Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 461

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Chapter 461 Argue Reasonably

When Melissa heard the voice, she turned around. Joseph also looked in the direction of the voice with

When Melissa saw Murray coming over, she instinctively breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that she
could be able to get away safely tonight, but…

“Why did you come?” Melissa was confused. “I haven’t called you yet.”

Murray walked over aggressively. When he saw Joseph talking to Melissa just now, he was so jealous.
How could he have the mood to explain to Melissa? He just walked up to Melissa, grabbed her hand,
and directly pulled her behind him.

Murray said in a deep voice, “Let’s go home with me.”.

Before Melissa could figure out what was going on, she was pulled over by Murray. She sighed in her
heart and knew that Murray was jealous again. She had to explain it to him when they went back.

However, Joseph felt very strange that Melissa was going to leave with Murray. He only knew that
Murray was a strange man he did not know. Seeing that Melissa was going to leave with Murray,
Joseph was unhappy and said aloud, “You can’t take her with you!”

Hearing that, Murray stopped and turned around to look at Joseph with a smile. His eyes became
dangerous. He had learned Wyvernholten before and could understand what Joseph had said.

“What did you just say?”

They made a lot of noise and attracted the attention of the people who were about to leave the
banquet. Michelle had just seen her good friend out when she heard the voices of several people

talking. She stood on the steps and stared at Murray.

Michelle thought, “He’s here. Is he here for Melissa?”

Joseph knew that there were many people watching, but he was not afraid. His gaze passed Murray
and landed on Melissa. He wanted to get this woman, not just her body but also her heart.

“I said, let go of her. I met her first, and she doesn’t know you!”

Joseph was determined and argued reasonably.

“She does not know me?” Murray was stunned and then burst into laughter. He did not come to the
banquet because he didn’t want Melissa to be jealous. But he did not expect to hear such a big joke.

How could this Wyvernholten guy be so confident?

Murray pointed at Joseph’s shoulder and looked at him coldly. “Did she personally tell you that she
doesn’t know me, or did you think of it yourself? Let me tell you, Melissa is my woman, my fiancée. I
don’t care what you feel today. You’d better stay away from her.”

After saying this, Murray pursed his lips and pulled Melissa away.

Joseph was still in shock Seeing Murray and Melissa leave together, he felt disappointed. He turned
around and saw Michelle standing outside the door.

Seeing Murray leave with Melissa, Michelle was also unhappy. When she met Joseph’s gaze, she
lowered her head and looked away, returning to the villa in a daze.

Murray walked quickly and urgently. Melissa wore high heels and almost couldn’t keep up with his
footsteps. She could only shout, “Murray, what’s wrong with you? slow down. You walk too quickly. I
can’t keep up with you.”


ater 61 Arcue Reasonably

Although Murray was angry, he couldn’t bear to let Melissa get hurt. His expression was still hard, but
he slowed down. When he got in the car, he was still gloomy and didn’t say a word.

Melissa sat in the front passenger seat and suddenly felt a little panicked. She was very familiar with
Murray’s reaction, but now she was puzzled.

“Murray, what happened to you today? Why did you come to pick me up all of a sudden?”

Hearing Melissa’s question, Murray did not answer a word. He just drove the car fast along the way.
When they opened the door and entered the room, as soon as Melissa closed the door, Murray
reached out his hands to hold her face and kissed her aggressively.

Melissa could not dodge and could only whine. She even tasted the blood.

Her lip was bitten through.

Murray didn’t let go of her until a long time passed. He was still breathing heavily. Murray’s eyes were
red. Melissa frowned and pushed away Murray’s hands. She really did not like Murray to be like this.
He was crazy.

“What happened to you?”

After kissing Melissa, Murray felt his mood was eased a little, and only then could he be sure that
Melissa belonged to


He wiped his lips and said in a deep voice, “If I didn’t come today, I didn’t know what that Joseph
wouldn’t do to you. You are not allowed to dance with others in the future. I can’t stand watching them
touching you. Do you understand?”

Melissa knew that Murray was angry again.

Melissa realized after hearing Murray’s words. She was angry, but she also wanted to laugh. It was just
a dance. Did Murray think that she couldn’t take care of herself? He didn’t even allow her to do such a

She let out a breath and glanced away speechlessly.

“Can you not be like a kid and always be jealous? Joseph and I just had a dance. You are so stingy.”

Melissa really couldn’t stand Murray’s mood at that time. She didn’t even want to coax him. She
complained and went

straight into the study. She just said this when he entered the door.

She just said that she was going to modify her design drafts when she entered the study.

Murray sat on the sofa alone, sulking.

He turned back to take a look. There was helplessness, anger, and reluctance in his eyes. It was just a
quarrel between

lovers and would not last long.

Seeing that it was almost eleven o’clock, Murray thought for a while and decided it was better to ask for
Melissa’s forgiveness. Moreover, the birthday banquet was not a proper place to eat. So, he walked to

the kitchen and skillfully made a plate of spaghetti for Melissa. Then, he gently pushed open the door of
the study and walked in. Melissa was

facing the computer screen, modifying the design draft.

Murray sighed and walked over to put the spaghetti beside Melissa’s hand. He said, “Well, don’t be
angry. You haven’t had a good meal at the birthday banquet, have you? Eat spaghetti first and then
continue to work I can’t let my wife

get ill.”

Melissa was a little angry at first, but she forgot everything when she got busy. Hearing Murray’s words,
she stopped

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