Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 We Are Getting Engaged

Carlee got old and Harley was her only child. When she heard this news, she was so anxious that she
almost passed out. Reid quickly supported her. He felt her breath and took out the blood pressure
medication he carried with him at all times. Fortunately, Carlee woke up.

“Harley, my son…”

Carlee, who had just woken up, could not accept this bad news. She leaned on Reid’s shoulder,
shedding tears,

When Nina saw them like this, she felt terrible. Melissa pursed her lips and held Nina’s arm. She let
Nina sit down beside her and looked worriedly in the direction of the operating room.

Not long after, Harley was pushed out and sent to the intensive care unit. His entire face was extremely
pale, and there were oxygen absorbers on his face.

Nina wanted to follow but was stopped by Carlee.

The couple did not want to see Nina who had distracted their son and caused the car accident.

Nina’s eyes were red, she was in a dilemma. She couldn’t help worrying about Harley and did not know
what to do.

Melissa walked forward and gently patted Nina’s back. “Don’t feel too bad… In a while, I will go to the
ward to take a look. They just can’t accept this news for now…”

Nina weakly turned around and leaned against Melissa’s shoulder, crying out, “Melissa, I, I didn’t mean
it… I’m just not ready for the baby suddenly coming to this world. I don’t know what I can do. If, if
Harley really can’t wake up, then I…”

“No, no, you have to believe that he will be fine…” Melissa patted Nina on the back and comforted her

After almost an hour, Melissa and Nina came to Harley’s ward. Melissa finally persuaded Harley’s
parents to leave and asked the nurse to go to the Traditional Medicine Department to get special
disinfection for Harley.

Harley, who had been unconscious after the operation, finally came back to his sense after twenty

Nina had been sitting next to the bed, looking at Harley worriedly. Out of nowhere, she was very afraid
that Harley could not make it, as if he was her last life-saving straw.

After seeing Harley’s left index finger twitch, Melissa finally breathed a sigh of relief. Melissa smiled at
Nina and said, “Harley still has some willpower. Although he is seriously injured, his will to live is very
strong. I just stimulated his pain feeling and tested whether he can still be awake. As long as he can
survive tonight, there may be no big problem. He should be able to hear us now.”

Melissa walked to Nina and placed Harley’s hand on Nina’s shoulder. She said softly, “I think that the
person Harley wants to see the most right now should be you. You should encourage him, and maybe
he will wake up faster.”

Nina nodded, her eyes red. After Melissa left, she held Harley’s hand tightly that was hanging by the
bed. She said in a hoarse voice, “Harley, please, wake up…

“Actually, I’ve always known that you like me. You are a nice guy, but I … I can’t get Tom out of my
head. Moreover, we have a history. I really don’t know how to accept you and accept your kindness to
me. I didn’t expect that you would have a car accident. I’m sorry…

“If you can wake up, I will be with you. I can marry you. Wake up, please.”

Nina was not in the mood to go home and rest at all, so she stayed with Harley all night.

In the blink of an eye, it was the 18th, the day Ryleigh and Murray were getting engaged.

Recently, Murray had been coming back more and more frequently. Sometimes, he would even joke
with Ryleigh. Ryleigh was immersed in her beautiful fantasy of becoming the young hostess of the
Gibson family. She did not notice anything unusual.

“Murray, do you think that there will be a lot of people at our engagement ceremony?”

Ryleigh leaned on Murray’s shoulder, full of longing. Her tone sounded sincere and happy from the
bottom of her

heart, different from what it was like before.

She had wanted to marry this man in front of her for many years, and now her only enerny Melissa was
not a big rival, so in the future, she thought she would be the only one by Murray’s side.

Murray stroked Ryleigh’s hair and looked down slightly at her. He smiled and said, “Aren’t you asking
the obvious? Our engagement ceremony must be the liveliest one. I was very busy some time ago, and
you had been busy with all those things. Since you put in so much effort, they would definitely be
amazed by you.”

“Really?” Ryleigh smiled happily. Her eyes lit up as if there were stars.

Undeniably, she had started to imagine her married life with Murray.

During this period, Ryleigh had been busy with the engagement ceremony, including the layout of the
venue, the champagne, snacks, decorations, and others, most of which were her ideas. Even
Sebastian had unexpectedly not “harassed” her much these days.

Seeing Murray nod, Ryleigh was even happier.

She thought about it and said to Murray, “Murray, we are going to hold an engagement ceremony
tomorrow. Can you take me back to your house… Although your parents and Claire do not like me, isn’t
it better to get the blessings of the elders?”

Murray frowned and didn’t respond. Ryleigh saw this and could not help but become nervous. Just as
she was about to

ask further, Murray nodded.

“Alright, I’ll take you back now.”

The two drove back to Gibson’s place. Ryleigh had been holding Murray’s arm affectionately since she
got out of the car. She smiled gently; her eyes full of confidence.

Claire and Sarah were sitting together for high tea. When Sarah looked up, she saw Ryleigh and
Murray coming in together. Her face suddenly became serious.

Claire couldn’t stay calm anymore. Her expression changed. She pointed at Ryleigh and shouted
arrogantly, “Who let you enter our house? Get out!”

Ryleigh took a step back and said gently, “I asked Murray to take me back and visit his family… We are
going to hold an engagement ceremony tomorrow.”

As she spoke, she looked at Murray. Murray held Ryleigh’s hand tightly and looked at Claire with a
serious expression.

He said seriously, “Watch your mouth. We are getting engaged tomorrow.”

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