems to be something wrong with the car. It can‘t be started.” The driver shook his head.

Vivian became nervous. “Then what should we do? We have to go back to the


Renita touched her lower jaw and suddenly clapped her hands. “You can take Jaylin‘s car. Anyway, you
will go back to the set with him in a while.”

“Take Jaylin‘s car? We will be photographed by the paparazzi again.” Vivian asked with a strange

“The two of you are from the same company, and how are you sure there are no paparazzi around? It‘s
good that they found that your car broke.”

Renita patted Vivian on the shoulder and casually sent Jaylin‘s agent a message.

Vivian curled her lips. The next second, she saw Jaylin‘s agent come to pick her


Vivian was about to post something on Twitter. She looked at the black screen

Chapter 551 Not Accept an Apology

of her phone, and her eyes flashed.

“Why are you standing here? Do you want to be photographed?” Renita reached out and poked Vivian
on the forehead. She pulled Vivian back.

Vivian hurriedly followed.

However, just as Vivian sat in Jaylin‘s car a second ago, a figure stumbled over the next second.

Arno saw Vivian‘s car and walked over, but there was only the driver standing


“Where is Vivian?” Arno looked into the car but did not find anyone.

“You are...” The driver was shocked by Arno, who came out of the blue. At first, he wondered if it was a
fan, but he felt that he had seen this face somewhere.

Arno was about to say he was Vivian‘s boyfriend, but then the driver recognized him.

“Arno? Vivian‘s boyfriend, right?” The driver patted his forehead and remembered.

“Is she still filming?” Arno smiled and asked softly.

“No, she just left.” The driver shook his head.

“Alone?” Arno was a little surprised. After all, Vivian‘s car was still there. Even if she got off work, she
should take the car and leave.

The driver patted the car and smiled helplessly. “No, this car is broken. I‘ll wait here for the tow truck.
She left in the company‘s car.”

Arno was stunned, and the expression on his face was somewhat strange.

He took two steps back, looked down at his phone, and gritted his teeth. Chapter 557 Not Accept an

This time, the scene was in the bar. It was filmed in the bar to explain the matter that happened
between Vivian and Jaylin, although it would not be so effective. It could be counted as an explanation.

Right now, Vivian and Jaylin were the people that the company supported, so Star Entertainment was
willing to spend the effort to make up for it.

“Just follow the script.”

The director gestured, and the camera was ready to turn on. Vivian sat opposite Jaylin and put her
hands on her cheeks.

“I didn‘t expect that I would have to repeat the scene.”

Vivian felt that the past few days had been a mess, and even the wine used as a prop had been diluted
with water, which was tasteless.


Thinking about the last time, Jaylin felt embarrassed.

“I don‘t accept it.” Vivian sneered and said when she wasn‘t in the camera.

“And now we are filming. What you have to say is lines, not an apology.”

Jaylin‘s eyes moved slightly. He reached out his hand and gently caressed Vivian‘s cheek, kissing her

At this time, a camera pulled closer to catch Vivian‘s eyes. She was stunned for a moment, then slowly
closed her eyes.

It was the same action as that day, but it was a different state of mind.


The director shouted in front of the monitor. Vivian then reached out and pushed Jaylin away, wiping
her lips hard.

Chaptot. 551 Not Acceptari Apology

“You are drunk.” Vivian read out the words in the script.

Jaylin did not say anything. He only reached out to pull Vivian, but Vivian shook him off and left without
any hesitation.

“Pass!” At the director‘s command, Vivian hurriedly walked to the monitor and looked at her
performance. It was good.

After shooting a few more scenes, it was only late into the night that the crew decided to stop

“You need to post something on Twitter. You haven‘t posted for a while.” Renita draped a coat over
Vivian‘s shoulder.

Vivian paused and said, “My phone is out of battery. I‘ll do it when we get back”

“How can your phone run out of battery? Didn‘t you get a few chargers every


Renita teased, causing Vivian to shift her gaze away awkwardly.

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