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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 459

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Chapter 459 Lover

As long as Michelle thought of Murray’s name, the comers of her mouth would unconsciously rise She
often dreamed of him. As long as she closed her eyes, she would see Murray’s face.

However, Michelle knew how painful it was to miss someone. So, she wanted to invite Murray to her
birthday banquet so that she could see Murray and talk to him.

If possible, she wanted more than just talking to him,

Michelle knew that she still wanted to see Murray often and do a lot of things with him. She didn’t just
want to know him.

But when she thought of Murray being together with Melissa and that he was Melissa’s fiancé, Michelle
felt uncomfortable in her heart. She knew that Melissa was a good person, but she couldn’t control her

Since Anaya asked Camil to customize a dress, Anaya had been running to Loe Studio every two or
three days. She often chatted with Camil. Fortunately, Camil remembered Melissa’s words and was not
enthusiastic about Anaya. Camil was afraid that Anaya would cause trouble again.

One day, Anaya came again with many fruits in her hands.

“You all are working so hard.” Anaya knocked on the door and walked into the studio with a smile. She
said as if she was very familiar with the people in the studio, and she gave the fruits to everyone.

“I came to see the dress today and brought some fruits for you. Don’t be so polite.”

Anaya was very enthusiastic every time she came, and no one paid attention to what exactly she
wanted to do except Camil. So, some designers would chat with her and even felt that this client called

Lillian was very kind.

Except for Carnil

When Anaya put a few oranges on her table, Camil just looked up and said to Anaya with a smile,
“Lillian, you don’t have to be so kind. Every time you come; you bring something to us. If you keep on
doing this, the designers in our studio will be spoiled by you.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Anaya casually sat on the chair next to Camil and revealed a kind smile. “I have
nothing to do anyway. Besides, I am planning to open a design company. So, I came here to learn

Carnil just smiled when she heard this, but she was always polite. Every time Anaya came, she had to
be more vigilant.

Melissa was always right.

“Learn something? Except for Loe, we are all at the same level.”

Camil let out a long breath. Hearing that, Anaya was a little bit proud. She was thinking about how to
start the conversation, and Camil mentioned it first.

It was good for her.

“You are right.” Anaya pretended to be enlightened. “I heard that Loe is the most famous designer in
your studio and the boss too. I always wanted to meet Loe, but why is he not here recently?”

“Loe is very busy and only comes back a few times a year,” Camil said.

Anaya frowned, pretending to ask casually, “Oh? But I heard that there has been a fashion design
competition recently. When my friend mentioned Loe, he said that Loe was a talent in design. Every

year, he won prizes in the

fashion design competition. What about this year? Will he still participate?”

Camil was busy with her work and didn’t pay attention to the words Anaya said. But hearing Anaya
mention Loe and the design competition. It seemed that Anaya deliberately mentioned it.

Camil’s pen paused for a moment, then she lowered her eyes as if nothing had happened. “I don’t
know. Loe rarely comes back to the studio and won’t tell us about these things.”

“Oh. ”

Anaya nodded thoughtfully. But she did not continue to ask Camil anything. She glanced at Camil from
time to time but did not say anything.

Camil was vigilant. She peeled an orange that Anaya had brought and ate it. After a while, Camil
suddenly said, “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.”

After saying that, Camil stood up and left. Anaya turned her head to look in the direction Camil left and
slightly narrowed her eyes.

Camil quickly walked to the bathroom, opened the door of a cubicle, and hid inside. She took out her
phone and sent a message to Melissa. “Melissa, that Lillian you mentioned suddenly asked me about
Loe today. She also asked if Loe would participate in the design competition. She said she wanted to
see your work

“What should we do next?”

Camil frowned slightly. She was so nervous that her fingers were clenched tightly.

Not long after Melissa returned to the villa with Murray, she saw Camil’s message. A smile appeared in
her eyes. It finally came. Anaya was so impatient…

“Tell her what she wants to know. Make up a dress design for her. She has made so much effort.

“That is what she wants, getting to know what clothes I will design for the competition? Camil, I know
you are the most capable. I will leave this matter to you.”

Melissa replied quickly. Camil looked at the text on the screen and smiled confidently.

She knew what to do!

Camil briskly returned to the office. As expected, Anaya had not left yet. When Anaya saw Camil
return, she smiled.

“I’m sorry.” Camil’s tone was very relaxed. “Just now, when I went to the bathroom, I received a call
from Loe. She reminded me to bring the design drawings to participate in the competition, so I came
back a little late.”

Anaya perked up when she heard this, and her eyes lit up. “Are you saying that Loe will participate in
the design competition?”

Camil nodded very seriously. “Technically, it was me who took the design drawings and clothes to
attend the

very busy. But let me tell you, the dress she designed this time is very beautiful. I just saw the design
drawings she sent. It is very beautiful!”

Camil gave a thumbs-up as she spoke. She looked at Anaya, pursed her lips, and said, “It doesn’t
matter. Since you like Loe so much, it’s okay to tell you.”

Anaya nodded. “Okay, I won’t tell anyone.”

Camil lowered her voice and said, “The drawing I saw just now was an evening dress with shoulder
pads. It was crimson and had pearls and a few kinds of lace on it. It was the retro style. It was really
beautiful, almost the same as what you told me. Hey, why don’t you design your dress like this?”

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