Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 401

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Chapter 401 He Knows Everything

The phone rang a few times. Sebastian looked at the few photos that popped up on the screen. He
opened them one by one and confirined that it was North Bay’s proposal. Only then did he nod in

He looked at Ryleigh, and she was instinctively shocked again. She looked at Sebastian in horror, not
knowing what he was going to do.

However, Sebastian just smiled and patted her cheek. “Why didn’t you just give it to me earlier? Next
time, learn to be good and don’t think about using your tricks to fool me.

“Alright, get out. Remember, don’t let Murray find out. Otherwise … I don’t have to remind you again,
do 1?”

Ryleigh was extremely nervous right now. Just now, her heart beat so fast. She quickly nodded, took a
few deep breaths, and got out of the car. She watched the car leave, but her hands and feet were still
cold. Her back was almost drenched in a cold sweat.

Sebastian had been staring at the photo on his phone while he was in the car. A determined smile
appeared on his face.

Murray, haven’t you always been very confident?

I want to see how you will compete with me this time!

Sebastian closed the page of the photo and dialed the number he saw just now. After the call was
connected, he put it beside his ear and said, “Hello, are you Mr. Blevins? I am Sebastian from the BPL

“Oh, Mr. Lawford, hello, nice to…” A flattering voice came from the other side of the line.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and inadvertently turned to look at the street view outside the window. “I
heard that Mr. Blevins is the material supplier for North Bay Amusement Park of the Gibson
Corporation, right? I wonder if you have time today. Let’s meet each other? I also have a business deal
to talk to you about.”

Ryleigh was absent-minded all the way back to the apartment, and she was afraid. Even when she
arrived at the gate, she had the urge to escape.

She would always think of the scene when Murray saw her in the study that day.

What if … Sebastian did something to Murray? What if Murray knew that she stole the proposal?

Ryleigh didn’t even know how she entered the room. Her palms were covered in a cold sweat.

Murray was not in the living room.

Ryleigh let out a sigh of relief for no reason. She quietly walked into the living room and found that the
door of the study was half open. Murray was sitting at the table, holding the outline of the proposal she
had found that day.

Ryleigh froze on the spot, her heart beating fast, she forced herself to calm down and raised her hand
to knock on the door.


“Lily.” Murray looked up and saw that it was her. He smiled and gently beckoned Ryleigh over. “Have
you tried the ring? How do you feel?”

Ryleigh saw that Murray’s expression did not change at all, and she could not help but feel relieved.
She snuggled up to Murray and said obediently, “The ring is very beautiful, and the size is suitable for
me… Can you come with me next time, Murray?”



Get Bophus

“Alright.” Murray rubbed Ryleigh’s shoulder a few times. “There is a new project in the company. When
the work is

finished, I will definitely spend a few days with you.”


Ryleigh smiled, and the tension in her heart was dispelled. She looked up at Murray and asked
tentatively, “Murray…. Since we’re about to get engaged, when are you going to take me back to the
old house to see Mr. Marc? When we get married, we need to have the blessings of our elders…
Moreover, they could pick a good date for us. It shows we respect their opinions.”

Ryleigh’s voice grew louder and louder, but she still couldn’t help glancing at Murray.

She tried another way to let his guard down.

The head of the Gibson family was Marc. If he didn’t agree, then she wouldn’t be able to truly enter the
Gibson family. Ryleigh knew this very well.

She did not mind trying to please an old man.

Murray paused for a moment and patted her shoulder comfortingly. “Grandpa is old and has just been
discharged. He is now recuperating in the old house and does not want anyone to disturb him. We’d
better not go. Moreover, I have already decided on the date of the engagement ceremony. It will be on
the 18th of this month. There are still a few days left. You can take your time to arrange anything you

“18th?” Ryleigh was not worried about whether she could see Marc. Her eyes lit up.

Seeing Murray nod, she smiled brightly. She affectionately held Murray’s arm. “Then I must make a
good plan. This is our most important day!”

“As you wish.” Murray smiled indulgently. “Alright, I still have some things to do. You go watch TV now.
When I’m done, I will come to you.”

At a restaurant.

“Mr. Blevins, it’s a deal. I’ll wait for your good news.”

As a private room door opened, Sebastian walked out. Behind him was a middle-aged man who looked
very shrewd. He was in his thirties and was smiling,

Sage Blevins was the one that Sebastian had just contacted in the car. He was the supplier for the
Gibson Corporation’s amusement park to provide construction materials.

When Sage heard this, he gave a significant smile. “Don’t worry, Mr. Lawford. As long as the BPL
Group is sincere

enough, I will definitely handle things for you.”

Sebastian politely shook hands with Sage. When the man left, his face revealed a confident and
cunning smile.

If North Bay Amusement Park was built with some fake materials that could not reach the standard of
buildings, then there would be an accident…

The Gibson Group and Murray would never be able to stay in Aldness.

At that time, everything that the BPL Group wanted would be easy to get.

In the afternoon, Murray arrived at the company on time to deal with documents and attend the video

After the meeting, he closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, and leaned against the back of
the office chair to rest. He heard a knock on the door and replied briefly, “Come in.”

Alex walked in. He walked to the desk and said to Murray, “Mr. Gibson, it’s just as you thought. Mr.
Blevins has already told me about the matter. Sebastian has taken action.”

Murray smiled. His eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s. He knew that Ryleigh had stolen the information. It
was to let Sebastian take the bait.

“Alright, keep an eye on Sebastian. Tell me everything he does.” Murray revealed a sneer on his face
as if he was about to succeed.

After Alex left, Murray turned his head and looked at the clouds outside the window. He muttered, “The
show is about to start…”

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