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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 526

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Chapter 526 It Is a Trap

Murray frowned. Just as he was about to speak, he smelled a strange fragrance. He immediately lost
consciousness and fainted.

He thought, it is a trap. This was the last thought he had before he fainted.

Michelle looked at the man who had fainted. She walked over and squatted down. Her fingertips
caressed the side of Murray’s face, and she smiled. At this time, a few bodyguards walked out from the
shadows. The Anglian bodyguard was holding the voice changer.

This was a trap that they had set up for Murray.

– Michelle deliberately pretended to be kidnapped. In fact, she wanted her bodyguard to call Murray in
advance. She had already bought a plane ticket back to Wyvernholt. As long as she could have sex
with Murray, then he would definitely marry her. At that time, the engagement with Melissa would
naturally be in vain.

“Find his phone and throw it to the outskirts. Don’t let Melissa find out where he is.”

Michelle looked aside and whispered to the bodyguards behind her.

Murray was the only person she wanted and cared about from beginning to end.

When Murray woke up, it was already two hours later. He opened his eyes in a daze and saw the
ceiling of the cabin. However, there was no strength in his body at all. He could not even lift his hand.

What was going on?

At this time, he heard a gentle female voice, “Murray, you’re finally awake.”

After hearing Michelle’s voice, Murray regained all his memories. He subconsciously turned his head
and found that Michelle was completely fine. Besides, she was wearing a set of faintly discernible black
underwear and stood in front of him. Even the long coat she was wearing was sexy. It was only a thin
layer of gauze.

Murray immediately became serious. He looked at Michelle and asked in a deep voice, “Michelle, what
are you doing?”

Michelle smiled lightly, her long golden hair hanging down slightly. Her fingertips caressed Murray’s
face, and even her body was sprayed with perfume. She lifted Murray’s jaw slightly.

“Murray, don’t blame me. If I don’t use this method, how can I see you and let you go back to
Wyvernholt with me?”

“What are you talking about?” Murray was puzzled. He wanted to break free from Michelle, but
probably because the medicine effect had not faded, he had no strength at all. He could only turn his
face away angrily, not looking at the woman next to him.

Michelle was not angry at all. She smiled and squatted down in front of Murray. She took the man’s
face in her hands and said sincerely.

“Murray, you don’t know how much I like you. From the first time I saw you, I felt that you were the
person I was destined to love. But why did you refuse me? Isn’t it good to be with me? I had no choice
but to bring you back to Wyvernholt. It’s good for us to be together day and night. You will like me one

Murray’s eyes were full of shock and confusion. He did not understand why Michelle was so stubborn.
He had already told her everything clearly.

“Michelle, calm down! Didn’t I tell you before that I already have had a girlfriend named Melissa? We
will be holding an engagement ceremony soon!”

Hearing Melissa’s name, Michelle was stunned, “What does that matter? Anyway, you will soon depart
from her.”

Murray was extremely angry in his heart. He did not expect Michelle to be such a person, and the
methods used to threaten him were very mean. If he had known earlier, he should not have come to
this girl!

Michelle acted as if she did not see Murray’s expression. She moved closer and was about to kiss his
cheek, earlobe, and lips. In short, she was doing everything she could. She also wanted to remove
Murray’s belt.

“Michelle, you are crazy! You better stop! If your father knew you were doing this, he would never
forgive you. What are you doing!”

Murray wanted to dodge, but there was nothing he could do. He could only curse Michelle in an attempt
to wake her up.

But Michelle could not listen to anything now. The more Murray scolded, the more enthusiastic she
became, as if those words were very moving in her ears.

“No matter what you say, after today, I will be yours. Dad… If my dad sees me with you, he will be very

“Murray, I want you. I want you.”

In the Moonlight Mansion.

Melissa had been waiting at home for Murray’s call, but seeing that the clock on the wall indicated that
the time was about to reach twelve o’clock, the phone still had not rung, Melissa was a little worried,
and even her right eyelid began to jump.

In the end, she was really worried and called Murray, but she dialed five or six calls in a row, and all
she got was…

“The subscriber you dialed cannot be connected for the moment.” The cold mechanical voice

The strong sense of uneasiness in her heart was getting stronger and stronger, so she simply called
Alex and told him about Murray’s situation tonight, telling him to quickly take people to find him.

Alex was also very anxious when he heard this. He immediately responded. After hanging up the
phone, Melissa unconsciously clenched her fists. She simply called Anthony again. “Hello, Anthony,
help me investigate the specific location of Murray’s phone. He has not contacted me. I am going to
find him now.”

“Alright, give me five minutes.”

Anthony agreed quickly because it was very convenient for her to check the location of one’s phone.

Five minutes later, Melissa received a message from Anthony. It was the detailed location of Murray’s
phone. Melissa carefully zoomed in on the map. Without thinking, she put on her coat and drove out to
find Murray.

She thought, nothing would happen to Murray…

The remote light was still on, and she finally reached the stage where the cursor and the blue dot
overlapped. In front of her was a forest, and there was no one on the side of the road. A thrill passed all

over Melissa. After parking the car, she quickly opened the door and ran out. She followed the
directions on the phone and slowly walked into the forest. However, not far from the entrance, she
picked up Murray’s phone. The screen emitted a faint light.

Melissa picked up the phone, frowned, and looked around in confusion. She called out a few times,
“Murray, Murray…”

Nobody responded to her.

Melissa’s tightly knitted brows did not loosen up. Since she had gotten his phone, Murray might be
nearby. It was better to return to the car first. It was not a good idea to search aimlessly.

After returning to the car, Melissa slowly opened her hand. Murray’s phone was quietly lying in her
palm. Melissa frowned and could not help but fall into deep thought.

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