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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 460

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Chapter 460 Birthday Banquet

“It would be great.” Anaya looked excited and nodded. When she turned, a trace of pride flashed in her
eyes. Anaya thought, “Melissa, no matter how hard you are wary of me, I still get to know what I want
to know.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to tell Susan about this, and then something interesting will happen.”

It was in the villa.

Melissa looked at her phone. It was a message from Michelle. She looked at Murray, who was sitting
next to her, and said, “Michelle just sent me a message. Her birthday banquet is at eight o’clock
tomorrow night. It seems that it is held in a small villa in the suburbs. I have gone there with her once.”

Murray thought for a moment. He thought that if he agreed immediately, with Melissa’s current temper,
she would definitely be jealous. It would be better for him to refuse. He also didn’t want to make friends
with Michelle.

“Oh,” Murray nodded. “Tomorrow’s banquet… I don’t really want to go, and I’m not familiar with
Michelle. Why don’t you go yourself?”

Melissa stared at Murray for a while. There was a slight smile in her eyes. She felt that she knew what
Murray was thinking

Although it would be difficult to explain to Michelle tomorrow, Melissa also thought it was a good idea.

“Okay, I may come back late. I will call you then.”

At eight in the evening, Michelle’s birthday banquet.

In order to make his daughter happy, Prince Adriel held a grand birthday banquet this time. The boys
and girls whose families had connections with him and had a good relationship with Michelle were all
invited over. But Michelle only greeted a few words with them. After that, she kept looking in the
direction of the door.

She was waiting for Murray.

About half an hour later, Melissa arrived at the villa in the suburbs. When she came in, Michelle’s eyes
lit up. But Michelle did not see anyone else except Melissa.

Michelle thought, “Did Murray not come?”

She felt a little disappointed. The smile in her eyes quickly disappeared, and she lowered her eyes

Melissa saw Michelle at a glance. Seeing that Michelle was unhappy, Melissa sighed softly and walked
toward Michelle as if she did not know anything. Melissa handed the gift bag in her hand to Michelle.
“What’s happened? It’s your birthday today. Why are you unhappy? This is your birthday present.”

Michelle heard the voice and looked up. She felt even worse when she saw Melissa standing in front of
her. Her gaze turned to the gift bag in Melissa’s hand. It would not be polite if she did not accept it.

“Thank you. I’ve always liked the gifts you gave me. I’m just a little tired. It’s nothing.” Michelle forced a
smile and hid her thoughts.

Demetrius Harris, who had always been good friends with Michelle, was passing through the crowd
with two glasses of champagne. He wanted to have a drink with Michelle but found that Melissa was
beside her.

Demetrius’s eyes suddenly widened.

He swore that he had never seen such a beautiful and gentle girl. He hadn’t experienced the feeling of
being shot by Cupid’s arrow until today.

Demetrius thought, “Well… It seems that this beautiful lady does not have a male companion.”

Demetrius thought for a moment, and the corner of his mouth curled into a smile. He took the
champagne and walked over. Michelle only looked up at him and did not say anything. Melissa was a
little confused and thought that he was here to look for Michelle, so she stood up and left.

“This beautiful lady.” Unexpectedly, as soon as Melissa turned around, she was stopped by Demetrius.
He reached out his hand to hand the wine glass in his right hand to Melissa.

“I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to a dance?”

“Me?” Melissa pointed at herself with surprise. Michelle looked at Melissa and then at Demetrius. She
was about to say something, but finally, she didn’t say anything.

Michelle didn’t remind Demetrius or Melissa due to her selfishness.

Melissa thought that it was just a dance.

Seeing that Demetrius was sincere, Melissa felt that it would be too hypocritical if she refused. It was in
Laville, and it was not a big deal.

“Alright, but I am not good at dancing. I hope I won’t embarrass you.” Melissa nodded.

When Demetrius saw Melissa nod, he smiled and said gentlemanly, “It’s okay. It’s my honor to dance
with such a beautiful lady.”

Melissa followed Demetrius to the center of the hall. As the music began, Melissa placed her hand on
Demetrius’s shoulder and danced along with the music. Demetrius put his hand on Melissa’s waist. His

movements were very intimate. He stared at Melissa’s face and praised her.

“I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful and dance so well. You were so modest just now.”

“I just know a little.” Melissa smiled. She did not say anything else after that and just wanted to finish
the dance with Demetrius as soon as possible.

However, what she did not expect was that there were also reporters who had come from America for
business trips, They happened to see the scene of Melissa dancing with a man, so they took photos,
quickly wrote a report, and posted it on the Internet. It quickly became a trending topic.

Murray was originally waiting at home for Melissa to come back and read the news on his phone. He
saw a trending topic about Melissa and Demetrius dancing together. When he clicked in, he saw the
photos of the scene, and his expression hardened. In particular, the distance between Demetrius and
Melissa made him very uncomfortable.

What was she doing!

After putting down the phone, Murray felt more and more unhappy. He stood up, put on his coat, and
went out. He wanted to see what kind of person Demetrius was!

The banquet was nearing its end. Melissa and Demetrius had already finished dancing and returned to
the rest area. However, Demetrius had been following Melissa and asking her questions. Although
Melissa felt uncomfortable in her heart, she still answered politely.

When Melissa found Michelle and said that she was leaving, Demetrius finally said, “It’s nice to meet
you today, Can you leave me your phone number or other contact information? So that we can chat in
the future.”

Melissa had already walked out of the door.

She turned around and looked at Demetrius, whose face was full of expectation. Melissa smiled politely
and saw, ‘1’11

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