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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 440

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Chapter 440 Forever Love

“Really?” This sentence pleased Melissa. She liked this villa very much. Seeing Murray‘s eyes, Melissa
walked over and opened her arms to hug the man.

“‘Thank you for thinking of me.”

This sentence was very soft, but it showed that Melissa was deeply moved.

Murray pulled Melissa into his arms. His chin pressed against the top of Melissa‘s head. Murray said
softly, “You know that I will meet all your needs.

“By the way, do you remember the amusement park we went to? It is still there now, and it has
expanded in scale. Do you want to go and see it?”

Murray thought of something and let go of Melissa, smiling at her.

Melissa was stunned for a moment. She thought of something and was pleasantly surprised. “Oh... I
got it! Well, the

amusement park is still open. Let‘s hurry up!”

Murray and Melissa left the villa and drove to the amusement park. It was already dusk in Paris. By the
time they reached the entrance of the amusement park, it was almost closed.

“I‘m sorry, sir. The amusement park is closing soon. If you want to enjoy it with your wife, please come
back tomorrow morning.” Amiddle–aged man saw them and walked over. He smiled apologetically.

“Us?” Hearing this, they looked at each other in a tacit understanding and laughed at the same time.
Murray cleared his throat and deliberately asked, “How do you know that we are a couple?”

“You two are so well–matched. So that‘s for sure.”

The administrator shrugged and looked at them with understanding. His eyes were also kind. The
French were always warm and romantic. Melissa only made a move for his statement.

She let go of Murray‘s hand and turned to hold his arm. It was a very intimate gesture.

“Thank you. We are going to have an engagement ceremony next month. My husband is here to
accompany me. By the way, we have been here before and know that the amusement park will open
the Ferris wheel for a while at night. I want to know when the Ferris wheel starts?”

“Well, it‘s in about an hour. You can stroll around. There are many suitable places for couples to go
around nearby. You can come back later.”

“OK, thank you.”

Murray and Melissa politely bid farewell to the adıninistrator. They revisited an old haunt. However, they
still felt novelty.

After Melissa was tired of walking, they went to the nearby restaurants to have a meal. It was not until
the amusement park reopened the Ferris wheel that Murray returned here with Melissa.

Melissa showed a completely different side from before. She was like a child who was happy to see
everything. The Ferris wheel was running. Murray pulled Melissa to sit on it.

The Ferris wheel slowly turned. When they rose into the air,hazrlini: lireworks suddenly lit up in the sky
and soon attracted attention. She was it lille surprised but more amazed

**The fireworks are so beautiful!”

Murray had been staring at the side of Melissa‘s face the entire time. He smiled as he softly said, “The
fireworks outside look good, but you look better.”

“Huh? What did you say?” Melissa did not hear his words. She turned her head doubtfully. Before she
could continue to ask, the man held her face and kissed her.

At this time, their cabin happened to be at the apex of the Ferris wheel.

This kiss was different from any previous kiss. Both of their movements and strength were very light. It
was a long and fervent kiss. Melissa‘s ears were red. Murray stared at Melissa‘s face seriously and
held her hand very solemnly.

“Melissa, I want to let you know that I, Murray, will only love you for the rest of my life.”

Melissa also looked back at him seriously. There was a smile in her eyes. She was moved to tears.

“I believe in you. So will 1.”

Their hearts were closer.

It was already nine o‘clock in the evening when they left the amusement park. When they returned to
the villa, Melissa collapsed on the sofa. It was rare. “Oh... I‘m so tired. Well, I am so happy today.”

“You have been busy. Are you hungry? You didn‘t eat much in that restaurant in the afternoon. I‘ll go to
the kitchen and make something for you to eat.”


Melissa agreed with a smile. After Murray went to the kitchen, Melissa looked around and suddenly
remembered the design competition. She patted her forehead and ran to the study room. She took out
the computer from the cabinet and began to prepare the design drafts.

The competition was imminent. She checked the manuscript to see if there was anything to revise.

Murray skillfully opened the stove to cook in the kitchen. Although he was the president of the Gibson
Corporation and was very busy, he still cooked for himself. He thought, I have Melissa now. I can‘t
make my woman hungry.

They had not been to the villa for a long time. However, the house was clean and bright. With Murray‘s
notice, even the things in the refrigerator were available. It all looked like they were going to settle here.

Melissa stared at the computer screen and began to change the details of the design drafts. Suddenly,
the smell of the

food floated over

She murmured, “It smells so good…”

Murray smiled. When the food was cooked, he turned off the fire again and brought the dishes to the
dining table one by one. He even set the tableware for Melissa.

“OK. Be busy with the design drafts later. Come and eat.”

Melissa nodded and put the computer aside. When she walked to the dining table, she saw cabbage
with meat, sweet and sour pork, and spicy shredded potato.

“Why did you cook so much?”

“I am afraid that you will be hungry. Alright, it’s all your favorite food. Sit down and eat.”

Murray did not look puzzled or angry at all. It was natural for him to do this for Melissa.

In Aldness.

Nina woke up very early during this time. On one hand, she had to go to the hospital to take care of
Harley. On the other hand, she was worried that her mother would have a conflict with Carlee again.

She never thought that she would one day mediate in a family dispute. She was very upset about it.

Nina went back to her room after washing up, picked up her phone, as usual, glanced at the time, and
suddenly remembered that Luca was coming to Aldness today.

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