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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 448

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Chapter 448 I Won‘t Let Her Sutter Any Grlevance

All parents in the world cared about their children. Moreover, Ariana had been living with the Timothy
family for the past two days. She was very clear about the way Carlee treated Nina. Now, when she
talked to Kasen, her face was full of unwillingness

Kasen was very dissatisfied when hearing this, From the moment Nina was born, he had always loved
and protected her with all luis might. He was even afraid that Nina would suffer the slightest pain. How
could he allow himself to just stand there and watch Nina sutter in the Timothy family?

However, compared to Ariana, Kasen was calmer. He just put down the things in his hand and frowned
seriously, “Really? Didn‘t Harley wake up from his coma already?”

“Yes...” Ariana sighed. “It was only when Harley woke up that his mother treated Nina a little better.
Otherwise, Nina may have been wronged even worse.”

“How could they bully Nina like this?” Kasen said in a low voice, Although Harley‘s matter was indeed
because of Nina, they could not be totally objective on this matter as Nina‘s parents.

The Timothy family used this accident as an excuse to bully Nina, which was something wrong that
should not have happened.

After a while, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Who is this?” Kasen and Ariana looked at each other, and Ariana raised her voice to ask.

The door was pushed open. The person who came in was Reid. When she saw Reid, Ariana relented a
little. Compared to Carlee, Reid was more sensible.

“‘‘This is Harley‘s father,” As Ariana stood up, she lowered her head and whispered to Kasen. Then,
she smiled at Reid and said, “Why are you here, Mr. Timothy? Is Harley feeling better now? I went to
pick up my husband today, so I didn‘t have time to see him.”

“So, you are Nina‘s father. Nice to meet you. I am Harley‘s father.” Reid looked at Kasen, and out of
courtesy, he siniled and went over to shake hands with Kasen.

“Nice to meet you too.” Kasen smiled, but compared to Reid‘s enthusiasm, he appeared to be calmer
and only nodded slightly

“I heard from Nina that she had booked a room for you here. Now that Harley has woken up, I think it
would be better for everyone to come to our house for a meal and discuss the wedding of Harley and

Reid took a deep breath. This was indeed the best solution he could think of at the moment. He was
also aware that Nina had always come to the hospital to look after Harley, and she was a good
daughter–in–law in Reid‘s heart.

“So that‘s how it is. Alright.” Ariana hesitated for a moment. She was reluctant to face Carlee, but this
matter had to be discussed by thein. After seeing Kasen‘s gaze, she thought about it carefully and

Reid finally relaxed and said with a smile, “Since both of you agrec, why don‘t we go back now? Harley
said that he visited your house with Nina before, and now he misses both of you very much.”

Kasen and Ariana had specially one to buy nourishment because llarley had just recovered from the
serious accident. When they arrived at the Timothy family, Carlee saw Nina‘s parents. Even if she was
unwilling in her heart, she had to do her best to serve them. She just didn‘t talk to them much.

Nina was happy to see her parents. Harley was the same. When he came down from upstairs, he saw
Nina‘s parents,

Chapter 448 I Wont Let Her Suffer Any Grievance

and he smiled at them.

“Mr. Paul and Mrs. Paul, you are finally here Mr. Paul, I heard from Nina that you just arrived in Aldness
today. Are you tired? Are you used to life here?”

“I‘m line with that. Harley, you have just been discharged from the hospital these days. You must take
good care of yourself.”

Seeing Harley, Kasen‘s expression turned much better. He knew that Harley was good, and they
greeted each other as usual. He gently patted Harley‘s shoulder.

Carlee looked at them who got along well with each other, but she felt uncomfortable. Although Luca
was someone Nina invited for Harley‘s treatment, she still felt a little uncomfortable when she thought
of how Harley had wanted to be with Nina.

Soon it was time for dinner. The parents sat face to face. Harley and Nina sat at the side. For some
reason, Nina suddenly felt a little apprehensive when she saw this scene.

Why did it seem like fighting between two armies?

“The meal is already prepared, you just got off the plane and must be hungry, right? Hurry up and try
our family‘s cooking. Do you like it?”

Reid looked around for a moment. Probably, he was not used to such a serious atmosphere, he smiled
and tried to smooth things over.

They began to take the meal after Reid‘s words. Nina looked at Harley as if she was asking for help,
and said in a very low voice, “Why am I so nervous about this meal?”

She knew that she was here to discuss the wedding, and Reid had told her beforehand. However,
seeing her parents like this, Nina could not help but feel uneasy.

Harley glanced to the side, shook his head gently, and pinched Nina‘s palm under the table, indicating
that she did not

have to be nervous.

“It‘s fine. Don‘t worry.”

After eating for a while, Reid estimated that it was time for discussion. He slowly mentioned in front of
all of them at the table, “Actually, I invited you to liave a meal, and take it as a chance to discuss the
marriage of Harley and Nina with you. After all, Harley finally woke up. Nina is pregnant with Harley‘s
baby. If we keep delaying the marriage, it will not be good for all of us, right?”

Nina lowered her eyes and even moved her fork a bit slower. This day would come sooner or later, but
she just felt so uncomfortable in her heart.

“I know it.” Kasen also put down his fork and wiped his mouth with a tissue. He said to Reid very
seriously, “As you know, we have always valued and protected Nina. It was also an accident that such
a thing happened. We all know that Harley is pood. As for their marriage, we can rest assured and
marry Nina to him.”

“However, I only have one request.” Kasen added, “As long as Harley and you two treat Nina well and
love her from the bottom of your heart, it will be line, otherwise, we won‘t allow Nina to suffer in a
miserable marriage and terrible family relationship,”

Carlee sat next to Reid. Her expression darkened. When she ate, she was also unhappy. Now that she
heard Kasen‘s words, she soon realized it was Kasen‘s dissatisfaction with her.

“Sure. Parents always love their children and wish for a good life for their children. I also know that
Nina is good. During this period, she has been running around for Harley. Don‘t worry about this. The
Timothy family is big after

all. We will arrange the marriage properly. After Nina marries Harley, she will not suffer any grievance.”

“That‘s for the best.”

After Kasen finished his words, he fell silent. On the contrary, Carlee found his words increasingly
unpleasant to her.

“Mr. Paul, you can‘t say that. If it wasn‘t for Nina, how could Harley have a car accident even though he
is fine now?”

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