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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 519

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Chapter 519 We Are Home

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You just recovered.” Renita was still worried.

“I’m fine. I’ve already rested for a few days. Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving.” Vivian turned

and left.

Jaylin’s studio was downstairs. Vivian did not wait for the elevator but directly went downstairs. When
she stood at the door, she fixed her clothes, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

“There you are.” Jaylin opened the door and moved aside to signal Vivian to come in.

“Are you doing anything? Did I come too late?” Vivian glanced around and said softly.

“I was also reading the script. Perfect timing.” Jaylin poured Vivian a glass of water.

To be honest, the vibe between the two had been a little subtle since that incident. Vivian did not know
how to deal with Jaylin.

Although Vivian wanted to take this opportunity to spend time with Jaylin, after they met and began to
study, Vivian also concentrated on the script.

“Not bad.” Jaylin looked at Vivian with a smile of approval on his face.

After leaving her acting state, Vivian rubbed her eyes tiredly and turned to look out the window. It was
already dark.

“It’s already so late?” Vivian was a little surprised.

“It’s getting late. I’ll send you home.” With that, Jaylin picked up his coat and key.

Vivian naturally would not refuse his offer.

However, when Jaylin’s car was halfway there, he suddenly received a call.

“What is it?”

“Melissa and Demetrius have gone missing!” Conrad’s voice sounded. Vivian turned her head but only
vaguely heard Melissa’s name. Just then, Jaylin’s face suddenly changed.

“How could this be? I’ll be there immediately.” After that, Jaylin was about to turn around but found that
Vivian was still in the shotgun seat.

“Vivian, something happened to Melissa. I have to rush over. You can go home on your own,” Jaylin
said nervously.

“You got somewhere to be, then go.” Vivian got out of the car.

Looking at the fading car, Vivian stood on the side of the road and pursed her lips, disappointed

She already knew that Jaylin only loved Melissa. But she just couldn’t get over it…

After a night, Murray found this remote cave. However, just as he ran to the entrance of

the cave, he saw Melissa sleeping.

Murray was finally relieved. The hair on his forehead was already wet from the rain, and his knuckles
were red from the cold. The umbrella in his hand fell to the ground with a clatter.

Melissa was a light sleeper. She only managed to sleep for a while when it was almost dawn. The
sound of the umbrella falling to the ground woke her up. She instinctively frowned and slowly opened
her eyes. When she saw Murray at the entrance of the cave, she immediately woke up.


She shouted in surprise, her hands on the ground, but she gasped and frowned, her legs numb.

Demetrius, who was beside Melissa, heard her voice and woke up in a few seconds. When he saw
Murray, he was stunned and did not know what to say.

Murray panted heavily. He didn’t even bother to look at Demetrius. He only stared at Melissa. He took a
few steps forward, carried Melissa in his arms, and walked out of the cave according to the way he

Demetrius saw this and had no choice. He knew that he was the one who dragged Melissa down, so
he managed to stand up. The bodyguards that Murray had brought along supported him down the

When they walked out, many reporters had already been waiting for the entire night. However, when
they saw Murray and Melissa, they immediately perked up. They picked up their cameras and started
to take photos. Some even wanted to go forward and interview them.

“I’m sorry. My wife and I don’t want to be interviewed right now. Please leave as soon as possible, or
you will be sorry.”

The reporters who wanted to interview Murray were stunned. They didn’t say a word and unconsciously
stepped aside.

Melissa had been nestled in Murray’s arms. She could feel that the clothes on Murray now were wet
and his hands were cold.

She raised her eyes slightly and looked at the side of his face. She felt warm yet guilty.

She thought, did he look for me the entire night…

Murray walked out of there with a straight face. He opened the car door and put her in the front seat.
He even considerately fastened the seat belt for her. Melissa kept her head down and finally met
Murray’s gaze.

“Sorry for making you worry about me… It was just Demetrius injured his foot yesterday, so we didn’t
come out on time. Let’s send him to the hospital. I’m afraid that he hurt his ankles.”

“It was just a sprain. How serious can it be?” Murray casually said, expressionless and indifferent.

But in the end, he still listened to Melissa and drove Demetrius to the hospital. Although he didn’t want
to get involved with Demetrius because of Melissa, he knew that Demetrius was actually not bad.


“This is just a sprain. I’ll bandage it for you later, but you can’t move around in the next few days. You
have to apply the ointment in time.”

Melissa and Murray were both staying with Demetrius in the consulting room, and only left the hospital
after confirming that he was fine.

Murray looked like he wanted to say something along the way. He wanted to tell Melissa that she
couldn’t go out with other men casually, but seeing Melissa all tired, he finally did not say anything.

Not long after Melissa got in the car, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She had been trapped in that
spot all night yesterday and did not even dare to sleep. She was indeed too tired.

When Murray saw this, he stopped the steering wheel, crossed the back of the seat to get the blanket
behind her, and lightly covered Melissa with it.

Seeing Melissa all haggard, he revealed a distressed look.

Half an hour later, the car stopped outside the villa, and Murray finally called Melissa, “Melissa, wake
up, we’re home.”


Melissa woke up in a daze. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Even when she got out of the car, she
swayed a little. After returning home, she went straight into the bedroom and only woke up when it was
almost dark.

During dinner, Melissa looked through her phone and saw a trending topic about her elopement with
Demetrius on the social platform. She was dumbfounded.

Melissa was helpless. She let out a long sigh and turned her phone upside down. “Those reporters
really like to make up and write stories. It’s just that I hung out with Demetrius in the scenic area and
was trapped there. Elope? This is insane!”

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