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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 517

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Chapter 517 What’s So Good About Melissa?

Vivian forced herself to stand up. Seeing that her broker rejected a few calls, she said apologetically,
“Renita, I’m sorry. I’ve occupied your time. I remember that you have a lot of work to do. I’m fine now.
You don’t have to take care of me.”

“It’s okay. I’ve already asked for leave.” The broker smiled, but her phone rang.

Renita was about to reject this call, but Vivian quickly stopped her. “I’m fine now. Hurry up and go back
to work. Don’t delay any longer. Arno is also here. He is a doctor.”

Renita could tell that Vivian and Arno were close, so she did not refuse. She told Vivian something
before turning to leave.

Arno looked at Vivian’s thermometer. After ensuring that her fever had completely been brought down,
he rolled up his sleeves. “I’ll cook something for you so that you can recover your strength.”

“No.” Vivian felt a little embarrassed and stopped Arno.

“You are a patient. I should take care of you. Besides, even if I am not a doctor…” Arno paused for a
moment and said in a deep voice as he met Vivian’s gaze.

“As your friend, this is also what I should do.”

“Thank you.” Vivian raised the corners of her lips. She seemed to be a little stunned, and Arno didn’t
know what she was thinking.

After eating something, Vivian felt much better. She heaved a sigh of relief, but her furrowed brows did
not relax at all.

Arno was secretly observing Vivian and found she had always been very nervous.

Arno could tell Vivian’s anxiety, but he did not say it. Instead, he quietly accompanied her.

Not long after, Vivian told him that she wanted to see a psychiatrist. He then immediately took her

“Vivian, don’t worry. Relax and stop thinking about those annoying things.” As Arno drove, he
comforted Vivian.

“Okay.” Vivian nodded thoughtfully.

In the Yale family’s villa…

“What did you say?”

Adela looked at the people in front of her and frowned.

She hired them to kidnap Vivian, but now they appeared here with swollen faces.

“Ms. Yale, we have already caught her. But a group of people appeared out of nowhere. Fortunately,
we’re fast runners, or we’ve died there.”

The leader of these people covered his face and said in a slurred voice.

Originally, he thought that this was a simple task, but he didn’t expect to fall into such big trouble.

However, they could seize this opportunity to ask Adela for more money.

“A group of people…” Adela muttered to herself. She had a theory now.

The only person who could find Vivian so quickly must be Murray.

Adela’s hand on the table suddenly tightened. She did not know what Melissa had done to Murray and
now he could help Melissa with anything.

“Ms. Yale…” Seeing that Adela was silent, these strong men pushed each other, and their leader called

“Is there anything else?” Adela was in a fit of anger, and her voice was a bit colder.

“Ms. Yale, we have been seriously injured. The commission you gave us before is not enough to afford
the medical bills,” the leader said with some trepidation.

“Commission?” Adela narrowed her eyes and turned her face away in disgust. “I see. I’ll give you 800
thousand dollars later. Is that enough?”

Although she said this, Adela wanted to kick them out immediately.

But if she did that, her secret of hiring people to kidnap Vivian would probably be revealed. This was
naturally not something that Adela wanted.

“Yes.” These men looked at each other and left, satisfied.

Alter they lell, Adela’s expression became extremely ferocious. She slammed the table and muttered,
“You useless rubbish! You can’t even handle a woman.”

Adela slightly looked up and stared at several phone calls from Jeremy on the phone, Thinking of his
encounter, she pulled up her lips into a sneer,

This playboy was also someone useless.

But soon, she seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly rushed to Declan’s


“Why are you here?”

Declan was a little surprised by Adela’s arrival. When he saw her gloomy face, he immediately asked
with concern, “Who annoyed you?”

Adela was about to curse Melissa, but she held such a desire back.

She sat down on the sofa and looked at Declan. “Declan, how are things going on with


Hearing this, Declan was stunned. He then chuckled, “What’s wrong?”

“You know it! Hurry up and get her!” Adela raised her voice.

If Declan really got Melissa, it would be easy for her to deal with that slut.

But Declan did not notice Adela’s face. His body leaned back slightly and he recalled how he got along
with Melissa these days.

Previously, he was convinced by Adela that Melissa was a scheming woman. However, after days of
contact, Declan found that Melissa was very special.

She was powerful, unrestrained, and completely independent. She handled everything with ease, and
she was easy to get along with.

Declan felt that perhaps only such a strong and beautiful woman would be worthy of


“Declan? Declan!” Adela turned around and saw Declan in a daze. She was confused.

Declan came back to his senses. He looked at Adela and asked, “If I get her, do you want her to marry


Adela never thought that Declan would actually say such words. She carefully observed Declan’s
expression, as if she had sensed something.

“Melissa is indeed qualified to be my wife.” Declan rubbed his chin as he muttered to himself.

“Declan!” Adela screamed and suddenly stood up, but it startled Declan.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you so shocked? Who on earth annoyed you today?” Declan looked
at her.

Adela took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “It’s nothing. Then just go get Melissa.”


With that, Adela left in her high heels, but her eyes were full of resentment.

She never thought that Declan would be into that slut.

What was so good about Melissa? Why did so many people like her?

Adela looked at her reflection in the glass window and almost cracked her teeth in anger.

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