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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 439

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Chapter 439 It‘s Good to Have You

Murray did not expect Melissa to wake up. When he saw Melissa turn back, he was stunned for a
moment, but soon reacted.

After all, Melissa was his wife, so why was he acting so guilty?

Thinking of this, Murray was much calmer than before. He even lifted a corner of the quilt and lay
down. He held Melissa‘s shoulder and let her rest on his arm.

“I haven‘t talked to you so intimately in a long time. I want to hug you. Melissa...”

“Huh?” Melissa raised her head slightly and looked at Murray in confusion. She was also waiting for
him to say something.

“What happened to you?”

“It‘s fine.” Murray looked at Melissa, his eyes full of tenderness, and he held Melissa tighter. “I was just
thinking that this time, I must hold a grand engagement ceremony for you, and give you everything I
owed you before and what should belong to you.”

When Melissa heard such words, she felt it was so sweet, not to mention that she loved Murray.

She lowered her head slightly, a sweet smile on her face, and she tried to wrap around Murray‘s waist,
“You know, I don‘t care about that. All I want is for you to appear at the engagement ceremony.”

After going through so many things together with Murray, she no longer cared about those superficial
things. As long as she and Murray were by each other‘s side, it was enough.

“By the way, I will be going to Paris to participate in the fashion design competition tomorrow. There will
be about five or six days. It won‘t count as a trip back and forth. You can wait for me to come back.”

Melissa said to Murray in the car after bidding farewell to Marc from his home.

Murray clenched Melissa‘s hand and adjusted the car to a comfortable speed. He turned his head to
look at her and said, “I‘ll go with you.”

Melissa shook her head. “Isn‘t the company very busy lately? Just focus on your work and wait for me
to come back I

promise I will be fine.”

“But you...” Murray hesitated. There was no need for him to worry about work. He was more worried
about Melissa. “I remember that you are afraid of heights. What if you are afraid on the plane? I think I
should go with you, I can take care of you at any time then.”

Murray was sincere. Melissa stared at him without moving, and a smile appeared on her face. She
found that having Murray by her side was the greatest happiness in her life.

After Murray stopped the car by the roadside, Melissa unconsciously leaned over and kissed the corner
of Murray‘s mouth. She also held his wrist and whispered, “You‘re so sweet.”

This kiss was like a switch. 11 immediately lit the live in Murray‘s heart. He wrapped around Melissa‘s
waist and brought Melissa back in an instant. The distance between the two was very close. Murray
stared at Melissa for a second before kissing her lips. It was overbearing and powerful as if he wanted
to use up all his enthusiasm and strength.

Melissa soon fell into this kiss, and she unconsciously wrapped her arms around Murray‘s neck,
responding very gently.

Chapter 439 It‘s Good to Have You

Murray‘s kiss was warm, but he was very measured. Half a minute later, he released Melissa and said
affectionately, “I just want you to know that no matter when, as long as I can, I will be by your side, and
I will protect you.”

“I understand.” Melissa smiled. She didn‘t say anything about Murray‘s decision to go to Paris with her.

At ten o’clock in the morning the next day, Murray got someone to prepare his private plane on the
apron and went over with Melissa after an inspection.

“This time... nothing will happen, right?”

Because of the accident when they were on the plane, although Melissa said that she was not afraid of
heights, she was still a little worried.

“It‘s fine. With mne by your side, nothing will happen to you,” Murray comforted her in a soft voice.

Hearing this, Melissa nodded. It took a total of six to seven hours from Aldness to Paris. At first,
everything was normal, but after two hours, the plane suddenly jolted, and Melissa could even feel the
violent shaking.

She tightened her grip on the hem of hier shirt, and because of her strength, the tip of her thumb was

Murray noticed the change in Melissa and reacted almost instinctively. He held Melissa in his arms and
called the flight attendant. He turned and asked, “What‘s the matter?”

“Just now, the plane encountered an air current during the flight, but it‘s fine now. Please don‘t worry.”

Murray nodded. He gently patted Melissa‘s shoulder with one hand, indicating that she should be at
ease, and he was stroking her back with his hands.

Melissa‘s face was still pale. She still hadn‘t recovered from the jolt just now. That blow had
successfully reminded her of the scene when she fell off the plane. That time, she had also
encountered the airflow, and it was even more violent than this time.

She had a lingering fear.

Thinking of this, she unconsciously grabbed Murray‘s sleeve and said after a long time, “Is it really …

“It‘s fine now,” Murray told Melissa softly.

He knew what Melissa was afraid of and what she cared about, but as long as he was by Melissa‘s
side, even if he risked his life, he would not let her get hurt in the slightest.

“Just now, the flight attendant said that we just met an air current. It‘s fine now. We will be arriving in
Paris in a while. Relax … that will be fine.”

With Murray‘s words, Melissa‘s vigilance and nervousness finally ebbed. She left Murray‘s arms and
turned her face

away uncasily.

Murray knew that Melissa was embarrassed, so he didn‘t say anything.

Later, the plane was smooth all the way, and six hours later, the two finally arrived in Paris,

As soon as they left the airport, a person came to pick up Murray and Melissa and helped them put the
luggage into the trunk. Murray grabbed Melissa‘s hand, and her palin was still cold.

“I had a villa in Paris before, and it has been cleaned, when you go to participate in the competition, we
will live there.”


Melissa nodded. After the iwo of them arrived at the villa, Melissa saw the decorations in the house and

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revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

It was a simple foreign style, but it was not the color of black, white, and gray. There were several cute
dolls on the long sofa in the living room. It was obvious that they were used for recreation.

“This house is so beautiful.” Melissa walked in and looked around with curiosity. Murray smiled and
watched the woman‘s figure.

Melissa paused and turned to Murray with a smile. “I like this house. It‘s decoration is very beautiful.”

“If you like it, we can stay here every year for a few days.”

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