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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 432

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Chapter 432 Negotiation

Glancing at Melissa and Nina, Carlee said, “Now Harley needs you. The doctor performs first aid on
him. You know his feelings towards you. You can help him recover.”

“What happened to Harley? Why is he receiving first aid treatment? I‘ll be right there!”

When Nina heard Harley‘s news, she immediately took out the IV needle. She wanted to rush over
immediately but was

stopped by Melissa.

“What are you doing? Don‘t you hear the doctor‘s words? When are you going to care about yourself?”

“Melissa, but Harley...”

“Are you a doctor? Will he recover if you go there?”

Melissa‘s words made Nina calm down. She knew that Nina was worried. Then she continued to
comfort her, “I know you are anxious, but what else can you do besides be anxious now? Why don‘t
you care about yourself? Does Harley want to see you like this?”

As she spoke, Melissa pulled Nina‘s hand and exerted a little force. She wanted Nina to think twice.

Nina nodded. She looked up at the IV drip and said, “Mrs. Timothy, Melissa is right. I will only cause
trouble if I go. I can‘t help him. Besides, Harley also hopes that I will be fine.

“I will finish soon. And I will go later.”

Carlee helplessly snorted, Nina is planning to negotiate with me.

A jinx! My son is in the rescue. But You don‘t even take out a needle. You just listen to whatever your
best friend says!

Carlee thought to herself as she resisted the urge to curse out like this. After all, she had a request

“Because of you, my son has become like this. Don‘t you feel guilty at all? Will you die if you take out
the needle? My son is in danger now!”

Once she heard Harley‘s name, Nina could not control herself and wanted to rush over immediately.

Her arm grabbed by Melissa slightly hurt, and she was reminding herself.

Nina gritted her teeth and said, “Mrs. Timothy, I am indeed very guilty, but you are the one who chased
me out, and the doctor asks me to take care of myself...”

“You...” Carlee was so angry that she slammed the door. This jinx... She dared talk back to me!

Melissa continued 10 add, “Mrs. Timothy, I know you are worried about Harley. Nina is also worried.
Otherwise, she would not have stayed here for several days. But after all, you have kicked her out, and
now you call her over in such a hurry. This is 100...

“If Harley gets better later, do you want Nina to stay or not? If she stays, you will hate her, if she doesn‘t
stay, you...

“Her unborn baby belongs to the Timothy family. A pregnant woman cannot be stimulated all the time. If
Nina is called by you one day and chased away, the child will be affected after coming here a few

Looking at Melissa and Nina, Carlee said, “Are you laking the opportunity to negotiate with me?”

But Carlee wasn‘t a pushover,

Carlee didn‘t know her son‘s situation. She was anxious, so she was threatened to agree this time.

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“If my son can recover this time, I may agree to you being his girlfriend. During this period, you have to
stay and take care of him, understand?”

Nina nodded fiercely and said, “Yes!”

“Where is Harley now?”

“His ward.”

When she received the reply, Nina immediately pulled out the needle and ran toward Harley‘s ward.
When she passed by the door, she even squeezed Carlee.

Carlee didn‘t fuss about it and quickly followed.

Melissa glanced at the needle on the ground, picked it up, and inserted it into the infusion bottle to
prevent the medicine from flowing all over the ground.

Just now, Melissa stopped Nina because Carlee was very anxious. So, when should they talk if they
don‘t talk just now? Did Nina need to please her?

So, Melissa had the chance to help Nina. Next, Carlee should not make things difficult for Nina.

And she could leave now.

In Moonlight Mansion.

Murray was busy with the plans for North Bay Amusement Park. Melissa watched from the side and
occasionally talked to him.

“Murray, can you choose this site again? Get closer to the high–speed railway station? It would be
closer to the city, and it is convenient for foreign tourists to come.”

“You and I have the same idea. The people responsible for this plan are not worthy of praise. I have to
personally do


Melissa sighed and lay on Murray‘s shoulder. “It seems that you will still have to be busy for a while. I
think that the work is done. I have already thought of what to eat.”

Murray pinched her fleshy face. “What do you want to eat? I‘ll make up for you with two meals.”

“Japanese cuisine.”

“I have the salmon sent today in my refrigerator. There is also sashimi. Go take a look and make it

“Alright, just wait. I‘ll bring you the meal in a while.”

Melissa went to the kitchen to busy herself. She opened the refrigerator and looked at the sashimi
inside. She sighed, “You are good at enjoying life. You have such expensive sashimi in your house.”

Melissa was busy in the kitchen, and when she turned around, she saw Murray coming out with a
laptop and sitting in

a corner so that he could see her.

The two of them smiled at each other. They were busy with their own things. Occasionally, they would
raise their heads and look at each other. They quietly accompanied each other.

The knife slowly fell, and the fish was sliced apart. Melissa, wearing gloves, slowly made sushi.

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