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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 527

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Chapter 527 You Won’t Be Able to Escape

If Murray wasn’t in Boston, then why was his phone here? The last shift to Boston was eight o’clock. If
someone wanted to take Murray away, the fastest time was tomorrow...

By the way, Michelle!

The name Michelle flashed through Melissa’s mind. Murray came to Boston to save Michelle. If Murray
was gone, then the only person who would see him would be


After all, with Murray’s alertness, most people would not be able to hurt him. Perhaps this matter had
the most direct relationship with Michelle.

Michelle originally wanted to take advantage of the fact that Murray did not have any strength to do
everything she wanted. However, Murray had a strong will and refused to submit. Michelle was also
very impatient, but not toward Murray. She felt that if she wasted any more time on this matter, the
longer she delayed, the sooner Melissa would notice.

Since nothing happened now, it was better to tie Murray up and take him to Wyvernholt. The private
plane was parked not far away and could leave at any time.

The bodyguards all turned around and went to the corner, trying not to pay attention to the movements
here. Indeed, the little princess did not do anything.

Michelle paused, stood up, put on the sweater on the chair, and said indifferently to both sides, “Come
here and tie up Murray. We will go straight to Wyvernholt when dawn breaks.”

“Let go of me, let go of me!”

Murray’s hands were tied tightly behind his back. Two strong bodyguards were holding him, and they
also stood by Murray’s side, not letting him leave their range of sight.

“Murray, don’t struggle anymore. Listen to me and come back to Wyvernholt with me Let’s be together.”
Michelle’s voice sounded very gentle, and there was a smile on her face. Her two slightly sharp little
tiger teeth were revealed, but at this time, she looked like a little demon, which was annoying.

Murray looked at Michelle in confusion. He did not understand why this woman was so obsessed with
him. “Michelle, you are Adriel’s child. Your father and I are friends. From a fundamental point of view, I
am also your elder. You don’t have to do this. Do you understand?”

Michelle tilted her head, shrugged, and said indifferently, “Uncle? Murray, you are only five or six years
older than me. You are not my uncle. Moreover, I really like you. I want to see you every day.”

“And Melissa?”

The smile on the girl’s face faded in an instant. It was obvious that she was unhappy. “Murray, why did
you mention Melissa at this time? I am very jealous of her. From the first time I saw you, I began to be
jealous of her.”

Murray pursed his lips and looked at Michelle in confusion. He did not expect Michelle

to be like this.

At the same time, Melissa received a call from Alex, “Ms. Eugen, we didn’t find Mr. Gibson! Could
something have happened to him?”

Melissa had completely calmed down at this time. She had already asked Anthony to check on
Michelle’s specific location. The most important thing now was to call Alex. If Murray was really with
Michelle, there was still a chance of winning with more people.


Of course, she did not want Michelle to become someone like Adela.

“Murray should be in Boston. I’ll send you a location message. You should immediately bring others


Michelle had been waiting for dawn, then the private plane would take off soon. She could also take
Murray back to Wyvernholt, and it would be difficult for Melissa to find them.

There were still two bodyguards looking at Murray, afraid that the man would run away. Murray also sat
in the same place, not speaking or moving. He turned a deaf ear to whatever Michelle asked him.

After half an hour, the two bodyguards standing next to Murray also yawned. Murray tried to pay
attention. The drug effect was also slowly decreasing. He looked up and finally smiled.

“I say, you don’t have to work so hard, do you? I am tied up like this and can’t run. If you are sleepy,
why don’t you take a nap?”

“No, no… When the time comes, you should run!” One of the bodyguards was so sleepy that he almost
couldn’t open his eyes. His head was moving up and down, but he still insisted and responded in less
fluent Anglian.

They truly have professional ethics.

Murray silently cursed in his heart. He subconsciously moved his hand back, and in the end, he
touched the edge of the pillar. It felt very sharp. At least when his fingertips touched it, he felt a slight

The opportunity came!

Murray slowly leaned his hand over until he noticed that the middle of the hemp rope tied around his
wrist was against the pillar. He then moved up and down, wanting the rope to naturally break apart.

The hemp rope made a slight sound of friction and tearing. The two bodyguards looked at Murray
warily for a while and found that he did not make any movements. Only then did they feel relieved and
prepare to sit down and meditate for a while. Murray paid attention to his surroundings. He also
concentrated on sensing the movement of his hands. When he felt his hands loosen, his pupils shrank.

The opportunity came!

The man did not hesitate and pulled out his hand. The two bodyguards saw that he was about to run.
Before they could stop him, they were struck by Murray’s hands and fainted. Michelle was not outside
at this time. Instead, she took the bodyguards to the small room on the other side to pack up. No one
knew when she came out.

He had to get out of here as soon as possible!

As soon as this thought came to mind, Murray did not want to care about what Michelle was doing. The
most important thing was for him to quickly run out of here. He moved

was doing. The most important thing was for him to quickly run out of here. He moved his wrist and
rushed out.

“Murray…” Michelle’s cheerful voice came from not far away. The girl came out of the small room. She
originally wanted to see if Murray had thought it through. If he agreed to go back to Wyvernholt with
her, she would not have to kidnap the man.

As a result, what she saw were the two bodyguards who had fainted on the ground, and the tassel left
behind by the hemp rope.

Michelle’s face darkened and she screamed, “Trash! All of you get up, get up!”

When the bodyguards heard Michelle shout, they all rushed over. Michelle’s beautiful face was so
angry that it was twisted. She turned around in an instant and ran out fiercely. She could vaguely see

Her pupils contracted as she pointed angrily at the figure of the man in front of her. “Go quickly and
bring him back for me. Go quickly!”

She had found the small wooden house here with great difficulty and it was very remote. Murray would
not be able to escape for a while.

The bodyguards all ran to catch them, and Michelle stared at them coldly. The next moment, she got
into the car and stepped on the accelerator.

Murray, you won’t be able to escape!

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