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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 534

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Chapter 534 Engagement Ceremony (4)

Melissa blinked. She seemed to see something and broadened her smile.

Jaylin looked at Melissa’s smiling face in a daze. But the next second, Murray appeared and wrapped
one arm around Melissa’s waist. The two of them leaned together intimately.

Jaylin could not bear to see this scene and his fingers holding the wine glass trembled slightly.

Murray seemed to have just noticed Jaylin at the side. His gaze swept indifferently across Jaylin’s face
and left, holding Melissa’s hand.

Melissa nodded at Jaylin. Jaylin watched her leave and finally lowered his eyes. A bitter smile
appeared on his face.

Jaylin wanted to leave, but he just couldn’t take another step.

His heart was filled with bitter feelings.

He had loved Melissa for three years.

But today, Melissa was engaged to another man.

Jaylin was going to lose her completely…

Jaylin drank down his alcohol in one gulp.

Murray held Melissa’s hand and brought her to the dance floor. With the soothing music, Melissa put
her hand on Murray’s shoulder and they started to dance.

“Mr. Gibson, you haven’t invited me to dance yet,” Melissa tilted her head and winked playfully

Murray replied with a gentle pinch on Melissa’s waist, making her smile.

When she looked up, Melissa saw the engagement rings on their hands and felt like drearning

Melissa remembered when she first knew about the engagement.

And she recalled vividly when they first met.

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They hated each other at that time.

Since then, she and Murray had been through a lot of things and fallen in love. Now, they were finally

She looked up at Murray and happiness filled her heart.

Being in love with the person who loves you back was really good.

Melissa and Murray danced in step. They were made for each other.

Suddenly, there was a sound. Melissa turned around and saw brilliant fireworks blooming in the sky.

“What is this?” Melissa was startled.

“You said that you would like to have flowers blooming in our engagement ceremony.” Murray raised
his eyebrows. All his tenderness was saved for Melissa.

“Thank you.” Melissa looked at Murray in surprise. She had not expected that Murray would prepare
these for her.

She did not even expect that Murray would remember such small things she said.

Thinking of this, Melissa pulled Murray out.

The fireworks lit up the night sky and Melissa’s face. She was beaming with a smile.

“Murray, look, it’s so beautiful!”

Melissa pointed at the sky and turned to look at Murray. The cracking of fireworks was so loud that
Melissa leaned closer to Murray.

Murray forgot himself and pulled Melissa into his arms. “Melissa, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Under the brilliant fireworks, they hugged and kissed.

Looking at them, Adela’s hands clenched into fists.


Сен Велия


This shameless slut! How could she be with Murray?

Fortunately, they are just engaged, not married. I still have a chance!

Adela was seething with anger. One day, she would snatch Murray away!

She must get this outstanding man in the end!

The engagement ceremony drew to a perfect close. Murray and Melissa returned to their villa.

As soon as he entered, Murray impatiently kissed Melissa, as if he wanted to rub her into his body.

Before Melissa could react, Murray pressed her against the door.

Melissa melted in the kiss.

Her arms, like water plants, wrapped around Murray’s neck. Melissa started to kiss Murray back.

Encouraged by Melissa’s response, Murray kissed her even more fiercely.

They were so close that Melissa was immersed in the masculine scent of Murray. Melissa’s mind was
blank and her heart beat faster. Her body temperature was rising.

After an unknown period of time, Murray finally ended this all-consuming kiss.


Melissa could not catch her breath. She pressed her hands against Murray’s chest and softly
murmured his name.

Murray gently pinched Melissa’s jaw. The tips of their noses touched and their hot breath blended
together. His hand slowly climbed up Melissa’s spine, gently and intimately

“Shall we?” Murray’s dark eyes were filled with desire.

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Although Murray was burning with thirst, he still stopped himself in time and asked Melissa for her

Melissa buried her head in Murray’s neck.

Originally, she had wanted to save their first time until the wedding night.

But now they were engaged.

Melissa did not want Murray to suffer. When they slept together, Murray had to take a

cold shower every night.

Being both nervous and expecting, Melissa nodded with a red face and softly replied, “Okay.”

Murray immediately carried Melissa to the bed.

He had waited too long for this moment.

Murray carefully placed Melissa on the large silver bed. He leaned forward and placed his hands
beside Melissa’s body. His deep gaze fell on her face.

“What are you looking at?” Thinking about what was about to happen, Melissa’s heart was pounding.

Murray lowered his head and his low and hoarse voice sounded in Melissa’s ears, “You are so beautiful
today, my wife.”


Melissa’s face turned even redder.

Well, she actually loved Murray to call her wife.

Melissa subconsciously licked her lips.

Murray could no longer resist the temptation.

He instantly sealed Melissa’s lips.

She was as sweet as ever, and Murray felt like an addict.

Gradually, Murray was no longer satisfied with her lips. His hands reached into Melissa’s clothes and
wandered around her body…

Melissa trembled under his fingers.

Murray’s sexy lips left her lips and moved to her chin, her neck, her shoulders … all the way down…

A wonderful, indescribable feeling filled Melissa’s entire body.

She bit her lips and tried to push Murray away. “No… Stop…”

Murray held her down and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Be a good girl, don’t resist.”

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