Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 434

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Chapter 434 The Thing That She Worried About

She clutched the dress on her knees nervously, her thin body trembling slightly.

Jaylin said calmly, “Director, this kissing scene could be filmed from a special angle.”

Vivian instantly stiffened and suddenly collapsed.

She was about to cry and thought he was looking down on her.


The director looked at Jaylin with an embarrassed expression, “Mr. Segar, this scene needs to show a
very delicate relationship, so only you kiss with love can make the audience resonate. If you want to
pretend to kiss, it won’t have that effect.”

Although the director said this, Jaylin still insisted on his idea.

Everyone present was curious. Jaylin was a famous actor and it was a piece of cake for him to make a
kiss scene, but why didn’t he do it this time?

Everyone was secretly sizing up Vivian, wondering if Mr. Segar hated Vivian and didn’t want to kiss her.

Vivian was sensitive, so she was about to cry after sensing others’ gazes.

In the end, the director compromised and agreed to film with a special angle.

However, Vivian acted badly. She was very sad that she could not perform as a happy girl when her
loved one confessed to her.

“Vivian, what happened to you?”

Because Vivian failed to perform well, the director completely lost his patience, and he shouted in an
angry tone.

“Director, I’m sorry!” Vivian quickly apologized, lowered her head, and bit her lower lip with tears falling.

Hearing that the cast was making a night scene, Melissa came to visit and saw this scene.

She pulled over the film producer beside her and asked. When she learned that Jaylin left the hospital
without the doctor’s commitment, she roughly understood.

Melissa asked the director to stop filming and pulled Jaylin to a place with a few people.

“Why don‘t you have a good rest? Do you want to die?”

Jaylin felt quilty and did not dare to look into Melissa’s eyes. He shifted his gaze to the tree behind her,
“I don’t want to slow down the progress of the cast.”

Hearing his answer, Melissa could only sigh helplessly and pat his shoulder.

He was being stubborn.

Alter the two of them said a few words, Jaylin finally smiled.

The director prepared to continue filming. However, after Vivian saw Jaylin’s gentle attitude towards
Melissa, she was in a bad mood and couldn’t be the character.


The director was angry and picked up the microphone to vent his anger. Seeing this, Melissa quickly
rushed to say,

“Director Vivian mau he vrug and doc. have enonoh loving feelings I could remonstrate and then she

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know how to perform.”

Since Melissa said this, the director had to agree.

When he heard that Melissa would show acting with him, Jaylin was a little surprised.

Vivian saw Jaylin’s change and felt that her heart was torn into pieces. She was in pain but could only
stand on the side and saw Melissa act her character.

“OK, Vivian, watch from the side and see how to express your emotions. You can continue later.”

The director shouted at Vivian, who was still in a daze.

“Yes.” Vivian clenched her fists and suppressed all the grief in her heart.

Melissa sensed Vivian’s emotions and sighed after seeing that Jaylin didn’t care about Vivian at all.

She knew that Jaylin liked her, and Jaylin also knew that she did not love him, but Jaylin was willing,
and so was Vivian.

“Jaylin, if you don’t like Vivian, tell her as soon as possible.”

Melissa whispered in a voice only the two of them could hear.

Jaylin was stunned for a moment. Glancing at Vivian quickly, he said, “I know it.”

Jaylin felt miserable and thought if he was going to reject Vivian just like Melissa did to him.

Hearing his words, Melissa did not say anything else.

“Let’s begin.”

After saying this, Melissa immediately entered the play. Her expression and emotions became
extremely precise, just like the person she loved the most at this moment was Jaylin in front of her, not
someone else.

Her pair of clear and shining eyes stared at Jaylin filled with love.

Jaylin felt nervous as he looked at Melissa. He slowly moved his gaze down to Melissa’s tiny and pink

At this moment, he couldn’t control his emotions, covered Melissa’s cheek with his hand, and lowered
his head to kiss


Melissa widened her eyes in shock. She quickly dodged, but before she could do so, his lips still
touched hers.

Melissa was speechless.

“I’m sorry…”

Jaylin came back to his senses and quickly apologized.

“It’s nothing. It’s just an act. I understand.” Melissa quickly concealed her embarrassment.

Jaylin felt at loss after seeing her indifference.

“Vivian, come and continue acting.”

The director was smart and saw that the atmosphere was not good, so he quickly called Vivian to act.

Vivian was so annoyed that she made her clothes wrinkled. When she heard the director’s voice, she
immediately walked over.

Melissa noved aside.

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