Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 543

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Chapter 543 Tie You to My Side

As expected of Murray, after a few people drifted on the sea for a long time, the search and rescue
personnel came and took them away.

At this time, the sky was already bright, Melissa looked at the shore that was gradually approaching. It
was all the people on the cruise ship. It seemed that more than half of them had been found and

After Murray and Melissa came ashore, the medical staff who had been waiting in place handed the
towel and water to the two of them.

“Mr. Gibson.”

At this moment, the female doctor who had been treating Melissa also rushed over. She looked at
Murray and Melissa, who were both wet, and was very worried.

“I‘m fine. Let those people help search for others on the cruise ship.”

While Murray was dealing with these matters, Melissa, who was at the side, was looking for Demetrius.

At this time, the young man that Melissa had saved on the sea came over. He stood in front of Melissa,
blocking her line of sight.

“Thank you.” he was a little embarrassed and reached out to scratch his cheek.

“It‘s fine.” Melissa looked at the young man in front of him. He was handsome and delicate, a little bit...

It looked like he could become famous in showbiz.

“My... My name is Don Evans. May I know your name?” Don‘s face immediately blushed. He
unconsciously turned his head away, not daring to meet Melissa‘s eyes.

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Hearing this, Melissa was stunned. She originally thought that this younger man was here to thank her,
but now there seemed to be something strange.

Not getting a reply from Melissa immediately, Don raised his head, only to see that Melissa was smiling
and turning her head away, looking at the man who was walking towards her.

“You can call me Mrs. Gibson.” Melissa blinked and took the initiative to hold Murray‘s hand.

Murray glanced at Don and did not say anything. Seeing this, Melissa led Melissa away.

Seeing that Murray did not speak, Melissa raised his head slightly and smiled, “Are you jealous?”

Hearing this, Murray raised his eyebrows slightly. He suddenly held Melissa in his arms, buried his
head in her neck, and said gloomily, “I really want to tie you to my side.”

“Is Mr. Gibson so unconfident in his own charm?” Melissa pushed Murray away and chuckled. ..

Murray was worried that Melissa would catch a cold and wanted to take him back to the hotel, so he did
not say anything more. But before he could leave, Melissa, who turned her head away again, stopped.

“Murray, did you see Demetrius?”

Melissa was a little worried. Not to mention Demetrius‘s identity, he did not know how to swim. With
such a big storm last night, it would be difficult for him to survive safely.

When Murray heard this, he immediately sent someone to ask the search and rescue team, but they
did not see Demetrius there. After all, Demetrius looked very unique, so it was impossible for them not

to have an impression if they had seen him.

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Hearing such an answer from the team, Melissa was very worried. If something happened to
Demetrius, it would be difficult to explain.

Knowing Melissa‘s worries, Murray immediately ordered people to cooperate with the search and
rescue team to search. Melissa was a little worried, so she had been waiting here.

Fortunately, not long after, the team received news that they had found Demetrius.

Melissa hurriedly went forward, but Demetrius‘s situation was not that optimistic.

“It seems that he has been unconscious for a while and has choked a lot of water. Now we will send
him to the hospital immediately.”

Demetrius was lying on the stretcher and the nurse at the side said to Melissa.

Melissa looked at Demetrius‘s pale face and tightened her hands.

After sending Demetrius to the hospital, Murray brought Melissa back to the hotel. During this period,
Melissa sneezed several times.

After taking a shower, Melissa curled up in the quilt and looked at her phone. There were some emails
from the company on it. Melissa simply replied.

At that moment, the bathroom door opened and Murray walked out with water


Melissa turned her head and saw Murray‘s beautiful figure. She couldn‘t help but pout and look to the

Murray smiled, got on the bed, pulled Melissa into his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her on the

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“Murray, why am I so unlucky? Every time I would encounter danger at sea.” After what happened
yesterday, Melissa completely lost interest in enjoying herself at sea.

“Do I have to lie on the bed of the hotel and watch TV?”

Listening to Melissa‘s muttering, Murray‘s eyes flashed a trace of cunning. He reached out and
wrapped his arm around Melissa‘s slender waist, letting her lean against his chest.

“We can also do something else.”

(Melissa‘s face turned red. She wanted to turn around and avoid Murray, but

she did not control her balance. Her body tilted and she almost fell on the bed.

However, this action caused Murray‘s heartbeat to quicken. He stretched out his hand to support
Melissa‘s face and pressed her against the bed.

“So impatient?”

Murray deliberately teased Melissa and watched as the tips of her ears turned red bit by bit.

“Murray, you rascal.” Melissa turned her head and did not look at Murray.

But Murry revealed an innocent expression, as if he did not understand why Melissa would say this, “I
want to give you a massage. Didn‘t you say that you were not feeling well? How can you say that I am
a rascal?”

“You!” Melissa was speechless for a moment. She gritted her teeth and looked at Murray‘s complacent

“Or do you want to do something else?” Murray slowly leaned down, and a deep and ambiguous aura
spread to the whole room.

He lowered his eyes to look at Melissa‘s red lips and his throat slid down.

cu e–







Melissa simply did not resist. She tilted her head up slightly and took the initiative to kiss Murray.

Unknowingly, Melissa‘s hand pinched Murray‘s arm, but he felt his body tense up in an instant.

Melissa was slightly stunned. She reached out to press against Murray‘s cheek and lifted his eyelids to
look into his eyes, “What‘s wrong?”

“It‘s fine.” Murray lowered his head and kissed Melissa‘s neck, but Melissa turned his head and
naturally saw the wound on Murray‘s arm.

Melissa was stunned as she pressed against Murray‘s chest.

“Are you injured?”

Murray did not hide anything. He straightened his back and said indifferently, “It‘s fine. I have already
dealt with it myself.”

However, Melissa did not believe Murray at all. She pulled Murray‘s wound to check.

It was about half the length of a palm like it was scratched by something sharp. It was on the outside
side of the arm. Although it was no longer bleeding, it did not look very good.

“How did you deal with it?” Melissa frowned.

Seeing that Murray did not speak, Melissa slightly narrowed her eyes, “Don‘t tell me that you just
simply cleaned the wound up?”

“I found Jolie to get some disinfectant,” Murray replied obediently, which was rare.

Jolie was the doctor who had come with him this time.

Hearing this, Melissa‘s face instantly darkened.

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