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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 535

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Chapter 535 Unhappy Honeymoon (1)

Both of them forgot themselves.

The night breeze was gentle, and moonlight filled the room. The lovers twisted on the bed and the
sounds they made could make anyone blush.

The next morning.

Melissa opened her eyes, but she did not see Murray at first sight.

When she tried to get up, she felt soreness all over her body.

At this time, Murray came out from a bath and only wrapped a bath towel around his body. Melissa
blushed at the sight of love bites on Murray’s body.

“Good morning.” Murray stepped forward and kissed Melissa’s hair.

“Why don’t you put on your clothes?” Melissa buried her face in the quilt.

Seeing Melissa like this, Murray chuckled, “Why so shy? You saw every part of my body last night.”

Now that Murray mentioned last night, Melissa became even more bashful and

smashed a fist toward Murray.

Murray grabbed Melissa’s fist and kissed her. “I made breakfast. Would you like to try some?”

Hearing this, Melissa did not immediately get up. Instead, she buried her face in the quilt and smiled
slyly at Murray.


Melissa said with a drawl.

Murray looked at Melissa, wanting to see what her trick was this time.

Melissa lazily stretched out her arm and looked up at Murray with a smile. “Carry me over. I am too
tired to walk.”

Melissa looked like a naughty fox.

Get Scous

Seeing that Murray stood still, Melissa sat up and revealed her fair and tender skin under the quilt.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Murray pushed Melissa onto the bed.

With her head leaning against the bed, Melissa stretched out her arms and wrapped them around
Murray, pulling him closer to her. She deliberately leaned close to his ear and whispered, “If I say…”

However, before Melissa could finish speaking, Murray held her head and kissed her. His lips were soft,
but his kiss was wild. Murray gently bit Melissa’s lower lip as a


– Melissa was going to drown in his eyes.

“Don’t you know the consequence?” Murray knew that Melissa was deliberately seducing him. He
whispered in a hoarse voice.

“I am not afraid.”

Melissa pressed her finger against Murray’s lips and made a silent gesture. Then, her fingertips traced
his cheek to his eyes and eyebrows.

Murray narrowed his eyes and allowed Melissa to do everything she wanted. He enjoyed it when
Melissa showed intimacy.

Murray raised his head slightly and looked at Melissa obediently. He seemed to be looking forward to
what she was going to do.

In front of Melissa, Murray could always show his softest spot.

But Melissa moved slowly as if she wanted to get on Murray’s nerves. With the move of her fingertips,
Murray’s breathing became heavier.

Just as Murray reached out to stop Melissa, Melissa nimbly slipped out of his arms and winked at him.
“I’m hungry. Let’s go have some breakfast!”

Her soft hair brushed past his fingers. Murray felt the lingering feeling and looked at her gently.

The breakfast was simple but delicious. Melissa was energetic again after breakfast.


Get Bonus

While Melissa was eating, Murray had already dressed up and walked down neatly. When he saw
Melissa huddling in a chair with bare feet, he frowned.

He didn’t notice that Melissa ran over barefooted.

Noticing Murray’s gaze, Melissa swayed her legs and propped her face up as she looked at him. “The
floor is covered with a carpet.”

Murray saw Melissa’s straight and slender legs. He walked over and carried her to the sofa.

Melissa exclaimed, clinging to Murray.

“If you dare to do this again, I promise we will spend the next month at home.” Murray threatened,
reminding Melissa of the soreness of her body.

Although teasing Murray was fun, Melissa suddenly realized that she could not bear the consequences.
She changed the topic.

“Okay, okay. I am wrong. Where are we going?”

Although they were just engaged, Melissa still asked Murray to take her out, like enjoying a

“An island on the Aegean Sea,” Murray replied.

Melissa’s eyes lit up. She had long wanted to go on a vacation on an island, but she had never had a

At the thought of this, Melissa was already impatient and rushed back to the room to pack the luggage.

“I’ll go pack my luggage right away. We’ll leave in a minute.”

Back in the room, Melissa looked at her phone and found that there were many congratulatory
messages about her engagement. After making a few simple replies, Melissa could not help but put on
a happy smile.

The Aegean Sea was a famous tourist attraction. The island they were going to visit was a private
asset of the Gibson Corporation.

After all, Murray did not want anyone else to disturb them, but Melissa felt that it would be too boring,
so they chose another island in the end.

Murray had already arranged their itinerary in advance. After Melissa packed her luggage, they headed
to the airport.

There was still some time before boarding, and Murray was dealing with a sudden emergency at the
company. Melissa felt a little bored, so she took a stroll.

Just as she left the departure hall, someone grabbed her clothes.

“Mommy, where did you go?”

A tender voice came from behind. Melissa turned her head and saw a boy standing behind her.

When he realized that he had stopped the wrong person, his serious little face became

even stiffer.

“Boy, did you get lost?” Melissa squatted down and looked at the delicate boy, her heart softened.

However, the boy shook his head and said very seriously, “No, my mommy got lost.”

Melissa couldn’t help but laugh. She reached out to pinch the child’s face and said with a smile, “Follow
me to the reception to look for your mother, okay?”

The boy thought for a moment and was about to nod when Murray walked over. He hugged Melissa
and then turned to the boy.

“What’s the matter?”

“This child can’t find his mother. I wanted to take him to the reception.”

As Melissa explained, the little boy turned around and waved his hand in that direction.

Melissa looked up and saw a young woman running over. Then, the woman picked the boy up.

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