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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 458

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Chapter 458 Birthday Banquet

“Whiat’s wrong?” Murray frowned, Alex had always been his most capable assistant. If there was not
something wrong, he would not have contacted Murray at that time at all.

Alex’s voice sounded urgently from the other end of the phone. “Mr. Gibson, it’s not good. I asked
someone to go to the prison to inquire about Ryleigh’s situation. But she was not in prison at all. She
should have escaped from prison!”

“What?” Murray immediately frowned, and even his voice was a little angry. He subconsciously looked
at Melissa, then calmed down and asked in a low voice, “How long has she escaped?”

Alex did not know that such a thing would happen, but he still answered honestly, “The people I found
have asked the prison guards. They said that Ryleigh disappeared three days ago. No one knows
where Ryleigh is.”

Murray’s eyes suddenly became cold. He said, “No matter what method you use. Send someone to
find her now. You must find Ryleigh!”

Melissa realized that something had happened. After Murray hung up the phone, she frowned and
asked, “What’s the matter? Is Ryleigh missing?”

Murray exhaled deeply and nodded. “Yes, Alex sent someone to go to prison to see Ryleigh, but she
escaped from prison and disappeared three days ago.”

Hearing this, Melissa also frowned. She couldn’t believe it, but she quickly calmed down.

Ryleigh was just a chess piece of Sebastian’s. Since she was sent to prison, she would not be able to
escape without someone’s help

Seeing that Murray was obviously furious, Melissa comforted him patiently. “Don’t worry, Sebastian is
the only one to support Ryleigh in Aldness. Besides, there are prison guards in prison. If no one helps
her, Ryleigh absolutely can’t run out. But it seems that the person is absolutely not Sebastian. After all,
Ryleigh has no value to him anymore. Why don’t you send Alex to investigate who has been to the
prison recently, or did Ryleigh do anything unusual before escaping?”

Melissa also could not figure out immediately who would help Ryleigh other than Sebastian… What
was the purpose of going through all the trouble to help Ryleigh escape from prison?

li was too strange,

Murray gradually calmed down. He felt that what Melissa said was indeed reasonable. But the most
important thing now was the design competition Melissa was going to participate in. Murray did not
want Melissa to be upset because of such things.

Murray gradually calmed down and said to Melissa in a comforting tone, “Well, you don’t have to worry
about these

things. I have already asked Alex to find Ryleigh. Your priority now is participating in the design
competition and getting the award.”

Melissa could not help but laugh. She hugged Murray and said softly, “Alright, alright, I understand. You
don’t have to worry about me…”

Murray enjoyed her coquettish tone. His mood was also better. He gently lifted Melissa’s chin and
kissed her on the bottom lip slightly. Then he gently pinched her cheek.

“You are my wife. Of course, I care about you. Leave those troublesome things to me. You can enjoy
yourself in the future.”

Melissa lowered her eyes slightly, but she stared at Murray all the time. Finally, she nodded. Murray
looked at Melissa and could not help but kiss her.

This was in Laville. The people here advocated romance. So, they did not have to care about other
people’s opinions and could be unscrupulous to affectionate, kiss, and do all the things that couples
should do.

Just as they were kissing, Melissa’s phone suddenly rang.

“Wait a minute.” Melissa immediately pushed Murray away. She pretended that she did not see
Murray’s depressed expression and took out her phone to see who was calling. Then, she glanced at

“It’s Michelle.”

“You can take it,” Murray said casually. He had a feeling that Melissa meant something else.

Melissa pressed the answer button and put the phone near her ear. “Michelle, what’s the matter?”

“Ah, Melissa.” The girl’s sweet and lively voice came out of the phone. “Tomorrow is my birthday. My
father is going to hold a birthday banquet for me. I want to know if you and Murray are free tomorrow?
How about you come to the banquet? We haven’t seen each other for a long time. My father just said
that he misses Murray.”

Michelle had already called Murray by his name. Perhaps it was because Wyvernholten was
passionate by nature, but Melissa also knew what Michelle was thinking about Murray. Hearing what
Michelle said, Melissa was a little uncomfortable.

She paused and was about to refuse when she heard Michelle say, “Since you didn’t say anything, I’ll
take it as you have agreed. See you at eight o’clock tomorrow night.”

“Alright, we will be there on time.”

The call was hung up. Melissa sighed. Murray noticed that Melissa didn’t look well and asked
doubtfully, “What’s the matter? Why did she?”

“Michelle said that tomorrow was her birthday. Prince Adriel will hold a birthday banquet for her
tomorrow night. She wants us to attend it together.”

Although the one Michelle called was Melissa, they all knew who Michelle really wanted to invite.

Melissa sighed again. She looked at Murray and suddenly felt jealous. She deliberately said, “I am not
the person she really wanted to invite…”

Hearing her words, Murray knew that Melissa was jealous. But Murray was not annoyed at all. Instead,
he enjoyed it.

Murray just laughed and walked over to hold Melissa’s shoulder. “Are you jealous? Don’t worry. Even if
I go to her birthday banquet, I will only be with you. I won’t look at other women.”

“Alright, alright.” Melissa was embarrassed that Murray guessed what she was thinking. She pushed
Murray slightly. “I am not jealous at all. Let’s go back.”

At Prince Adriel’s house.

After hanging up the phone, Michelle was unhappy. Her smile disappeared, and she lowered her eyes.
She didn’t feel well. Although it was she who invited Melissa and Murray to attend her birthday
banquet, when Michelle thought that they would appear at the banquet together tomorrow, she felt sad.

Michelle did fall in love with Murray at first sight. She was very sure.

But why was Murray the fiancé of Melissa?

Since the last time she saw Murray, Michelle had been obsessed with him. There were American
students in the school,

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