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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 507

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Chapter 507 A Narrow Escape

The driver was scared by Nina and quickly carried her to the car, saying anxiously, “Miss Paul, please
bear with it. I‘ll drive you to the hospital immediately!”

Nina lay in the back seat and felt waves of pain in her abdomen. Cold sweat streamed down her

What was wrong with her?

She was six months pregnant. The baby would be fine, right?

But why was her belly so painful?

The more Nina thought about it, the more anxious she became. She hurriedly took a deep breath to
calm her mind.

The driver rushed her to the hospital. If anything happened to Nina on his watch today, he would be

Thinking of that, the driver quickly called Carlee.

Carlee was soundly asleep when she was suddenly woken up by the call.

“Who is calling me in the middle of the night?” Carlee muttered and picked up the phone in a bad

“Mrs. Timothy, it‘s bad. Miss Paul suddenly had a stomachache. I drove her to the hospital.” The
driver‘s flustered voice sounded from the other side of the line.

“What? Nina? What happened to her?” Carlee froze for a moment before she reacted.

Shouldn‘t Nina be sleeping at home now?

Why did her stomach suddenly hurt? Why was she in the hospital?

Why didn‘t Carlee know anything about it?

“Mrs. Timothy, Miss Paul went to the set to look for Mr. Timothy, but she didn‘t see him. Then she
suddenly had a stomachache. Now we are in Johns Hopkins Hospital. Do you think we should find
someone to take care of her?” the driver asked cautiously.

“Alright, I see,” Carlee said coldly.

Reid was awakened and tilted his head before asking, “What‘s wrong? Did something happen to

“Who knows? He said she was in the hospital. Why did she go to the set in the middle of the night?”
Carlee glared at


“What? Is the child alright?” Reid was shocked and immediately got out of bed. “Hurry up! Let‘s go see

“If anything happens to my grandson, I will not let her off!” Thinking of the baby, Carlee looked anxious,

Harley had been busy all night. When he returned home, Carlee was in a hurry to change her clothes.
“Mom, where are you going in the middle of the night?” He did not know about Nina‘s stomachache.

Carlee raised her phone and said anxiously, “Just now, the driver called and said Nina suddenly had a
stomachache. She is in the hospital.”

Hearing Carlee‘s words, Harley suddenly frowned, “What? Nana went to the hospital!” He did not have
tinie to go home to change clothes and rushed to the hospital.

Along the wav, he was worried about Nina. praving that nothing would happen to her and the child,

When Harley was in the car, he found his phone was turned off in the theater. Could it be that Nina was
so anxious that she had a stomachache because she couldn‘t reach him?

Harley looked at his phone in frustration and threw it on the seat.

When they arrived at the hospital, Harley hurriedly asked the driver, “Where is Nina?”

The driver pointed to the examination room. “The doctor is examining her.”

“Doctor, is my fiancée okay?” Harley rushed in and asked anxiously.

The doctor pushed up his glasses and replied, “She was in a bad mood, so it affected the fetus.
Therefore, her belly hurt. She is fine, though. She needs to stay happy.”

A bad mood?

Harley was puzzled. He sat beside Nina and reached out to hug her. “Nina, what‘s wrong?”

At the thought of how Harley and Sylvia were so intimate in that photo, Nina felt jealous and turned her
face away to ignore Harley.

“Nina, the doctor asked you to stay happy. Why the long face?” Carlee walked in and just happened to
hear the doctor‘s words. She glared at Nina.

“Mom, don‘t say that.” Harley defended Nina.

“Since she is fine, let‘s go home,” Reid said.

Fortunately, Nina and the child were fine.

After a restless night, Harley brought Nina back to the Timothy‘s house.

“Nana, what happened? Why did your stomach hurt?” Harley could not help but ask with concern.

“Look at it yourself!” Nina took out her phone, found the photo, and handed the phone to Harley.

Harley took the phone and looked down at the photo. He and Sylvia were in it.

At that time, Sylvia fainted, and he helped her into the car, so they looked intimate.

It was just...

Why did Nina have this photo?

“Where did you get this?” Harley asked.

“I don‘t know!” Nina rolled her eyes at Harley. “Don‘t you know what you did?”

“Nina, it‘s not what you think. Do you still not believe me? You are the only one I love.” Harley patiently
explained, “Sylvia fainted. I was just helping her.”

Nina turned to Harley.

She didn‘t know if she should believe Harley.

Every time she thought of that photo, Nina felt annoyed.

The next day, Harley was worried about Nipa, so he called Melissa, “Meli, something happened to Nina
last night. Can you come and see her?“

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