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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 546

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Chapter 546 Destined Buster

Murray glanced at it. It was a text message from an unfamiliar number. The text was very simple, which
showed that the texter had some photos of Vivian and Jaylin.

The purpose was to get Star Entertainment to buy the photos at a high price. It was a tacit rule in the
entertainment industry.

Melissa propped up her cheeks and lightly tapped the table with her bent index finger, a smile on her

Soon, she found the reporter‘s account. His latest Tweet said that he would directly release a piece of
shocking news, and the comments below were all about Vivian.

Seeing this, Melissa was helpless. She really did not know what those two people were thinking at that

Although Vivian and Jaylin later explained that it was a scene in the script, anyone who heard this
explanation wouldn‘t believe it.

In addition, Vivian had just announced that she was in a relationship.

Melissa rubbed her temples, feeling that it was a little tricky.

“Is a press conference needed?” Murray asked when he saw the expression on Melissa‘s face.

“There‘s no use holding one. Those reporters will still talk nonsense if they don‘t get money.”

Melissa stretched lazily and threw herself into Murray‘s arms. She found a comfortable place and
narrowed her eyes.

“I have already instructed them to deal with this matter. As for this reporter, if he dares to say anything
more, he will be sued.”

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Melissa looked up and saw Murray‘s lower jaw. She pouted and said, “I can‘t rest even during the

Murray lowered his eyes and kissed Melissa‘s lips.

Vivian, who was now in the center of public opinion, was sitting in the hotel. In front of her was Renita,
who had a serious expression on her face.

Vivian pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but after a moment of consideration, she just kept

“The two of you… Just thinking about it gives me a headache.” Although it had been a few days since
what happened the last time, Renita felt a dull pain in her temples now that public opinion was raised
online again.

“Didn‘t I already tell you... The two of us didn’t like that scene. The atmosphere at that time was quite
suitable.” Vivian bit the tip of her tongue. After that night, she was completely stunned.

Jaylin was her destined buster.

“Who do you think will believe this explanation? Hmm?” Renita rolled her eyes at Vivian. This lame
excuse sounded absurd.

Vivian gently pressed her tongue against her upper jaw and puffed up her cheeks, not daring to speak.

“The company sent the production team to shoot the scene in the bar and cut it into the trailer.” Renita
pushed the revised script to Vivian.

“After the commercial is done in the afternoon, go straight to the bar.”

Vivian couldn‘t say anything. Looking at the script on the table, she clenched her fingers on her legs.

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Get Bacau Suddenly, Renita looked at Vivian and asked, “Vivian, tell me the truth. Do you really like Dr.

Vivian paused with her hand holding a cup in the air. She looked up and saw Renita‘s serious gaze.
She felt a little guilty.


“Yeah... If I didn‘t like him, why would I date him?” Vivian smiled and took a sip of water.

Renita stared at Vivian for a while and then sighed. “Arno is really something. He actually confessed
his love for you at the opening ceremony. You are a rising star. Putting your romance on display will
have a great impact on you. What was he thinking?”

Vivian could not help but say, “Don‘t talk about him.”

“You always protect him. The two of you...” As soon as Renita finished speaking, Vivian‘s phone rang.
Looking at the caller ID, Renita pursed her lips.

“Your lover is going to pick you up?”

“Renita!” Vivian was a little embarrassed by Renita‘s teasing. She pouted and replied to Arno.

“Alright, alright. You guys chat. I‘ll pick you up later.” With that, Renita got up and left.

Arno, who had received the message, called her immediately. Vivian stared at the phone screen and
answered the call after a long time.


“Are you busy? Did I disturb you?” Arno‘s voice was gentle.

“No, I was reading the script just now. Sorry, I can‘t have dinner with you today. The crew added some
scenes at the last minute,” Vivian said apologetically.

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“It‘s fine. Remember to take some rest. Don‘t be too tired.”

Vivian hesitated for a moment. She lowered her head, her fingers gently rubbing the hem of her
clothes. After a while, she said faintly, “Arno.”

“Yes?” Arno responded on the other side of the line.

“I want to see you.” Vivian whispered, ‘‘I want to see you now.”

Arno, who was on the other side of the line, stopped what he was doing. “Alright.”

Vivian stood in front of the window of the hotel and looked down at the street below, her face dark and

After a while, she saw Arno‘s car. She turned around and ran out of the room.

Arno had just entered the hotel when he saw Vivian running towards him. He immediately opened his
arms and hugged Vivian.

She buried her face in Arno‘s neck. Vivian did not say anything and just quietly hugged him.

“What‘s wrong?” Arno reached out to touch Vivian‘s long hair and spoke in a soft voice.

In addition to the crew, there were other guests in the hotel. When they saw the two people in the hall
hugging, they all stopped.

Arno glanced over and saw some people take out their phones, so he covered Vivian‘s face.

Vivian also noticed the surrounding gazes, but she did not care. She tiptoed and kissed Arno directly.

Arno did not expect Vivian to do such a thing. His body froze. A glimmer flashed across his eyes, but
he had no reaction in the end.

After the kiss, the two of them returned to the room. Arno‘s fingertips brushed past Vivian‘s cheek and
gently pressed down. “Are you unhappy?”

Sitting on the bed, Vivian shook her head and did not say anything.

Seeing this, Arno half–knelt in front of the bed and looked up at Vivian. His eyes seemed to be able to
see through people‘s hearts, making Vivian slightly upset.

Vivian blinked her eyes. She lowered her head and wanted to kiss Arno again, but she didn‘t expect
that Arno would turn his head and dodge.

“I‘m also very sad to see you like this. Vivian, I want to be your support instead of helplessly watching
you sad.”

Arno held Vivian‘s cheek and looked at her seriously.

He liked Vivian, but now Vivian had sealed herself in a hard shell, so he had no chance to reach the
real her at all.


Suddenly, Vivian threw herself into Arno‘s arms and said in a muffled voice.

“Why are you so good to me?”

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