Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 403

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Chapter 403 Mysterious Identity

in the blink of an eye, hali a month had passed.

Jaylin was slowly getting better, and he had started to memorize the lines again. Melissa still went
between her company and the hospital every day.

Nina and Tom had not seen each other since last time. Although Nina would still go to the hospital to
visit him, there was a great sense of alienation between them. They were even polite toward each other
when chatting.

When Tom was cooperating with the treatment, he would take some time out of bed to walk and
exercise every day. It was said that this was more beneficial to the recovery of his nerves.

On this day, Luca pulled out the silver needles on Tom’s right leg and kept them in his bag. He said to
Tom, “Well, the injury on your leg has basically healed. You paid too little attention to your health back
then. So, this is the best I can do. Come here and walk to the ground. Just have a try and see whether
you’re comfortable with it.”

Tom had also been thinking about the problem between him and Nina for the past few days. He began
to wonder if he had been too extreme and stubborn before, causing the two of them to reach this point

Perhaps the result would be different if he had chosen a different path back then?

Luca’s words made Tom come back to his senses. He looked at the middle-aged man in front of him
and smiled gently. “Thank you very much for what you’ve done for me recently, Dr. Hanson. Thanks for
your efforts to treat my leg. I know it can’t return to normal and I understand everything you said.”

Luca shook his head and slowly said, “You shouldn’t thank me. You should thank your girlfriend and
Melissa. If it wasn’t for the two of them coming to beg me, I might not have come to Aldness to save

When hearing Luca mention Nina, Tom’s eyes could not help but darken for a moment before he
regained his spirit.

“Yes, she is very good to me, but that is in the past…”

Just as Luca was about to say something, Melissa and Nina pushed the door open and walked in.
When Melissa saw Tom sit up from the bed, she put the new bouquet on the bed and asked, “Tom, how
do you feel today?”

Tom heard the voice and turned around. When he saw Nina, he was stunned for a moment. In the end,
he smiled.

His feet slowly touched the ground. He managed to support himself, and tried to move forward.

Right now, Tom’s right leg had almost fully recovered. However, when he walked forward, he was still a
little limp. But as long as his walking speed was not fast, no one would be able to see that.

Nina was surprised and happy. Her eyes could not help but turn red. She had always been looking
forward to the day Tom would get better.

She covered her mouth. If this had been in the past, she would definitely have gone forward and
hugged. Tom. But now, she could only stand beside Melissa. Her gaze never left Tom. She sincerely
smiled and said, “Tom, you have finally recovered…”

I’m so happy

Nina did not say this. When Tom walked up to her, he also stopped. His throat moved, but he did not
say anything.

Seeing this, Melissa turned to look at Luca, who was packing his things. “Luca, what are you doing?”

“Melissa.” Luca stood up and walked to her “Now that his leg is almost healed, I have tried my best. It is
impossible to completely recover, but at least it won’t affect his normal life. After helping you all, I have
to go back to Jade Mountain.”

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“Are you leaving so soon?” Melissa was a little surprised. Nina also noticed them and walked over to
Luca. “Dr. Hanson, why do you go back in such a hurry? You cured Tom’s leg. I haven’t thanked you
properly yet.”

“There’s no need. I’ve booked a flight for tomorrow afternoon. I’ll head back now.”

Nina still wanted to say something but was stopped by Melissa’s signaling with her eyes, so she could
only give up.

The next afternoon, when Melissa and Nina went to the airport to see Luca off, Melissa still seemned
worried. In the end, she still couldn’t hold back and asked Luca, “Luca, can you tell me who Rachel is?”

She had wanted to ask Luca this question for a long time, but due to his emotions, she had not asked

If she didn’t ask today, she was afraid she wouldn’t have a chance.

When Luca heard Melissa ask about Rachel again, he pursed his lips and said to Melissa after a long
silence, “In fact, it’s no big deal and I can tell you anyway. Rachel is your youngest aunt, an old friend
of mine.”


Melissa frowned; this was the first time she had heard this word from Luca.

Moreover, hadn’t her parents died? How could she have other relatives? And she had never heard
Luca mention this


It seemed that Rachel really had something to do with her. As for whether or not Rachel was her aunt,
Melissa was not


But this news was enough for her to be surprised.

Melissa instinctively grabbed Luca’s arm and asked anxiously, “Aunt? Luca, you said that Rachel is my
aunt? Why haven’t you told me about it before?”

Luca was silent. Melissa quickly thought about it. Rachel had a good relationship with Luca. If Rachel
was her aunt, then Luca might have known her parents.

Just as this thought came to her mind, Melissa asked, “If … if that’s the case, then do you know my
parents, Luca? How did they die? Could you tell me?”

Melissa was a little emotional. After so many years, the only news about her parents could make
Melissa like this.

She really wanted to know what had happened that year and what had happened to her lost memories.

Melissa’s voice became louder and louder. There were already some passers-by looking over. Nina
was afraid that someone would recognize her and let Melissa fall into public opinion again, so she held
Melissa’s hand tightly and comforted her with a frown, “Melissa, calm down a little… We’re at the
airport. If you have anything to say to Dr. Hanson, say it quietly…”

Luca frowned and looked at Melissa. After a long while, he sighed and lowered his eyes slightly, only
using the shortest sentence to brush it off.

“Sorry, I really don’t know much about your parents.”


Melissa obviously did not believe Luca’s words. Just as she was about to continue asking, the airport’s
broadcast suddenly sounded, indicating that there was half an hour before the flight to White Mountain
would take off and

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