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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 525

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Chapter 525 You Are Mine

After not seeing Michelle in the company for a few days, Murray finally breathed a sigh of relief. He
thought that Michelle had thought it through and went back to Wyvernholt alone. Or Michelle had been
shopping everywhere. In short, it was good for Murray that Michelle didn’t bother him.

It seemed that everything was on the right track, and the relationship between Murray and Melissa was
also rapidly getting better. The day of the engagement ceremony was getting closer, and Murray had
more things to do.

Apart from dealing with documents and meetings in the company, the only thing Murray did these days
was take Melissa to try out the dresses and rings, as if Melissa was the only one left in his life.

One day, the two came out of the jewelry shop. Melissa held Murray’s arm and said to him with a smile,
“The engagement ceremony is coming, but isn’t your company still handling business recently? Don’t
worry about me. It’s more important for you to do your things.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already made arrangements for the company. Besides, everyone knows that we’re
getting engaged. It’s reasonable to spend time wih you.”

Murray patted the back of Melissa’s hand comfortingly. While the two were talking and laughing,
Michelle’s bodyguard called Murray.

“Mr. Gibson, bad news, Princess Michelle is missing.” The bodyguard’s anxious voice sounded on the
other side of the line. Murray frowned and looked at Melissa.

He instinctively felt that he shouldn’t meddle in this matter. But the bodyguard had already called him. It
wasn’t reasonable to say that he didn’t care at all. And this was a foreign country for Michelle. Even if
Murray didn’t like Michelle, he had to take care of the princess for his friend, Adriel.

Melissa also heard the words in the receiver and frowned, but she still advised with some worry,
“What’s going on… Why don’t you ask for more details?”

When Murray heard this, he nodded and asked, “What happened? When did she disappear?”

“It’s… It was two hours ago. I was going to send snacks to her, but no one came to answer me when I
knocked on the door. Later, I called the reception to open the door,

but there was no one inside. I checked the surveillance, and she was taken away after answering a
phone call. I… I only know your phone number. Mr. Gibson, please help us find her.”

The bodyguard’s voice was urgent and pitiful. Murray frowned and didn’t doubt him. After hanging up
the phone, Murray called the bodyguard in the house and said quickly, “Michelle is missing. Take a few
more people and find her in Aldness.”

Murray hung up the call. Melissa was also worried. Murray forced himself to calm down and patted
Melissa’s hand. “Michelle is Adriel’s daughter. Now that she’s gone, I have to ensure her safety.
Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain it to my friend.”

Melissa nodded understandingly, “I know, then we don’t have to go shopping now. It’s important to find
her quickly. I’m also very worried that something might happen to Michelle.”

There was no time to lose. The two immediately went to the most prosperous area in Aldness. When
they met someone, they asked about Michelle’s whereabouts. But they got no useful information the
whole day. The bodyguards were the same. No one knew where Michelle was taken.

Murray and Melissa searched many places but found nothing. They had no choice but to go home.
Both of them were uneasy. Murray would call Michelle’s bodyguard to ask for updates now and then.
He frowned and was very anxious.

At about half past eight, Murray’s cellphone suddenly rang. It was a call from an unknown person.

Melissa was excited to hear the ring. She stood up and approached Murray. They looked at the screen.
Murray stopped for a moment but still picked it up. His intuition told him that this call might be related to


“Is it Murray Gibson?” A very strange voice came from the cellphone. There was also an electric sound.
It sounded like it had been synthesized with a voice changer.

“Who are you? What’s the matter?”

There was a burst of laughter over the cellphone, which sounded shrill and sinister. “I want to tell you
that Princess Michelle is in our hands. You are the only contact person on her cellphone. If you want to
save her, come to the island in Boston to find her.”

“Michelle? What did you do to her?” When Murray heard Michelle’s name, his heart skipped a beat, but
he was still calm.

The person talking on the cellphone seemed to be impatient. His tone suddenly became fierce. “We
have been observing her for a few days. She is a little princess from Wyvernholt. Isn’t it normal to make
a fortune by kidnapping… Unfortunately, she only has your contact information. Cut the crap. If you
want to save her, come to the island in two hours. Don’t bring anyone with you. Otherwise, we will kill

After the kidnapper said this, the call was hung up all of a sudden. Murray pursed his lips tightly and
turned to look at Melissa. “It was the kidnappers who called just now. They kidnapped Michelle and

brought her to the island. I have to save her now. But don’t worry, I will be careful. Wait for me at

Melissa was also extremely anxious. She did not know who Michelle had offended, but the most
important thing right now was to rescue Michelle.

Murray left in a hurry. There was still the last round of the ferry. He didn’t hesitate to set foot on the ferry
to the island. By the time he reached the island, it was already completely dark.

In the meantime, the kidnapper who used the voice changer called Murray several times until he was
guided to a small wooden house on the island.

When Murray saw the small wooden house, he was shocked. It was obvious that he remembered the
bad memories of his childhood.

But when he thought about how the kidnappers said that Michelle was inside, he pushed open the
door. As soon as he entered, he saw Michelle standing in the room and smiling at him. Michelle didn’t
look like she had been kidnapped at all.

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