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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 398

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Chapter 398 Is He Marrying Someone Else?

When Ryleigh saw the wedding dress, she was stunned. She unconsciously smiled, not concealing her
love for this wedding dress at all.

“Ms. Sofia, if you like this wedding dress, I‘ll help you try it. This is the most exquisite wedding dress in
our store. I think it‘s suitable for you.”

The salesperson tried hard to sell it out. After all, Ryleigh was the future wife of the president of the
Gibson Corporation. She was a distinguished guest and a financial backer!

Ryleigh nodded.

“I want this one!”

Half an hour later, the salesperson opened the curtain of the fitting room and Ryleigh slowly walked out
wearing the hand–made wedding dress.

Her hair was also tied up into a bride‘s bun, paired with a hand–woven pearl crown. She exuded a
noble air.

Ryleigh walked to the front of the fitting mirror and looked at her dress. Her eyes showed surprise. She
did not expect to become such a good–looking bride one day.

It was a pleasant surprise.

The supervisor was also stunned for a moment, then she spared no effort to flatter her, “I am right, this
wedding dress is really suitable for you, Ms. Sofia. When Mr. Gibson sees it, he will definitely be
amazed by you.”

Just as Ryleigh was happy about being praised by the conductor, a voice came from nearby, “Ms.

Ryleigh looked toward the source of the voice. It was a strange woman. When the woman saw Ryleigh,
she greeted her with a smile. “I didn‘t expect to see you here, Ms. Sofia. Are you here to try on the
wedding dress? Oh, let me introduce myself first. I am a reporter.”

Ryleigh was stunned for a moment. Then, she nodded politely and revealed an official smile.

The reporter sized Ryleigh up and then smiled.

‘‘This wedding dress really looks good on you, Ms. Sofia. You are much more beautiful than the
newspaper said... Hey, didn‘t Mr. Gibson come with you today?”

The reporter felt lucky to bump into Ryleigh. If she were to write original materials for this piece of
news, she might get a chance to be promoted and her salary would be increased.

Ryleigh was stunned for a moment. Then she smiled, acted really happy. “Murray has been very busy
recently, so he asked me to come over to try on the wedding dress first. He also told me that we were
going to hold the grandest wedding, without any regrets, the kind that will never be forgotten. Alı... Am I
saying too much?”

In fact, she did it on purpose. Since this person in front of her was a reporter, she would definitely write
her words out. When the whole world know that Murray was going to marry her, Ryleigh would not fear
problems from Melissa,

These words were exactly what the two wanted.

The reporter shook her head, “II‘s line, it‘s fine... You and Mr. Gibson are going to get married. It‘s
nature. Mr. Gibson must have been very good to you.”

Ryleigh‘s eyes were full of conlidence and pride “lle dotes on me a lot. This wedding dress was ordered
by Ray. He also said that we were going to Paris on our honeyinoon...”

Ryleigh did not deliberately lower her voice. She wanted the whole world to know that the future wife of
the Gibson Corporation CEO was her.

As expected, a few days later, news like this appeared on TV, “Ryleigh is trying on the wedding dress in
the store. She is absolutely going to be the president‘s wife.”

When Melissa saw the news at home, she also had mixed feclings.

She paused and put down the book.

She felt it was difficult to breathe, stuffy and uncomfortable. Although this was a plan she had
discussed with Murray before, when seeing that Ryleigh was trying the wedding dress on the news,
she actually had a momentary trance.

She vaguely felt that Murray was really going to marry someone else.

Melissa knitted her brows. She placed her hand on her chest and tried to calm down. She forcefully
suppressed the sad feeling and adjusted her emotions. Then she rushed to the hospital to take care of

In the hospital.

Melissa was cutting an orange for Jaylin, but she was obviously absent–minded.

Jaylin turned to look at Melissa more than once, studying her expression.

It was obvious that he had also seen the news about Ryleigh going to try on the wedding dress this

At that moment, Jaylin was furious. He felt that Murray was completely two–minded. He had clearly
announced their relationship, but he still wouldn‘t let Melissa go.

“Have some oranges.” Melissa placed the orange in Jaylin‘s hand and smiled faintly. Just as she was
about to withdraw her hand, Jaylin grabbed her wrist.

“Melissa.” Jaylin could not hold it in and called her name.

He looked into Melissa‘s eyes and spoke very quickly, revealing obvious urgency and anger. “I know
that you have always liked Murray, but he is not worth it at all. You ... maybe you saw it too. Ryleigh has
already picked her wedding dress. They are going to get married. This is something everyone knows!”

Jaylin‘s chest heaved slightly. When Melissa heard this, she looked down and did not make a sound.

In Jaylin‘s opinion, such a move was more about sadness.

“It has only been a short while since Murray broke up with you. A man like him is actually not worth
entrusting at all. It was him who gave up on you stupidly and got engaged to a woman like Ryleigh.
Don‘t be sad. Don‘t be sad for him.

“Melissa, you have been taking care of me for the past few days. You have long known about my
feelings. I... Although Murray is rich, he can‘t give you happiness. I can. I can always wait for you. Even
if you don‘t like me now, we can slowly cultivate our relationship, and one day you will love me, okay?”

Jaylin was tangled up every day. He wanted to know Melissa‘s feelings about him. This time, he had to
muster up his courage to speak out about his feelings for her.

In his opinion, the current Murray was not worthy of Melissa at all.

Melissa took a deep breath and pulled her hand out of Jaylin‘s. She had not thought of how to explain
all this to Jaylin.

At this moment, she could only pretend that she did not notice the man‘s sincere gaze and help him
tuck in the quilt. “Take care of yourself first. We will talk about this after you are discharged.”

Jaylin paused for a moment and slowly retracted his hand. He nodded slightly and said, “Alright, I‘ll
listen to you.”

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Vivian was outside the door.

She had bought some fruits to visit Jaylin, but as soon as she reached the door, she heard Jaylin‘s
confession to Melissa.

The smile on Vivian‘s face froze and slowly disappeared. She lowered her head and hid the
disappointment in her eyes.

It turned out that Jaylin liked Melissa this much.

Right. Melissa was so good. She took good care of them. It was normal that Jaylin liked her...

She subconsciously clenched the fruit basket in her hand, not caring that the woven basket was hurting
her palm. She could not help but feel sad.

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