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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 549

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Chapter 549 Change Her Partner

Jaylin never thought that Vivian would say such a thing. He looked a little surprised.

“I said forget it. Let’s not bother about this matter anymore.” Vivian shook her head. She did not want to
get involved in any more trouble.

Moreover, she had shown too many times on hot topics. Not to mention the netizens, even Vivian was
a little bored.

“Vivian, how can you forget about what he did to you?” Jaylin pressed on Vivian’s shoulder, not
understanding her current reaction at all.

“Then what can I do? What can I say? There were no surveillance cameras in the dressing room, but
he went out with a face full of wounds. Who knows what he will say?”

Vivian’s tone was a bit higher. She looked at Jaylin, but in the end, she seemed to say weakly.

“So what if there is a dispute? It is nothing more than staying in the hot topics for a few days. Jaylin,
you are not afraid, but I am afraid. You know that my popularity on the Internet has been ruined, just

At this time, she stopped talking. Vivian blinked her eyes, and the corners of her mouth seemed to
curve into a bitter smile.

Jaylin’s body stiffened, and he immediately understood what Vivian wanted to


No one expected what would happen at the bar that night. Jaylin also saw some news, but the direction
of public opinion on the Internet..

Compared to criticizing him, more people were talking about Vivian. They were constantly spreading
rumors about her, which was a great deal of damage to a public figure.

“Fortunately, he didn’t do anything.” Speaking up to this point, Vivian forced a smile, causing Jaylin to

Vivian, who was in front of him, gave him a strange feeling.

It was as if something was constantly leaving.

“Vivian…” Jaylin murmured, and in the blink of an eye, he saw Vivian raise a


“Why are you here?” Vivian blinked.

/ “Vivian! Can you sober up a little? What did you just say? He didn’t touch you?

He has hurt you!” Jaylin said sternly.


Vivian suddenly stood up, looked up at Jaylin, and said in a deep voice, “Why do you interfere in my
affairs? What is your relationship with me?”

Vivian felt pain in her heart, as if countless knives were cutting her.

“I beg you, don’t appear again! Don’t let me indulge in my dreams and fantasies!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the words that Jaylin had originally wanted to say choked in his

He looked at Vivian in front of him and laughed at himself. “Indeed, I have no right to interfere in your

As he spoke, he put his hands into his pockets and hid the scratch he had just gotten. He still had a
calm and self-confident expression on his face. “I just came to visit according to the company’s
instructions. After all, we are now a couple in a movie. We need to do publicity.

“For the company and myself, I don’t want any negative news to affect me.”

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Jaylin opened the door and walked out, leaving Vivian alone in the dressing room.

She wanted to smile, but the corners of her mouth were so stiff that she couldn’t smile.

When Vivian was done tidying up and leaving, she was told that William had left.

Hearing this, Vivian felt a strange feeling. Did Jaylin ask William to leave?

“Vivian, why do you look so pale?” The makeup artist couldn’t help but ask when she was applying

“It’s fine.” Vivian shook her head, “Then what about my next advertisement? Do I film it alone?”

“They changed your partner at the last minute. I just took a look. It’s Mr. Segar.” The makeup artist


Vivian froze, wondering if she had heard wrong.

“Mr. Segar, Jaylin Segar.” The makeup artist seemed to be a little confused about Vivian’s surprise.
“Don’t you know? This advertisement was originally filmed by you and Jaylin.”

Vivian’s face froze. “So, wasn’t it the organizers who replaced William?”

“Of course not, and it is not so easy to change people.” The makeup artist replied casually.

Vivian chuckled when she heard this. She had stupidly thought that Jaylin had used his connections to
directly replace William.

It turned out that she was just thinking too much.

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It turned out that she was just thinking too much.

After she said those words to Jaylin, why would he care about her?

The palm on her leg tightened slightly. Vivian felt that she must be crazy.

Ever since the kiss that night.

Whether it was Jaylin or Arno, she did not know how to face them. They were pulled into a chaotic

Vivian had promised Arno that he wanted to give up on Jaylin, but when she saw Jaylin and heard that
he had gone to deal with William for her, even if it was just a misunderstanding, Vivian’s heart still
throbbed at that moment.

Her heart was really small. Once it was filled by a person, it would be difficult to accommodate others.

While Vivian was in a trance, the director had called for the actors to gather. Only then did she walk
over to the makeup artist.

The advertisement was about perfume. This time it was mainly about love. Vivian and Jaylin jointly
endorsed this series of perfumes called “Staring.”

And this time, the theme of the film was Greek mythology, Lunar Goddess, Selene, and the beautiful
young man, Endymion, who was sleeping for her. They loved each other but could not stay together.
They could only meet for a short time at the beginning of the month.

Vivian was dressed in a moon-white dress. When she looked up, she saw Jaylin standing not far away.

Their gazes met, but in the next second, they moved away with tacit understanding

Lunar Goddess fell in love with the handsome Endymion at first sight, but no one agreed with their love.
In the end, the young man chose to sleep forever to wait for the precious love.

Vivian looked at the script with a troubled expression on her face.

For Jaylin, he was mostly lying motionless, so this script was completely solo-playing

“Vivian, get ready. The filming is about to start.”

The director’s voice came. Vivian came back to her senses. She was not wearing shoes. She stepped
on the lawn barefooted. The coolness seeped into her body.

This scene was a parting kiss of them. After this kiss, the young man would fall into eternal sleep.

“Get ready. Let’s begin!”

At the director’s command, Vivian took a deep breath and prepared to act. She turned to look at Jaylin
in front of her, and her expression was somewhat dazed.

He just looked at her like this, and in his clear eyes was only her.

His sincere and passionate love could not be concealed.

All of a sudden, Vivian stopped her movement of bending over. She could not help but reach out to
touch Jaylin’s eyebrows.

Vivian felt that she must have gone crazy.

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