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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 430

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Chapter 430 Enemies Meet Face to Face

When they arrived at the hospital, Melissa helped Nina out of the car and instructed, “Are you still a
little flustered now? Close your eyes and don‘t look at the road. You‘ll feel better.”

Nina did as she was told and closed her eyes. She was completely led by Melissa.

The words that Melissa just said were complete nonsense. It was to keep Nina from finding out that she
had been brought to the same hospital where Harley was staying.

Melissa had already registered online for the emergency room in advance, so they went directly to the
clinic of gynecology and obstetrics.

There was another pregnant woman in the clinic, and Melissa helped Nina sit down.

“Doctor, I‘m bleeding. Will 1...”

“Don‘t worry. It is normal. I‘ve seen a case of six months of menstruation during pregnancy.”

The conversation between the patient and the doctor in the clinic could be heard.

“Nina, did you hear that? Bleeding during pregnancy doesn‘t necessarily mean something is wrong.
Don‘t worry.”

Nina closed her eyes and nodded gently. She grasped the corner of her clothes and was still nervous.
After all, her belly was hurting. She was afraid...

The patient inside the clinic came out and it was Nina‘s turn. Melissa helped her into the clinic.

Nina opened her eyes and sat down. She saw the nameplate on the doctor‘s uniform. The hospital was
the one Harley was in.

Nina looked at Melissa and wanted to stand up, “Melissa, isn‘t it...”

Melissa pressed Nina down into the chair, “We‘re already here. If you go out now, you might meet
Harley and his family. Why don‘t we let the doctor diagnose you?”

Nina said worriedly, “But...”

Melissa comforted her, “Don‘t talk anymore. Just focus on treating.”

“What‘s wrong with you?” asked the female doctor.

“My belly hurts and I‘m bleeding,” Nina replied weakly.

The doctor glanced at Nina, “Please look up.”

Nina did as told.

The doctor asked, “Which part hurts? Here? or here?”

The doctor said, reaching out to gently press Nina‘s stomach.

Nina pointed at her belly, “Lower a bit.”

“Have you eaten this morning?” the doctor asked.

“No,” Nina replied.

“OK, you go ahead and take a blood test, then pay the fee to get an ultrasound.”

“Doctor, is my fetus safe?”


The doctor frowned and said in a deep voice, “You haven‘t rested well recently, and you are in a bad
mood. You have a little anemia. How can your fetus be safe? There are signs of a miscarriage.”

Hearing this, Nina immediately became emotional, “Doctor, you must help to keep my child.”

The doctor pulled her hand out of Nina‘s grasp and said, “The one who can keep your child is you, not
me. You have to adjust your emotions. The situation of the child is now unstable. If you don‘t take care
of him, no one can help.”

“Don‘t worry. It‘s just a threatened miscarriage. If you take good care of it, later the baby will be safe.
Now go pay the fees and have an ultrasound.”

Nina nodded vigorously.

Melissa immediately paid the fee on her phone, and the doctor took Nina to get the ultrasound.


In the huge ultrasound room, there were a total of six ultrasound machines working at the same time.
Each ultrasound machine was equipped with a hospital bed and a curtain for privacy.

The doctor glanced at Nina and said, “Please lie down and lift your clothes.”

With Melissa‘s help, Nina did as she was told and the doctor closed the curtain.

Nina was lying on the bed, looking at Melissa with worry. Melissa nodded to comfort Nina.

“Doctor, is the baby alright?” Nina asked worriedly.

“Did you come to the hospital on time for your maternity check up?”

“I was too busy to do the checkup yet.”

“Remember to come on time in the future. The maternity checkup is very important. The baby is still
developing a bit slowly. I‘ll prescribe you some medicine, and you come to the hospital for a five–day
infusion of nutrient fluids.”

After finishing the ultrasound, Nina got off the bed and Melissa opened the curtain. The two of them
were about to


Nina looked up and saw Carlee. She immediately closed the curtain. Nina did not want Carlee to know
that her child was in danger.

The doctor felt strange seeing her do this but did not ask much more.

“Is there anyone outside that you don‘t want to see?”

Nina nodded.

“Who is it?” the doctor asked, pulling the curtain open a crack.

Melissa pointed and whispered, “The woman in green.”

The doctor walked over and closed the curtain that Carlee was standing by to block her view.

Melissa supported Nina and took the opportunity to quietly leave.

After Nina came out, she breathed a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, I was almost discovered by her.”

The doctor walked in front of Melissa and Nina and said slowly, “The child is still just a small embryo.
He hasn‘t separated his fingers yet. If not everyone is looking forward to his birth, you have to consider
it carefully. Otherwise, the child will grow up in a bad environment.”

Nina looked exactly like an innocent girl who was accidentally prepnant and afraid of heine discovered
hy her family.

“Thank you. I won‘t treat this child unfairly,” Nina replied slowly.

If the child was born and grew up in a bad environment, Nina would not give birth to him.

Harley almost lost his life for the sake of this baby. After the child was born, Harley would spoil him very

Nina had to protect the child for the time being!

In the ultrasound room.

Carlee looked at the little girl on the bed, and next to her stood a woman who was about her age.

“What‘s wrong with Laine? Why does she have a stomach ache? Is it appendicitis?”




“No, it‘s just a knot of intestines. It‘s fine,” the doctor replied.

“Laine, why aren‘t you thanking Mrs. Timothy‘s concern? Mrs. Timothy came here for you,” the woman
next to Timothy said.

“Don’t say that. It‘s normal for young people to be playful. Harley is now... Let‘s stop talking...”

“Carlee, don‘t worry. Harley will be fine. I have seen him. I have something to do, so I will leave first.”

“OK, I will send you off.”

“It‘s not necessary. Go back and take care of Harley. It is a coincidence that I came to the hospital to
see Harley and Laine had a stomach ache, so I don‘t have to come once more.”

This woman was Carlee‘s cousin. When she heard that Harley was hospitalized, she especially came
over to visit Harley. She did not expect Laine to have a stomachache, so the doctor asked Laine to get
an ultrasound.

When Carlee came over, she saw Melissa and Nina.

Carlee saw all of the actions of the two just now.

When Carlee came in, she saw Melissa closing the curtain and Nina lying on the bed.



It was nothing for a pregnant woman to get the ultrasound, so Carlee did not suspect anything.

After all, Nina was pregnant with the offspring of the Timothy family, so Carlee couldn‘t help but pay
attention to Nina. Carlee quietly approached Nina and Melissa and seemingly heard words about the
baby not being very good.

On the way back to the ward, Carlee thought of what she had heard in the ultrasound room and said
resentfully, “A


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