Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 538

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Chapter 538 I Feel Really Sad

On the film set.

Vivian and Jaylin got a scene to shoot. However, they had to stop because Jaylin did not look well.

“Jay, what’s wrong with you these days? You look terrible.” Jay’s agent patted Jaylin on the shoulder,
looking a little worried.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I haven’t had a good rest these days. I want to go back to the hotel now,” Jay said
with a wry smile. Then he left.

Vivian noticed that and decided to follow Jaylin.

Vivian followed Jaylin to a bar.

Vivian hesitated and then followed him in.

The music in the bar was deafening. Vivian frowned and looked around. She then found Jaylin sitting in
a corner.

Jaylin seemed to be in pain and drank in silence.

Vivian bit her lips and decided not to bother Jaylin. She sat down in a place where she could see
Jaylin. She was attracted to Jaylin. Thus, she didn’t notice the paparazzo was following her.

Jaylin lowered his head and looked at the photo on his phone.

Jaylin took this photo of Melissa a long time ago. And he kept it until now.

Looking at the photo, Jaylin thought of what happened at Melissa’s engagement party. Melissa smiled
all the time during the party. She seemed to be extremely happy that


Jaylin could tell that Melissa was delighted to marry Murray.

Jaylin’s eyes were filled with sadness. He grabbed his glass and felt distressed by the truth that
Melissa was engaged to Murray.

Jaylin drank like a fish. Then he choked and blushed all of a sudden.

“Jaylin, stop!”

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A voice rang out. Jaylin raised his head and saw Vivian standing in front of him. Vivian took the wine

“Why are you here?” Jaylin frowned.

“I’m here to drink as you do.” Vivian sat down beside Jaylin.

She pursed her lips to stop speaking about anything else. Next, she poured a glass of wine for Jaylin.

“If you want to drink, enjoy it. Why do you seem so exhausted?”

Jaylin glanced at Vivian but said nothing. His lips curled in a wry smile. Then he drank the wine down.

“So, what’s wrong with you these days? Why are you in such a bad mood?” Vivian asked as if she
didn’t know the answer.

“She is engaged,” Jaylin said in a daze.

Even though Vivian knew the reason, she still felt distressed when she heard his answer.

She wanted to tease Jaylin with a smile but failed.

“Well, it hurts a lot. Right? I know such a feeling. After all, I’ve been rejected by you,” Vivian said with a
hollow laugh.

Hearing this, Jaylin raised his head and looked straight at Vivian.

Vivian felt a little uncomfortable about that. She turned her head and drank a glass of wine, “Come on,
Jaylin. Everything will be fine.”

Jaylin did not say anything more and just drank silently.

People in the bar enjoyed the music and wine well. It seemed to be a blast. However, it didn’t infect
Jaylin and Vivian. The two of them drank in silence.

Vivian’s phone rang. It was Arno. Vivian hesitated for a moment and decided to pick it up. But Jaylin
grabbed her wrists all of a sudden.

Vivian was startled and turned to look at Jaylin.


“Why?” Jaylin stared at Vivian and asked.

“Jaylin?” Vivian noticed there seemed to be something wrong with Jaylin. She stretched out her hand
and waved it in front of Jaylin, “Are you drunk?”

“Why? Why didn’t you choose me? Melissa…” Jaylin lowered his eyes and looked like an abandoned

Vivian bit her lower lips tightly. She reached out to pull Jaylin up. “You drank too much. I’ll send you

However, Jaylin did not move at all. He even pulled Vivian and almost made her fall on the sofa.

Jaylin looked at Vivian with a serious look, making Vivian suspect that he was not drunk.

Jaylin then murmured, “Melissa, I love you a lot.”

Vivian’s heart was torn by that. She took a deep breath and reached out to touch Jaylin’s cheek.
“Jaylin, I am not Melissa. I am Vivian! You drank too much! Wake up!”

Jaylin grabbed Vivian’s hand hard and pressed it against his cheek. “I feel sad watching you get
engaged to Murray.”

“Then you know how sad I am when I know you like Melissa.” Vivian bit her lips and couldn’t help but
touch Jaylin’s cheek gently.

“Melissa…” Jaylin’s eyes were full of gentleness as he held Vivian’s checks and approached her to kiss

Vivian’s hand tightened. She knew she should push Jaylin away, but she could do nothing.

She looked at Jaylin and finally closed her eyes.

She said to herself, “Just this once. It is the last time.”

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Vivian came back to the hotel. Vivian was in a mess because of the kiss. She tossed and turned in bed
and couldn’t forget that.

She touched her lips and blushed.

Because of that, Vivian ignored her phone had rung several times. So her phone lit up when she got up
the next day. Moreover, many news alerts were popping up on her phone.

Vivian stared blankly at her phone and froze.

The news was about Jaylin, Arno, and her. And there were several photos, too.

Someone took pictures when he met Vivian and Arno dating in a shopping mall. And there were also
some pictures the paparazzo took of Vivian and Jaylin. These pictures were about what happened in
the bar. The paparazzo snapped photos when Vivian and Jaylin kissed.

The news spread quickly on the Internet. And most people post their comments on the Internet about
this matter. They all thought Vivian was a little flighty, juggling two


Vivian panicked. She never meant for any of this to happen.

Her agent called at this time. Vivian hesitated for a moment before answering it.

“My dear! What have you done? Are you crazy?”

“I…” Vivian murmured but did not know what to say.

“Vivian! My dear! Thanks a lot! For the sake of the news, I have many things to do now.” Renita
seemed to be angry, making Vivian even more uncomfortable.


Apart from apologizing, Vivian didn’t explain anything.

“It’s useless to say that now. Don’t give any interviews for that. Our company will handle it.” Her agent
must be in a noisy place. Vivian noticed that over the phone. Renita said a few more words before
hanging up the phone.

After finishing the phone, Vivian hugged herself and stared at her phone helplessly. Arno sent many
messages to her.

Vivian finally decided to reply to him.

When Arno arrived at the hotel to visit Vivian, Vivian was still staring at her phone to scan people’s
reviews about this matter.

“You’re here.” Vivian turned her head with a forced smile.

“You like Jaylin, don’t you?” Arno’s voice was hoarse.

Arno noticed that after being with Vivian.

Vivian was a perfect actress on the screen. But she was not a good actress in real life.


“If you like him, I can quit.” Arno clenched his fists tightly when he said these words.

Vivian felt exhausted. And she gave up lying to him.

“Yes, I like Jaylin. But he likes Melissa.”

“And then you dated me to provoke Jaylin?”

Hearing this, Vivian lowered her head, not daring to look at Arno.

“Perhaps that was the case at the beginning However, I don’t mean to do it as time goes by. I want to
forget Jaylin and be with you.”

Arno looked straight at Vivian. And then he half knelt by the bed, “Vivian, I love you.”

Vivian looked at him in shock. Then she burst into tears.

Arno gently wiped the tears off and smiled at her.

“I will try my best to make you fall in love with me, Vivian.”


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