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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 506

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Chapter 506 Sylvia‘s Seduction

When Carlee saw her son and daughter in law getting up from bed late, she was very unhappy. She
crossed her arms around her chest and frowned, “What time is it now? You got up late. I have asked
the cook to warm your breakfast many times.”

Nina held Harley‘s shoulder and was a little scared. She hid behind Harley and dared not speak.

“Mom, I was not feeling well in the morning. So I asked Nana to stay with me in the room.” Harley said
slowly, holding Nina behind him. “Don‘t blaine her.”

Since her son had said so, Carlee could not say anything else. She could only frown slightly and say,
“Alright, let‘s not talk about this. Let‘s eat.”

Nina sat silently at the dining table, not saying a word.

Carlee had been watching the video that Harley took with Sylvia on the Internet. “Harley, I think you
and Sylvia look very compatible. You two work well in this MV.”

Harley held Nina‘s hand under the table, indicating her not to think wildly or to care about what Carlee

Seeing that the two ignored her and gave her no response, Carlee left in anger.

For the whole day, Harley had been with Nina until dusk when he left home and rushed to the shooting

“I have night scenes to take today and will be back later. You should rest early. You don‘t have to wait
for me.” Harley kissed Nina affectionately on her forehead.

“Okay,” Nina replied softly and watched Harley leave.

At the shooting set, Sylvia looked at the script today and was secretly happy in her heart. She would
have more opportunities to get close to Harley until midnight.

Harley, who was on his way to the set, was still unaware of what she was thinking. He sat in the van
and casually flipped through the script, thinking about how to act later.

“Harley, you are here.” As soon as Harley arrived, Sylvia immediately rushed to Harley with the script in
her hands, “Harley, I bought you coffee.”

Harley nodded slightly and kept the distance from Sylvia.

The shooting would go on from dusk to midnight. Harley felt a little sleepy, and Sylvia kept secretly
glancing at Harley from the corner of her eye to observe him.

It was not that Harley did not notice Sylvia‘s behavior, but he pretended not to see it.

The night was getting darker and darker, and there were fewer and fewer people on the crew.

“Harley, you did a good job today.” The director said, indicating that Harley‘s shooting was over.

“Thanks!” Harley nodded lightly. He put on his suit jacket and was about to leave.

He was worried about Nina and did not know if she was asleep.

Sylvia watched Harley leave and immediately thought of a plan. She narrowed her eyes slightly and
was about to say goodbye to Harley when she suddenly pretended to faint. “Harley, I‘m so dizzy...”

Before she finished speaking, Sylvia‘s entire body swayed and fell to the ground.

When the crew saw this scene, they were all frightened, “Well, Sylvia, Sylvia, what‘s wrong? Can you
wake up?”

Harley could not tell whether Sylvia was pretending or not, but his face was full of worry. No matter
what, Sylvia grew up with him from a young age, and their families were also long–time friends.

Harley couldn‘t allow Sylvia to lie there alone.

“Harley,” Sylvia woke up weakly and reached out to hug Harley. “I want to go home.”

None of the people present knew where Sylvia‘s home was, and they all looked at Harley

“Director, let me send her home.” Harley slowly opened his mouth. Due to the friendship of many years
of being neighbors, he sent Sylvia home. He thought that he would leave when he sent her home and
would not stay for long

Sylvia, who had succeeded in her plan, was secretly delighted in her heart and pretended to lean
weakly against Harley

On the way, Sylvia leaned on the passenger seat and pretended to be uncomfortable as she pulled off
her clothes slightly. “Harley, Harley....” She kept repeating the man‘s name.

When Harley saw all this, he was unmoved and drove the car coldly.

“Harley, I like you.” Sylvia suddenly said with her eyes closed. She wanted to use this opportunity to
seduce Harley,

“We will soon arrive at your home. I‘ll leave you downstairs.” Harley pretended not to hear that.

Sylvia tried to seduce him in the car. Harley was worried that Sylvia would try harder after going
upstairs, so Harley chose to send Sylvia downstairs.

“Have a good rest.” Harley sent Sylvia downstairs and left without looking back.

Looking at Harley‘s determined back, Sylvia felt a burst of anger and jealousy.

On the other hand, Nina waited at home for a long time and did not wait for Harley to return home,
feeling a little uneasy.

Although Harley told her to sleep first without waiting for him, Nina could not sleep.

It is already so late now, why hasn‘t Harley come back yet?

Nina was somewhat worried. She paced back and forth at home and looked anxiously at the door.

No matter how Nina called Harley, his phone was turned off.

“Could something have happened?” Nina thought to herself, and she couldn‘t help but frown,

Nina asked the driver to send her to the set to find Harley before Carlee found out that Harley had not
been home yet.

The driver looked at the anxious Nina and had to agree.

In the set, it was pitch black and there was not even a trace of light. The shooting props fell to the
ground, making the scene even more desolate.

This made Nina even more worried. “Will anything happen to Harley?”

Nina looked around anxiously and wanted to ask someone, but there was no one on set.

At that moment, Nina‘s phone suddenly rang. She thought it was Harley calling and turned on her
phone, only to see a photo sent anonymously.

In the photo, Harley supported Sylvia and walked toward Sylvia‘s home with a smile.

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Chapter 506

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